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  1. (On Xbox One S) Last night February 21 2019, I got to the point where I activate the Unidentified Satellite,but when I did the game crashed to the home screen in the middle of the cutscene.So I loaded the game back in again and got back on to the cutscene,but when I loaded into the Shelter the game froze and crashed to the home screen.Hope y'all can fix it.Thanks!
  2. I will try not to spoil the ending here, but I have to mention... I am deeply disappointed in mysteries that end with mysteries and no answers While the ending unlocks the Skin and Colours, it does not unlock anything substantial for the player. Especially when you consider the long task of powering nodes, resourcing cores for all the planets. I gave that girl a diamond, I expect better I would therefore like to suggest items you unlock for completing such a monument task in game. Feel free to suggest your own... be it from silly to game changing. I just think it needs something more. Maybe they can be delivered as an alien pod landing at Sylva first base, or unlocks as a astronium crafting pattern in the tablet (alien hackers tada!), or the satellite has a dispenser/printer of its own. Passive: All Inactive Nodes will now power up fully and active if you stand near them A fabricator for Zebra Balls. An Alien working light that looks like a purple orb, but illuminates a larger area, doesn't require backpack power to stay on. An alien oxygenerator, that changes all the blue lines to glowing purple. A backpack carrying "Hearthstone" that when used teleports you from wherever you are to the satellite. A deployable teleport pad. Options of what they can do can vary On Use: Teleport to the Alien Satellite (this option can be deployed multiple locations if its One Way only) Return Teleport... Using any alien teleport will have an alien icon for your teleport (this would limit you to be only able to make one using the current UI by adding one icon) An Alien Engine for your shuttle. No longer requires fuel. (If I got access to free interplanetary teleportation, why not free space travel) Just felt like I needed a more substantial reward.
  3. No I'm not suggesting guns. Well, not exactly. What about as an "endgame" reward, you have to collect a marble/zebra ball (whatever you want to call it) from every planet and place it on a pedestal (high research cost, rare materials to build) and upon doing this you receive a "golden gun", a skin for your excavator that turns it gold (or even a whole new outfit for customization) it could be a temporary thing, only usable on the save file you collected it for.
  4. Hi, first time posting here but have played for over a year. Enjoying 8.0. These are not new ideas; rather ideas rehashed with some twists. COMPONENTS - I like the idea that there should components, but for T3 (tier 3) and even some T2 items. They could have names or for Alpha/simplicity-sake, Component A-F, etc. Moreover, have them need to be crafted at a craft-able workbench... My idea for the workbench is that it resembles half of the medium rover storage plus a habitat-type enclosure. The storage half would allow medium (8-slot) storages to be attached whereby allowing the astroneer to make Components based on what is currently attached. **see below for automation-linking thoughts** It would need to be attached to a platform or a medium/large rover to function (craftable at medium fabricator?). Also, an astroneer could "enter" the workbench during a storm and craft components then. Perhaps its own ui? I think having "structures" that require multiple components made up of smaller crafted pieces rather than 2 or 4 pieces of copper, etc. will make some more end game parts of the game more strategic to get to. ELEVATOR - that is made from stackable (T3) evelator modules. They would piece together (only) vertically and only be used for astroneer transport (as opposed materials transport). It would require power and would be oxygenated. Perhaps it would only deploy on a true flat surface and one could dig down from inside? Perhaps a special platform for the first/surface module? Elevator becomes a permanent structure and can't be disassembled once placed. WEATHER DISHES - having a weather dish that tracks weather patterns, but has slots for 1 weather augments per dish. I.e., it will only track the weather system/hazard that you program it to track. The output is a timer for how long before pattern "touches down". A 2nd augment slot could recieve the Alignment Mod to tell if weather system/ hazard will pass directly overhead. HAZARD PLANET - could be a hard to reach planet with a heavy fog/mist (to reduce visibility) with only "end-game" resources, like what Linkman81 mentioned in a previous post about piece-ing together objects for rare modules/etc. This planet would not be overly hazardous, but an astroneer could not build on this planet. Only tethers could attached to the surface (but no compound is available anywhere on the planet, so supplies would have to be brought with). SMALL ROVER attached to LARGE SHUTTLE - for initial exploration of new planets.
