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Found 2 results

  1. If you need any money in order to try to fix the lag I can try to help. Because the lag is extremely bad ! Please help I made two other posts and the lag is real 25mb and 100 mb internet ( two different times and the internet is slow please help. My only guess is I need to be popular for this to get read or get any help. Because nobody is viewing or even trying to help. System Era has never fixed the lag since alpha.
  2. Trylobot

    Recall Rocket

    Getting lost: it happens to everyone, and it's a pretty normal part of playing Astroneer. However, because of the way structures work currently, there is no recourse for the lost beyond further wandering. However, given the theme of the game, it seems likely that Astronauts would be furnished with emergency gear; for instance, if they lose line-of-sight to the home base in a sandstorm, or venture too far underground and get turned around. That is why I propose: Recall Rocket. It is a device one can build out in the untamed lands far from any support structures, using only ones resourcefulness and the materials available on site, and would allow intrepid Astronauts to return safely home in an emergency scenario. Launchpad — cost: 1 resin; deploy on ground after sythesizing in suit Recall Rocket — cost: 4 compound; build directly from launchpad (can only be built once; launchpad is destroyed after launch) Launch Function — cost: 1 hydrazine; in order to launch, the rocket must be fueled, and then the function becomes available If constructed with a clear view of the sky, the recall rocket can launch the user into orbit around the current planet only (no option for trans-orbital trajectories), and then land at any destination normally selectable on that planet; at this stage the pilot should be able to see any planetary beacon systems, allowing them to return home with little fuss. The rocket is expended in the process, and the launch pad is not re-usable.