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Found 2 results

  1. Well, i thinked out and i think that a good idea is adding a difficulty select, "Easy" or "Casual" (easier than what we have now), "Normal" (the one that we have), "Hard" and "Extreme". In easy mode, there would be more concentration of resources, and you would die with 3-4 plants attacks instead of 2. In normal mode, it would be like what are we playing now. In hard mode there would be a new item needed for entering to deep caves, a pressurizer, if you don't have this item and you're in deep caves you would start dying because of the pression. In extreme mode... i didn't think
  2. Me and my brother have been arguing about the game being too forgiving, my thought is that he is right, but for the wrong reason. He isn't right because the game is too forgiving, he's right because the game has no way to be less forgiving. We would like a hardcore mode to be implemented. To make us spawn on crazier, more deadly planets(like lava or ice or crazy weather patterns) would be very cool. Also to disable or hinder markers on the pod or on beacons. Going back to planets, I think that in the starting screen there should be arrows on the far right and left of the screen to allow you to