  5. I feel like there is a large lack of endgame material for this game. I spend hours getting materials for research and then nothing. I have a bunch of rovers and bases, but nothing to do but mine with them. I was hoping there would be another level of conflict instead of flying rocks, that phase through walls and rovers. Maybe with the base building, if you could create a large habitat that you can walk into and sleep in during the night. Maybe something that can fly. Also, I would like to see the remains of the spacecraft that we find around the place have more of an impact while we are playing. It is really disappointing to get to one and only find a titanium and copper, then two compounds. I have played the game for ten hours and have not found one coal vein. I want a little something more to do than just mine for soil all day. It is too repetitive, and frankly, I don't want another Minecraft.
  6. Hi all. So I've seen many threads on here for suggestions for more goal oriented style gameplay but they all seem to separate themselves from the main game itself too much such as finding specific things in the game world to achieve a certain end. And while there is nothing wrong with this sort of gameplay being included within astroneer. As a matter of fact I think narrative driven gameplay will be added in the future. But with that being said I think it is vital that the developers make good use of the procedurely generated worlds themselves and make use of already existing mechanics such as exploration and resource gathering and here is why. -retirement system. I think there should be gameplay centered around giving your astroneer enough finances to retire. Simply put I think it would be a good idea to be able to collect resources from the different planets and have a building you can put your spare resources into. And then have the building take the resources into space. It would be similar to the trade platform with the only difference being that when the items are sent into space. They are somehow sold for currency. So basically the building would be a retirement platform. And the game should somehow notify you of how much funds you have gathered for your retirement. It could be simple such as titanium and lithium give you the most money and resin and compound give you the least. And then once you have you grown tired of a certain saved game you can choose to retire your astroneer at which point in time the game lets you know how well you did. This could be done through a global scoreboard or an A through F grading system. Meaning that if you gather a lot of resources you could get an A+ when you retire your astroneer. Your grade should also vary on the next category below. -Cartographic system. Now before I go into this I do need to say that I checked the road map and saw cartographics on it. There was no detail as to what the developers meant by that. But it was there nonetheless. In my opinion cartographic data can be gathered while traversing the planet and collecting resources. For example going into a cave that is 10 kilometers away from your base and gathering laterite there should give you a cartographic bonus when you cash them into your retirement. So then not only are you supporting your retirement but you are also gaining cartographic data by doing so. The amount of cartographic data the player gets should be communicated to him or her when they use the retirement platform. Now as for research you find, well there should be an option somewhere in the game that allows you turn all of your found research into cartographic data. Which in turn will give you a better grade at the end of your game. Maybe they could put a second platform in the game that you can build for this. Cartographic scoring should be done using an algorithm that takes into account how far away from the base you were when you the resources and whether or not you were above or below ground when you got them. For example let's say you find compound in a cave about 20 kilometers away from you base and put it onto the retirement platform. The game would then give you a huge bonus in cartographic data but a low amount of currency for retirement. And if you find titanium in a cave far away from your base then you both a lot of cartographic data and a lot of retirement funds. The cartographic sytem and retirement funds should factor into your final grade when you decide to retire an astroneer. The whole point of these two suggestions is to expand upon already existing gameplay such as exploration and resource gathering to give the player a sense of objective. I do hope to hear feedback and apologize for grammar errors I tried to edit this post a bit. Let me know if you think I didn't communicate these opinions very well And I will try to elaborate on them.
