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Found 4 results

  1. It's rather annoying that once you place something on a vehicle at the vehicle bay it's permanent. No way to edit things or undo when you messed up. Especially when you put something on while the vehicle was upside down (this shouldn't be possible), like the 1-seat for the spaceship (it will get placed on the wrong half of the ship). Screenshots as illustration. I am playing the Steam version.
  2. Vin The Butcher

    Edit Option

    Requesting an edit option or actually change to the current forum edit option to unlimited time. The current edit option lets you edit your thread/reply within a short time. Un-limiting the time to use the edit option will benefit everyone, from editing the OP instead of filling a thread with multiple replies, to correcting errors.
  3. I looked for a suggestion similar to this but didn't see one, if I missed it and this has already been suggested then I'm sorry. I was just creating a ramp down into a cave, with nothing under it, when I thought how nice it would be to be able to lock the terrain in an area to prevent accidental editing. Perhaps a tool function down the road that lets you switch to that mode and then "paint" an area whose vertices get locked in place and show red when that mode is active on the tool. Also, unlocking..obviously. The usefulness of this could be way more than just making ramps into caves. For instance, if you got the ground around your base super flat and didn't want to accidently adjust stuff and cause new modules to become raised or lowered. Another could be even building up a large wall area, painting a line down the middle of the top edge, and then lowering the area around it creating smooth flat walls, at least on the sides.
  4. MrMarble

    You can edit menu text

    So you can edit the text in the controls section simply by clicking on it. Steam lastest update