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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, first time posting here but have played for over a year. Enjoying 8.0. These are not new ideas; rather ideas rehashed with some twists. COMPONENTS - I like the idea that there should components, but for T3 (tier 3) and even some T2 items. They could have names or for Alpha/simplicity-sake, Component A-F, etc. Moreover, have them need to be crafted at a craft-able workbench... My idea for the workbench is that it resembles half of the medium rover storage plus a habitat-type enclosure. The storage half would allow medium (8-slot) storages to be attached whereby allowing the astroneer to make Components based on what is currently attached. **see below for automation-linking thoughts** It would need to be attached to a platform or a medium/large rover to function (craftable at medium fabricator?). Also, an astroneer could "enter" the workbench during a storm and craft components then. Perhaps its own ui? I think having "structures" that require multiple components made up of smaller crafted pieces rather than 2 or 4 pieces of copper, etc. will make some more end game parts of the game more strategic to get to. ELEVATOR - that is made from stackable (T3) evelator modules. They would piece together (only) vertically and only be used for astroneer transport (as opposed materials transport). It would require power and would be oxygenated. Perhaps it would only deploy on a true flat surface and one could dig down from inside? Perhaps a special platform for the first/surface module? Elevator becomes a permanent structure and can't be disassembled once placed. WEATHER DISHES - having a weather dish that tracks weather patterns, but has slots for 1 weather augments per dish. I.e., it will only track the weather system/hazard that you program it to track. The output is a timer for how long before pattern "touches down". A 2nd augment slot could recieve the Alignment Mod to tell if weather system/ hazard will pass directly overhead. HAZARD PLANET - could be a hard to reach planet with a heavy fog/mist (to reduce visibility) with only "end-game" resources, like what Linkman81 mentioned in a previous post about piece-ing together objects for rare modules/etc. This planet would not be overly hazardous, but an astroneer could not build on this planet. Only tethers could attached to the surface (but no compound is available anywhere on the planet, so supplies would have to be brought with). SMALL ROVER attached to LARGE SHUTTLE - for initial exploration of new planets.
  2. A while ago, another person suggested adding a zip-line to improve mobility on hills. It fits in with some other parts of the game such as tethers and sliding down hillsides and could be a help with caverns and mountains, so I agree that it would be a good add, but I think going further and making a whole set of tools using overhead cables would be even better. For starters, cables themselves - a set of poles built in a batch like tethers or extenders that can attach to a surface and be linked together over a distance. Maybe built using resin or aluminium, to differentiate from tethers and extenders. The poles would be sort of an upside-down-L-shape, and just tall enough that the astroneer could jump up and grab the cable to slide down. Cable poles could attach to terrain or single sockets on platforms and vehicles, which would allow cable cars to transfer items. Next, a small motor that could clamp onto the cable and use a small amount of power to drive along it. This could clamp onto the backpack, or carry a small item. The motor would come out on an L-shaped pole, normally keeping the astroneer or socket looking a bit balanced, but able to swivel them out of the way if the cable got too vertical to act like an elevator (holding the cargo/astroneer to one side). Again, this could be made of aluminium, and be charged up at each destination when in automatic mode. Finally, a larger cable-car platform with a medium/two-socket connector, able to automatically transfer items over a long distance. This could have connectors on the cable attachment to turn it into an overhead train, attach cockpits to transport astroneers, and hook up to a generator of some sort for long-distance travel as well as being handy for use as an elevator or getting around rough terrain. The cable poles wouldn't need to be very high since the terrain tool could easily make them taller. Yes, I watched Sky Commanders too much as a kid.