  7. I thoroughly enjoy your your YouTube Vlogs. I'm also very interested in the dedicated server environments for personal group gameplay/game testing. A good friend of mine is redhat certified and is teaching himself how to setup and use Docker environments for dedicated server applications, ie., #Ark: Survival Evolved series, #Minecraft. I would like to have him field test the dedicated server environment when available. I have a some questions for the Devs: Has the idea for an oxygen generator been though of for certain environments? Can a technology be included to extract/create oxygen and water from the environment assuming that there is some sort of organics or other gases on the planet(s)? Most of the current environments (planets) have an ECO system where oxygen/water can be create by breaking down the the element in nature or extracted from other gases. My suggestion would be to create a second portable generator that's created on the backpack to create O2 from organics like the power generator for energy. Tethers can be used to initially setup a base and could be phased out after the base has been established to accelerate exploration. They are also cumbersome and get in the way when operating vehicles. An O2 sources/generator/module can be created to use on all vehicles as they really don't create O2. Also, Use Hydrogen and O2 source to power planet based vehicles to create power and water. In addition, create Hydrogen from water using a power source. A large O2 production source will also be great to create an source to use with Hydrogen for powering space bound vehicles. Thank you for your hard work and creating an enjoyable and playable environment!
  8. I really love the first 2-3 hours of gameplay, but once your base is established there isn't much left to do. I'm sure the developers are kicking around ideas for the beta/launch, but something small in the meantime would be great to keep engagement. A few suggestions: Make an overall quest to escape the solar system. Example: Need to recover a special rocket engine from a mountain top on Terran using a winch, which forces you to build a drive able pathway to the peak Example: Need to mine Helium-3 from super deep caves on the moon. Once you successfully fly away, you get a nice little congratulation screen. Make some research only unlockable on other planets to force you off Terran. Example: Can only unlock the oxygen tank with research items found on the moon.
  9. So, I thought of an idea for end-game which would require some development to accomplish. Effectively, put a boss in the centre of each planet. Dig deeper into the planet to acquire rarer materials, dig to the planet's core where it's still warm (or maybe it's solid ice on some planets) and there would be a boss there you would have to kill. The boss is keeping the planet stable, so when he dies the planet will destabilise and become uninhabitable in a certain amount of in-game time (12/24 hours?) So, time to build a spaceship and leave the planet before it destroys itself and find a new planet on which to rinse and repeat. The loot you get from the bosses would have to be used to make something spectacular, like an FTL drive or something to allow you to explore further. At least it would make for an interesting end-game cycle!
  10. Hi all!, I'd like to put to words my biggest fear on Astroneer. And that's "end game" One of the biggest features about truly sandbox style games is the lack of a real "end game" Or better yet, a "why end this game?...." Another way to put it is re-playability. Astroneer has some great re-playability already, but it has yet to achieve a good lack of "end-game." Yes, lack of... Some of the best sandbox games can engage the player endlessly on a map or game basically for-ever. In my eyes, Astroneer can and hopefully will achieve a level of playability that makes the "one map" environment so playable, you'd never want to start another map. Yeah, that's a bit extreme. But in it's early development, I can only imagine and hope that the added features yet to come are enough to push the players to want to play a single map as long as possible without getting so bored that the player "moves on..." I still think the game needs very desperately "dial-ability" or in other words, ways for the player to tweak the play style of the game. Hard or soft. Easy or hard. Features or lack thereof... Looking forward to great things! Thanks Astroneer team for making a great new game! Just my thinking out loud. Anyone else want to chime in?
