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About Me

  1. I play astroneer in the xbox x with a xbox controller. I was trying to explode some of glacio wildlife (the one that throws bombs) that appears in groups of three, using some dynamite. Sadly, the dynamite explosion only affects the terrain, not damaging the wild life, and even so, the lifeforms dont explode when their terrain attachment is "excavated" by dynamite explosion. This is a bug/improvement that would increase game fun in single and multiplayer experience.
  2. I have played Astroneer quite a bit for now and while it is great fun to play i noticed that there are several factors that make long term playing feel rather grindy and repetative. I could go the easy way and say it's just the lack of content to spend that much time on the game but i realized that there is actually enough stuff in the game already but it simply is balaced badly - as a consequence a lot of items become obsolete. Mining: The crane: a great feature but ultimately makes no sense to ever build. it gives no advantage to drilling speed of hard rocks over the terrain tool -
  3. Ok so, a while ago I posted a thread about not being able to shred platforms and FlyingCrowbar came to the conclusion that only partially or fully damaged platforms can be shredded. I have a bunch of platforms I don't need or want right now so this is my solution: Instead of making all platforms shreddable(but that is welcome too), maybe we could blow up platforms with dynamite to damage them and that would automatically allow us to shred them
  4. Decided to finally unlock and farm a bunch of dynamite as it was pretty chill and it let me talk to chat. Few hours later I ended up with a fully stacked rover, which we then unleashed on a mountain lul
  5. in short. I noticed that when I found wreckage of habitats and damaged platforms they were marked as debris so I tried blowing them up with dynamite and found that I only got 1 piece of debris from the explosion, and that's if I was lucky. I think it would be a good idea to have items marked as debris and wrecked to break apart into several debris chunks when they are blown up by dynamite. This would allow players to actually shred the exploded pieces for scrap. The amount of pieces from an explosion can vary depending on the size of the item you are blowing up. If it's an abandoned habit
  6. Hello I'm making this post because I just destroyed the shell of a pit worm but it just keep floating in the air, according to the gamepedia you can not do this but I used dynamite and this happened, so please me them killable by destroying the soil underneath even tho you need to use dynamite in order to do so.
  7. Hi there. I played around with the new planet a bit, and I really tried to blow it up. (There you see SES, you give us a whole planet to play with and creative mode, and what do we do? We dig to the center or try to blow it up.) I didnt dare place more than 9 racks with explosives becasue the terrain started to glitch on me. And the result was dissapointing although it was fun too. The hole is big- maybe this is the biggest explosion in Astroneer ever- but the hole is just big enough that you cant see over it without walking. But this concludes that it isnt possible to blow up even the sm
  8. And then I spent 10 minutes to get it out ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 09.09.2018 22_46_38 (2).mp4
  9. Some people might know that cave dynamite (dynamite found in caves not crafted) can be transported easily by sticking it to a research item. I know the devs might not have intended it to do that, but I think it should be kept in the game, albeit nerfed a lot. As of now you can stick it to all of the research items and stick as many on there as you want. However, it might be better if you could only stick it to one of the rarer types, so if you're the person who likes to keep dynamite around to blow stuff up, you can store a lot of it, but at the cost of potential bytes.
  10. Summary: - Steam - Dynamite merges with the launchpad Description: I wanted to delete the starting launch pad in which you receive your starting modules, but upon placing dynamite on it, it acted as part of the launchpad. Hovering my cursor over dynamite, and even dynamite connected to the connected dynamite gave me the option to examine only. Restarting the game causes them to act as normal. Version/Build: Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview x64 | v.1803 | Build 17677.1000 CPU: Intel i5 4690k 3.50GHz GPU:Nvidi
  11. I play on Steam, mouse and keyboard, and I found this bug with dynamite, messed around a bit, and found that none of my other items can stick to me. I'm guessing it's because dynamite has the stickiness part about it, so if placed "on an object" (me) it wont fall off. This is totally cool for sticking on cave walls, but I'm guessing it's not supposed to stick to me. I stuck them to me by opening my inventory, then simply selecting the dynamite and clicking on my character. I noticed the dynamite only stuck when the compass showed up, so that's why I presume it will only stick on my hitbox. Als
  12. Heres another idea from me and a friend about a new device inspired by the recycler charge from Prey. It could replace the dynamite system because its pretty useless; I don't Know if anyone is using dynamite on astroneer but not for exploration and resource gathering i guess. So the concept is: -A little device craftable in the backpack , using one rare ressource (thought about Aluminium) or one extrarare ressource -Designed like a metalic little ball, the device can be placed on any structure like the dynamite and activated in the same way -When activated and after a short t
  13. Controller Xbox One I loaded my save after updating to 0.6.2 to try and see if I could blow up a large storage on my large shuttle due to it not being able to take off with a habitat. When placing dynamite I found myself unable to activate my dynamite neither on on the large shuttle nor the ground. It only brings out my terraform tool. I have tried reloading multiple times, while each time it produces the same effect.
