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Found 5 results

  1. Can the respawn location be changed to your last save location instead of the last spaceship location? This game is about exploration and it is counter intuitive to spend hours going out and exploring a planet only to die and go pack to your start location. I love playing this game but it's kind of a buzz kill when that happens. Thanks and keep up the great work!
  2. Ok, there's two major glitches I find in this game. Whenever I try to place floor below me to get to a high place, I just fall through the map and die. Also, a lot of the time after I die, I respawn in the middle of the ground, and sometimes fall to my death again.
  3. Hi there! Not sure if any/all of these have been covered elsewhere, but here we go anyway: Driving: For the most part, the rovers are great! However, having the direction the rover travels in connected to the direction I'm looking in almost makes it so I have to steer twice, in a sense. I'd like to see an option for disconnecting rover heading from where I'm looking. I want WASD to direct from the reference point of the rover itself, not where I'm looking. Storage: There's an option to print a Storage unit. This unit is tiny and mostly useless, considering I can simply dig a small ho
  4. Hey it's me again! Veltox. So I was playing the game and I found some research stones. So I traveled to my base but while I traveled to my base a storm was coming, WHICH killed me. But I was still holding the research stone. I spawned again in my pod and I had the research stone with me. -Veltox How this bug works: Pick up a research stone (Which can be found in caves) go back to the surface and wait for a storm to come. And let yourself die by the blocks that will fly around you. Once you died keep your Research Stone Equipped and wait until you'll spawn.
  5. Xbox one, controller My husband and I have been playing on my saved game together and he has repeatedly had an issue when he re-spawns after dying, the camera will go back to the base, his character will spawn in the main pod, but then will fall through the bottom and the ground into an underground cavern, where he will hit the ground and die. This does not happen every time, but has happened frequently. This has not happened to me as the host player when we are playing together.