  11. First of all, great game it has tremendous potential. However, after playing through it I felt this game could use some direction for the player’s goals. So I went back and checked the main Astroneer website and it indicates this is a gold rush type game of space exploration and resource trading in order to "strike it rich". While this prompt somewhat fits, this game has the potential to be about much more. However, the game is currently open and free from constraints on what the player should do and this is also part of what makes the game great. My suggestions on end game would be up to the player, there is no one path that a player must follow. The game should be able to operate as a sandbox for those that want it, and have objectives rewards and goals for those that want some more elements. The society that Astroneer comes from has advanced technology and has reached the point that individuals or companies can explore new planets and solar systems for the sake of finding wealth. If it is anything like our current society however, we have to assume that extra motivations and desires would be imbedded in this desire. Geologists would be interested in exploring the physical terrain such as the water, air, rock formations, etc, biologists would be interested in exploring the life. Military forces would be interested in learning about these planets as possible production bases or defensive locations. In short, all the issues we have on earth will be brought to space, and to incorporate these ideas in the game will provide realistic and attainable goals for the astronomer. I have not devised a specific system for how to "reward" players for reaching these, a currency could be introduced or resources sent to the astronomer as a reward. For now simply suffice that rewards should follow for attaining goals. Although I have labeled these end game goals, they are paths you can take to an end, but they shouldn't be firm paths, players should be able to meander between any of them as they choose. End game goals (paths): 1. Exploration - This is a quintessential part of the game that would ultimately be required for most other goals, however exploration by itself should be a goal if players choose. Mapping of the planet would be a resource to scientists and other parties back on earth. Astroneer should be able to build a mapping tool and survey the land if they wish. Rewards for finding the highest mountain on a planet or the deepest cave, etc, should follow. Right now finding the tallest mountain is fun, but there are no incentives to do so and generally no resources to make it worth the trip. Adding incentives may make it more fun discover all aspects of the planet. Finding the lost probes and satellites across the planet and recovering their data has value. Going on research missions for the military could provide rewards. In addition some discoveries could "put your planet on the map", yield a reward, and scientists would be interested in exploring and learning more about these regions, see the next goal. Simply discovering everything the planet has to offer would allow astroneer to get value from the planet, granting rewards which allow the astroneer to trade for items they need, so they can continue to explore. 2. Scientific - As astroneer makes discoveries in the solar system, scientists could reward astroneer and perhaps ask for labs or research equipment to be built and deployed. It would be cool if astroneer could derive value from the planets by simply selling their research potential without having to remove every resource. Building labs, space shuttle landing points, research stations, new satellites etc could be great ways for astroneer to make some money AND improve astroneer's research on the planet. Achievable science goals should apply to astroneer's technology, such as: more efficient ways to harvest materials, non destructive ways to harvest materials, improved vehicles for the local terrain such as tank treads, boats, subs, etc. However, to get science rewards, Astroneer would do it's best to not terraform the land, less rewards would be available to land that is heavily modified, as the scientists wouldn't be interested. 3. Resource Mining - This falls in line with the prompt of the game. Theres valuable stuff in the ground, astroneer digs it out. At some point astoneer should research and develop automated resource mining technology. Automated technologies would mine massive portions of the planet and should produce tremendous resources and make astoneer quite rich. However, there should be considerations before strip mining. Exploration rewards, scientific rewards, etc would be severely diminished as the mining operation expands. If life existed on the planet, and the astoneer decided to strip mine it with no regard to life, perhaps the astoneer should face pressure from some trade partners or conservation groups. Those situations happen today, and you can bet opposition to destroying life or nature would carry to new planets. 4. Trade Empire - However the astoneer gathers wealth the ability to trade with other astoneers should be part of the game. When you start the game where is astoneer? Is the planet near a trade hub or far away? If we assume that these solar systems are far away from trade hubs than a player has quite a ways to go in game before they can build an intergalactic ship and travel to the hub. At first players should have to rely on fellow astoneers with ships that can go from system to system to come by and trade materials with them (doesn’t have to be real time). In the beginning this could be the function of your trade platform, trading with other astronomers capable of reaching you in deep space. You are at the mercy of other players more advanced and as such are subject to trade ratios that aren’t great. As the game progresses you should be able to build bigger ships, travel out of your solar system and trade at your local galactic hub to get a better ratios for your trades. We can imagine this idea could be expanded to players creating massive spacecrafts and trading hundreds of quantities of goods at a time. Players who choose to go far down this path could ship goods to a central part of the galaxy where large quantity trade takes place. This could allow for a stock exchange type trade hub and a real time market place. Creating a leaderboard with wealth information would allow for players to try to become the richest astoneer in the game. As far as we know the universe is infinite, there is no limit to how far an astroneer could explore and generate wealth. 5. Tourism – Astroneer could be able to build landing pads and space hotels to attract tourists and earn rewards. This could be achieved with NPC tourists, and/or with other astoneers. Perhaps if you terraform something really cool on your planet or find a really interesting natural structure you could build a visitation area so other astroneers could come check it out. This would allow astroneers to get paid in the game for terraforming cool stuff.
