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Found 13 results

  1. (On Xbox One S) Last night February 21 2019, I got to the point where I activate the Unidentified Satellite,but when I did the game crashed to the home screen in the middle of the cutscene.So I loaded the game back in again and got back on to the cutscene,but when I loaded into the Shelter the game froze and crashed to the home screen.Hope y'all can fix it.Thanks!
  2. I will try not to spoil the ending here, but I have to mention... I am deeply disappointed in mysteries that end with mysteries and no answers While the ending unlocks the Skin and Colours, it does not unlock anything substantial for the player. Especially when you consider the long task of powering nodes, resourcing cores for all the planets. I gave that girl a diamond, I expect better I would therefore like to suggest items you unlock for completing such a monument task in game. Feel free to suggest your own... be it from silly to game changing. I just think it needs something m
  3. No I'm not suggesting guns. Well, not exactly. What about as an "endgame" reward, you have to collect a marble/zebra ball (whatever you want to call it) from every planet and place it on a pedestal (high research cost, rare materials to build) and upon doing this you receive a "golden gun", a skin for your excavator that turns it gold (or even a whole new outfit for customization) it could be a temporary thing, only usable on the save file you collected it for.
  4. Hi, first time posting here but have played for over a year. Enjoying 8.0. These are not new ideas; rather ideas rehashed with some twists. COMPONENTS - I like the idea that there should components, but for T3 (tier 3) and even some T2 items. They could have names or for Alpha/simplicity-sake, Component A-F, etc. Moreover, have them need to be crafted at a craft-able workbench... My idea for the workbench is that it resembles half of the medium rover storage plus a habitat-type enclosure. The storage half would allow medium (8-slot) storages to be attached whereby allo
  5. I feel like there is a large lack of endgame material for this game. I spend hours getting materials for research and then nothing. I have a bunch of rovers and bases, but nothing to do but mine with them. I was hoping there would be another level of conflict instead of flying rocks, that phase through walls and rovers. Maybe with the base building, if you could create a large habitat that you can walk into and sleep in during the night. Maybe something that can fly. Also, I would like to see the remains of the spacecraft that we find around the place have more of an impact while we are playin
  6. Hi all. So I've seen many threads on here for suggestions for more goal oriented style gameplay but they all seem to separate themselves from the main game itself too much such as finding specific things in the game world to achieve a certain end. And while there is nothing wrong with this sort of gameplay being included within astroneer. As a matter of fact I think narrative driven gameplay will be added in the future. But with that being said I think it is vital that the developers make good use of the procedurely generated worlds themselves and make use of already existing mechanics such as
  7. I thoroughly enjoy your your YouTube Vlogs. I'm also very interested in the dedicated server environments for personal group gameplay/game testing. A good friend of mine is redhat certified and is teaching himself how to setup and use Docker environments for dedicated server applications, ie., #Ark: Survival Evolved series, #Minecraft. I would like to have him field test the dedicated server environment when available. I have a some questions for the Devs: Has the idea for an oxygen generator been though of for certain environments? Can a technology be included to extract/create
  8. I really love the first 2-3 hours of gameplay, but once your base is established there isn't much left to do. I'm sure the developers are kicking around ideas for the beta/launch, but something small in the meantime would be great to keep engagement. A few suggestions: Make an overall quest to escape the solar system. Example: Need to recover a special rocket engine from a mountain top on Terran using a winch, which forces you to build a drive able pathway to the peak Example: Need to mine Helium-3 from super deep caves on the moon. Once yo
  9. So, I thought of an idea for end-game which would require some development to accomplish. Effectively, put a boss in the centre of each planet. Dig deeper into the planet to acquire rarer materials, dig to the planet's core where it's still warm (or maybe it's solid ice on some planets) and there would be a boss there you would have to kill. The boss is keeping the planet stable, so when he dies the planet will destabilise and become uninhabitable in a certain amount of in-game time (12/24 hours?) So, time to build a spaceship and leave the planet before it destroys itself
  10. Hi all!, I'd like to put to words my biggest fear on Astroneer. And that's "end game" One of the biggest features about truly sandbox style games is the lack of a real "end game" Or better yet, a "why end this game?...." Another way to put it is re-playability. Astroneer has some great re-playability already, but it has yet to achieve a good lack of "end-game." Yes, lack of... Some of the best sandbox games can engage the player endlessly on a map or game basically for-ever. In my eyes, Astroneer can and hopefully will achieve a level of playability that makes the "one map" e
  11. First of all, great game it has tremendous potential. However, after playing through it I felt this game could use some direction for the player’s goals. So I went back and checked the main Astroneer website and it indicates this is a gold rush type game of space exploration and resource trading in order to "strike it rich". While this prompt somewhat fits, this game has the potential to be about much more. However, the game is currently open and free from constraints on what the player should do and this is also part of what makes the game great. My suggestions on end game would be up to the
  12. Idea for two additional vehicles: Low flying 'hover' vehicle, slower with more transport. High flying vehicle/aircraft, faster with less transport. Why is this needed? Currently the vehicle tier is as follow's: Ground T1: Rover Ground T2: Truck Space T1: Lander Space T2: Spaceship I suggest this as a more appropriate vehicle tier: Ground T1: Rover Ground T2: Truck Air T1: Hover/ground effect vehicle Air T2: Aircraft/atmospheric flyer Space T1: Lander Space T2: Spaceship However we have skipped the natural
  13. Hi, I've had an idea for a rail system to add to end-game transportation options. I would presume it to be somewhat expensive to create, as it would great speed up travel times to a given location, and possibly for being used as a mine-cart system The idea for monorail came into mind when i was trying to think of ideas that would fit the general theme of Astroneer. The monorail would fit perfectly with Astoneer's retro-futuristic/Space-agey aesthetic. The function, in my head, would behave very basically. Forward backward based on the camera (but preferably the position of the seat