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Found 3 results

  1. I mad another mad dash to scan all the probes.(got lost on Glacio for awhile ) But I finally did em all! It was a pretty cool quest, but I still don't wanna go to Atrox again. Neat suit too! Update: IT DABS WHEN YOU JUMP FOR JOY! WHAT ON EARTH DEVS!?!?!?!
  2. Basically, game need to provide player a reason to actually leave your first planet and land on another one, except just for checking them out for the first time. Currently, you have no reason to leave terran start planet - it has all resources (well, maybe except titanium and lithium in natural form, however I had so much of them from wrecks and researchables, that I didn't feel any need in them), and other planets basically have less, especially compound and resin. Researchables (what's the common name for them among Astroneer community, btw? Artefacts?) are providing same resources and blue
  3. Hi, first, my English is not the best, just a warning. A thing i miss with this kind of game is an endgame. I thought about it for a minute and came up with a goal i would like to have and be able to complete. this would be to return to Earth! could look something like this; So you are stranded in an unknown solarsystem in an unknown part of the univere and wants to go home, but how? 1. The first step-goal would be to leave the planet and maby send up a satelite to scout for rare minerals on your starting planet / research about Cosmic radiation / make a starmap etc. .