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Found 2 results

  1. A surface that let you walk on wall. One that make you bounce. One that make your vehicle faster. Also for décoration ! A glass like surface to make window, A glowing surface and many more. Just a tool that let you print pattern (like the rocky pattern) would be great for decoration. The tool that print all of that could consume resources to tell wich effect or pettern it print. Thx for reading
  2. It would be cool if each planet had their own weather, temperature + more? so each might got a name that will show when you land on them? A text file will contain their state? weather/season and all that and maybe also colors if changing lighting or fog because of weather or other reasons? When landing or picking that planet it will get what state it is in right now. (later a tool might be able to tell/read such things and it might be needed for survival) Effects will be added on the player like for example minecraft (a very light/simple particle connected a bit above the player that can be adjusted speed, on/off and more?) I think if 2D works fine it would be nice? Also if much of the dynamic objects/misc could be disabled in Astroneer? (stones of all shapes etc) Some music??? Saint Pepsi - Enjoy yourself HQ REMAKE (by Noedell)