  12. Idea for two additional vehicles: Low flying 'hover' vehicle, slower with more transport. High flying vehicle/aircraft, faster with less transport. Why is this needed? Currently the vehicle tier is as follow's: Ground T1: Rover Ground T2: Truck Space T1: Lander Space T2: Spaceship I suggest this as a more appropriate vehicle tier: Ground T1: Rover Ground T2: Truck Air T1: Hover/ground effect vehicle Air T2: Aircraft/atmospheric flyer Space T1: Lander Space T2: Spaceship However we have skipped the natural middle jump of aircraft/flying vehicles. I believe we have all experienced the turbulence of driving quickly over a rock and flipping your rover/truck and having to stop and recover the situation. My proposal would allow one to move above the terrain quickly and free from those issues, both encouraging the player to explore further from their base and increase a players drive to establish bases further out in the field, which perhaps will be more important if biomes are ever added in later patches. Low flying 'hover' vehicle T1: This would float just above the ground, being able to move over most obstacles but would not be able to 'fly' in any real sense, think of speeders in StarWars for example - floating vehicles. To offset a lack of altitude and speed a large transport capacity, and so would be perfect for larger mines or moving between medium and short distance bases (similar to the lander). High flying vehicle/aircraft T2: This aircraft would 'fly', of course i think a No Man's sky semi-rails system would be most appropriate, higher in the atmosphere and would travel at a much faster speed, at the expense of transport capacity. This would be perfect for traveling to a distant base without going back forth to space, while also further encouraging wider exploration of the planet/moon. Benefits: Provide a collision-free alternative to the rover/truck surface travel or the ineffective use/wait of moving back and forth from orbit with the lander/spaceship. Would encourage greater organic player exploration of the environment, rather than limiting landing sites or the unreliable and short range of rovers/trucks. Encourages establishing bases further afield, creating the sense you are truly claiming a planet rather than just focusing on your landing site. Negatives: May be seen as unbalanced, however given the complex whether system this unbalance can be tackled through risk of damage/turbulence due to storms. May be difficult to code flying/hovering vehicles, however use of a 'on-rails' style system could mitigate complexity.
  13. Hi, I've had an idea for a rail system to add to end-game transportation options. I would presume it to be somewhat expensive to create, as it would great speed up travel times to a given location, and possibly for being used as a mine-cart system The idea for monorail came into mind when i was trying to think of ideas that would fit the general theme of Astroneer. The monorail would fit perfectly with Astoneer's retro-futuristic/Space-agey aesthetic. The function, in my head, would behave very basically. Forward backward based on the camera (but preferably the position of the seat that you would build onto the train car). Tracks would be built on a individual basis using advanced materials (maybe a use for iron???) or composite materials (Say, Aluminum and copper or titanium and copper) in the 3D printer. Tracks could be laid down in a similar, though more intuitive fashion than base building. Power could be provided either directly through the tracks or, basically, in the train car itself. (like powering a truck) This could also lead to a new type of workstation module such as a depot, where monorails could be built and connected to the base's power grid. I also prefer this idea, as it would allow you to have better power-management over your new advanced system if you didn't want to resort to onboard batteries or similar power-supplies. Also, power distribution could work in a similar way to the fact that vehicles can move power between two separate bases to avoid any conflicts. (so the rail system would act as a giant power pipe in a sense.) Feel free to expand on this idea, or lay down some constructive criticisms. =)