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Found 3 results

  1. As you can see on the YouTube video, connecting the Extender has the problem of cutting the electricity supply in half. I don't know what I missed and I don't know what the developer intended. Anyone know why connecting an Extender will cut the electricity supply in half?
  2. I'm using 8 single solar panels linked to 1 storage. I think that power generated does not split so well. Also, storage need to be flat when it's attached, so I can use this strategy. Please note!
  3. A friend of mine talked to me earlier about electric storms. Here are some idea that him and I came up with: The storms can produce lightning. Players can harness the power of lightning through an attachment on their base (or vehicle(s)?) and cause the lightning to generate power for their own base. Likely needs to be generate a great deal of power, and should be quickly brought into the machinery it is attached to. These storms can hit the player (if they are the tallest object in the area or underneath the tallest object in the area). Player takes damage upon impact of a lightning strike, either killing them or nearly killing them. And could get stunned for a moment. Energy on backpack can fluctuate or malfunction, could possibly create a fire if the planet has gas that would provide fire. Could possibly implement an attachment to make the player a lightning rod and allow the player to use such as a much smaller and personal lightning rod for a good source of generating power on your suit. Should only be able to attach on the sides of the backpack. Or perhaps on the player's helmet? After all, it would look pretty funny with having a large lightning rod on your head! Should also have some kind of attachment to dampen the effect of a lightning strike on the player. Lightning can hit your base, and overcharge the base and possibly create a fire (if the planet has gas that would provide fire) or cause the machinery to malfunction at it's process. Give the player an ability to compensate for such overcharges, and allow the player to add some form of material that can deafen the effects (such as rubber) or completely prevent the machine(s) from being effected by such lightning strikes. Likely from unknown research. Can also hit the player's vehicle. But a dampened effect if the vehicle has rubber. If the player is on the vehicle, the player may take a great deal of damage, nearly killing them. A much higher chance of nearly killing or even killing them if the player is hit directly first then the vehicle itself. That is some details I came up with with my other friend's ideas incorporated along with my own. I hope you all like these ideas! And perhaps I will be more open with other ideas I have in mind if I see positive feedback!