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Found 5 results

  1. BottomsUpBleach

    Like Button?

    Would it be possible for a like system to be added to discussions so users (and moderators) can see what is most relevant or what has the most support? I think this would help a lot with redundant posts.
  2. Xanderbell


    I've playing around with the new update and I recieved the "Narrow Mod" from doing some research. I have realized that even though it erodes and adds land in smaller portions, it still consumes the same amount of power if I were to add and erode in regular portions. This is also said for the inhibitor and other augments. For example: I use the inhibitor to get rid of plants, which does give you "Organic" but, this is still not as efficient if you were to erode the earth for its "organic" or its other materials. I hope this makes sense and I do not expect a change to come of this but, I am putting this thought out there.
  3. Greetings! In game play, solar panels, be them small, large or satellite sized, automatically produce power when the sun is above the horizon. However, unless someone has done some calculations proving otherwise, it's a strictly on/off affair. Problem is solar energy is not realistically gathered in this manner but it's fairly simple to introduce these factors to this environment. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating 100% realism of this game. For example, planets currently don't experience Summers or Winters. Though as a moderate measure of realism, solar panel efficiency should be dependent upon the angle and intensity of the sun, as it is calculated using real solar panels. And it should depend upon the weather. Currently, none of these factors appear to inhibit the production of solar power. During a sandstorm, really? Solar panels continue to work at 100%? Polar locations, although sunlight can be continuous they receive far less exposure and intensity, yet receives the same game advantages as players on the Equator? Let's please balance this out a bit providing not only more realism but varied gameplay and strategies. This can be implemented in flavors, where more advanced gameplay has more pronounced and nuanced effects on solar panel efficiency and beginner gameplay could be simple 3-4 level effect (e.g. morning, noon, afternoon, dark) What do y'all think? And thanks for paying attention.
  4. Trevor Gerard

    Smelter Fix Idea

    You know how the trade station has blue "holograms" that are on the rocket and if you look at them and press RT (on Xbox One) it will automatically put stuff from the top slots of your backpack on it in order to trade? I would like it if you could put the same type of blue "holograms" on the 4 input slots of the smelter station so that when I go to the smelter and press RT on those holograms it will automatically deposit specifically ORE ONLY into the four input spots. This would make smelting a lot faster than putting one ore in manually at a time. OR have the smelter automatically pick up ore from the storage slots attached to the outside of it just like the 3D printer automatically selects the resources it needs from each project if they're already on the side slots or storage units on the side slots of that building.
  5. cyberhedz

    Resource Compressor

    I'd like to offer a suggestion to build a new platform, I'd like to refer to it a Resource Compressor. The purpose of this module, keeping with current layouts, would take 4 resources and convert them into a "condensed x" (i.e. 4 copper ore become 1 condensed copper ore). This would allow for a much better system of inventory management I think.