  3. I've recently been playing with my buddy on Xbox One and we decided to make a ramp going straight up all the way into space (yeah I know). We ended up completing it and there wasn't a whole lot up there. We reached what seemed to be an invisible barrier or something that prevented us from terraforming any higher so we decided to make a huge platform to hang out, but we later discovered we can go even higher if we curved our ramp and went a new direction; it all somehow still felt very limiting because that's all that we we're able to do. On one of the bullet points on the "PSA (Read this First) Frequently Suggested Feature + Confirmed Ones" THREAD it says that "Realistic Gravity, Physics, Solar System" is ALREADY a feature; I really think this can be improved upon and the game can be expanded to be far more creative than it already is compared to Minecraft so hear me out. The Earth we live on rotates on its axis every 24 hours right? Ok well keep that in mind because I'm saying we add something like this into game, but more importantly also add on to the already existing game physics that would allow us to experience more and create more, perhaps the freedom to create something like a space elevator. My favorite channel on YouTube (Vsauce) made a video titled:"How High Can We Build?" towards the end of the video Michael mentions that although humans haven't built anything taller than Mt. Everest in human history its possible that we CAN build something even taller that can reach the depths of space; unfortunately he also says the problem with building things that are really tall is that they get heavier and heavier and have to support their own weight, but luckily only to a certain point. After the tall object is above geostationary level it undergoes a new centrifugal force upwards rather than the usual force being applied down due to the gravity of Earth I suppose. Sounds kind of complicated I guess, but watching the video would definitely give you a better understanding. Either way he later throws is all out the realm of real life possibility by stating that there aren't any materials in known science today that would allows us to complete such a structure anyways (except some weird nanotubes), but that's why the Astroneer universe is so cool; we can use dirt and grass for everything huh? It might sound dumb and a huge waste of time to some people, but I envision myself being able to use a space elevator to get to my space station all while being in orbit. Sure space debris could destroy everything, but that's why my space station would also have force fields duh! I might sound crazy for contradicting myself for wanting realistic game mechanics all while wanting an elevator taller than Mt. Everest, but Astroneer is the only game that comes close and has even surpassed the imaginative and unique ideas that Minecraft had for its time and its our job to create and imagine crazier and even more fun ideas for this game; Minecraft paved the way for games like this and set a pretty high bar, but there's always idiots like me who want the most outrageous ideas to make it into the game. IDEA: Being able to use the space ship/shuttle to stop somewhere in space where you can build a little space station using compound, It would be like a second home base or like a pit stop when voyaging to other planets right? My idea would make it possible for you to make a structure (elevator or ramp) either by terraforming or using compound to make a "space elevator" and make it to the space station WITHOUT the space ship/shuttle needing to land on the pit stop space station. I know this would give the game a more open-world feeling where you can explore and experience in all different types of elevation of the planets, where you can comically terraform a ramp like I said I did with my Xbox friend and walk on foot to a space station lol. What does everyone think? Please reply i'd love to know what everyone can chip into my idea. YOUTUBE VID: *You can also see the fun xbox clips me and my friend had building our space ramp
  4. I Have seen a LOT of complaints about material transportation, mining, and vertical shafts I would like to suggest an idea of an elevator module/vehicle that you could place somewhere and have it extend down a player-made vertical shaft. It would have an item storage on the sides, and a place for vehicles/players on the inside, like a moving platform. In addition, it could be like the 3-D elevator (Capable of Moving on 3 axis) like in many movies, such as Harry Potter when the characters are in the Ministry of Magic At very least, there needs to be a ladder, staircase, or a "Wind-Up Winch" Please Tell me what you think of this Topic in the comments, Salutations, Sidegamer
  5. Here's an idea for a structure; the "Grav-Shute." It's a simple structure that when powered would nullify (or greatly reduce) gravity in an area around it, or within a tube-like structure. This would allow us to create elevators that we can traverse by just hopping in to them! It could also have a fan or a toggle-able up/down repulsor field to help with traversal, or elevators could be built with permanent directions for simplicity's sake. Astroneer's engine already seems to support variable gravity within a single planet, so it seems like this might be possible as an actual thing?
  6. Hi there. The slide mechanic is lending itself to a lot of fun. The pain of building ramps is hard enough that a way of getting up fast ensures the slide is going to be fun; instead of a chore if you build it too high and you need to climb up all the time. The same is true for digging down and mining, only the other way around. The game will flow a lot better when you're not walking up slopes for minutes on end. A system of (mono) rails, or some other form of track travel might be the most fun to alleviate the problem of running up slopes. And it can be combined with a million other things. Player teleportation is the easy route. Elevators limit horizontal movement, which might be a nice trade off. Fast travel, like rocket boots is pretty lame in my opinion. However, there are some options here. I want a solution for a better flow of fun. Yeah, I want to build the largest slip and slide the world has ever seen, but I don't want to run up it for 15 minutes every time... AIGHT.