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Found 5 results

  1. Heyo! So I've been a longtime fan of the game, and I even own it on my console. It's been amazing to play around and see what sort of stuff you can achieve in this game lol I had a more serious question though, a long time ago I bought the game on PC and refunded it because my PC couldn't run the game correctly. I've since gotten a new computer (custom built too!) and headset, which can without a doubt run Astroneer on max settings, but if it can run it at all that's an improvement. My question is if I bought the game, couldn't run it, but technically did purchase in early access, does that mean I can get the Retro suit they gave as a "thank you" to EA buyers? :) Thanks for reading, let me know!!
  2. SixDozersCharging

    Fuel Condenser Idea

    Having Hydrazine Catalyzer and Fuel Consenser both doing the same thing but in a different way. I wish the Fuel Condenser could enhance the Hydrazine made from Ammonia. It would actually be great.
  3. Pro Lizards


    Soo... multiplayer is that going to be added anytime so or shall we wait the long journey..?
  4. Game no longer loads after recent patch of 12/29/2016. Just validated the game files and it said there were no errors. Been running this game fine offline for hours, decided to update to the latest patch now this. I mean I was one base away from having a base on every planet so not a super big deal but was hoping to do coop soon to see how fast the difference is. As far as other relevant information I'm running this game on Win8.1 x64bit in Full-screen (not windowed or w/ vsync) in 1280 x 720 resolution .
  5. Will be paid DLC before the exit of early access ? If not i will buy it