  14. Hi, I bought this game recently but I've watched a lot of YouTube video about this game (My favorites are Z1 and Draegast) and it makes me really want to play this game. Then I bought it while it on sale. And the I also like the devs vlogs because I'm interested with game studios ,so watching your vlog is like a... you know... Make me even more interested into game development. So just straight to my idea. First I have to say that Dynamite/TNT and space junk is a relatively common things in game, especially now we can found space junk with TNT attached to it! Then I thought of someth
  15. So I was taking some dynamite into my base. I accidentally blew it up. It created a large hole in my base that could easily be fixed. The issue was that it got rid of the connectors in my base that let power flow. Now my much progressed game is ruined. If there is some fix please help.
  16. Hey all! Not my usual thing but I thought of an idea for dynamite. How about having a shape charge more suited to the 1xaluminum it takes for dynamite. I crudely drew what the charge could be like hoping it's alright. The yellow part could go down, change color as it does. Have the ability to stick the charge on terrain.
  17. Hi, I'm Adam and I'm new here. I have a few simple ideas which in my opinion will make Astroneer more enjoyable. My first Idea is about dynamite. To detonate one dynamite is quite simple. You press "detonate" icon and run. The countdown is long enough so you can blow up things without blowing up yourself. [image 1] But when you want to make a bigger explosion... you will propably die. [image 2] My solution is to make a cord with which you could detonate dynamite from safe distance. Similary to tethers, our astronaut will be making a path with them and once one
  18. Hello, Today I and a friend were playing together (Both on mouse and keyboard, on the Steam version) and I went in a cave, and tried the dynamite for the first time. I tried it on aluminum ores, thinking it would give me the ores. It exploded, didn't give me the ores, and particles of the minerals flew around, floating and not falling on the ground. I waited a bit, thinking it would disappear, but after something like 5 minutes, it didn't disappear, and stayed in the cave, gently floating, or staying still in the airs. I took this screenshot of it to show it to my friend. Hope
  19. Summary : 2051816 - Steam - Bug with dynamite Description : When you dead with dynamite's explosion, all dynamites in your bag is delete when you respawn. Version / Build number : 2051816 Specifications: OS : Windows 10 Home 64bits CPU : Ryzen 5 1600x 3,8GHz GPU : GeForce GTX 1070 8Go RAM : 2x8Go 2666MHz DDR4 HDD : Seagate Barracuda Gold 1To
  20. So I found a dynamite next to two exploders, and decided to blow them up. I did so, and the exploders... didn't explode. The research under them was right there, but the exploders were floating in midair without exploding!
  21. This is an odd one. So I had one of those partial resources from an old save, specifically a partial lithium block stuck on a storage which caused annoyance. I decided to attempt to destroy the medium storage with some dynamite. Stuck it on the side of the storage and detonated, which destroyed the storage without problem as well as the partial block with it. My base was well outside of the radius of the explosion. Yet within a few minutes I realized a couple other storages I had attached to base platforms had disappeared. Few minutes later I found them. Floating in the sky just ou
  22. Hi. First of all. Just installed back since format and busy a bit. New update was good. Good job keep it up! <3 Was eager to try out the dynamite and this happen. Probably cause i put it on top of the Supply drop pod? Platform : Steam How to Reproduce bug: 1. Take a dynamite 2. Put it on top of the Supply pod or (insert any name here) 3. There you go
  23. The resin modules that are between other modules will not delete using dynamite. Example: [habitat---blank resin module--- vehicle bay] when laid out in a manner similar to this, you are able to delete the vehicle bay using dynamite, but when trying to delete the blank resin module you are not able to. It will blow up everything around it with the module in perfect shape still. It also is a living nightmare to try to get the module to blow up when placing the dynamite. You literally have to spend 15-30 min trying to do it because when your cursor is over the blow up button the module tries to
  24. New here, love the game. Not sure if a bug or it is not a current feature. Trying to reorganize things and couldn't restart the building layout after demolition.
  25. Good morning.I have created a character and have played 100 hours so far, but dynamite research is not working. All the research items except dynamite have been researched, but until now 150 research materials have been researched, dynamite still not coming is this bug?