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  1. Yeah, we have a Trade Platform and EXO Request Platform. But it is using a space lander, right? So I thinking about "How about using drone?" thing. That's my idea: Here is a this module's features: (The units of power follow the units used in the official wiki.) Delivery Platform is using unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV). This module's is delivery a materials purpose. It can be attached on Tier 3 Platform. There is exist it's own network. This module has powered it's own solar panel and supply power to drone without wired(Wireless powered drone). If the In-game time is night, It can be powered by base's power(Supplied by platform). In this case, it consumes 2 U/s as much power. Drone landing pad's power capacity is 128 U, and drone's power capacity is 32 U. Drone is have exist Tier 2 slots. But only can attach a storage modules. Of course other drones may not land on a pad that has already landed. This module has a controller. So you can inspect it(Interact to control a module). To use this module, you must first specify its location name(It can be edited in controller interface. Max number of character is 16). You can place a total of 5 drones per planet, and there is no limit to the placement of modules. Delivery Platform: Byte cost: 7,500 Materials: Tungsten Carbide, Graphene, Copper Medium Cargo Drone: Byte cost: 7,000 Materials: Titanium Alloy, Lithium, Copper
  2. Hello my friends! First of all I want to tell you that I see in this game a huge potential. This forced me to spend some of my time to write few of my ideas. I would like to see in the comments what you think about them. English is not my native language, so please forgive me for any mistakes. @SES_Adam I think that you should to take a look at this. List of ideas Crystal Currency Astroneer not expose yourself for no reason. He explores the planet for economic purposes. For the game should be added currency (for example crystals able to mine) for which you would buy schemes. Planet difficulty scale and schemes The planets should have the scale of difficulty. We started on a planet with easy access to basic materials. Along with the progress, we would get better schemes (bought for crystal currency) which would increase the chances of survival on more difficult planets where you can find unique materials. The current system of research would be only to obtain rare materials from alien plants fruits. Weapons: • Energy gun Modification to the terrain tool amending it into a weapon powered by energy. • Energy cannon with seat Energy weapon supplied by energy or power generators, it can be mounted on a vehicle, so the person sitting on the rear of the vehicle can use that weapon. • Sentry gun Sentry gun with two operating modes. -friendly mode, protecing from only aliens -hostile mode, protecing from aliens, players (Excluding friends) Controversy related to weapons/pvp in the game: There should be place for peaceful players and for these one who want some action. We need at least option to have combat. If someone don't want to fight then he don't need to. I think that weapons should be added, but game should not be combat-focused. Simple PVE/PVE • Huge earthworms, aliens similiar to spiders, reptiles, tentacles etc. but they should not be common because life itself in space is rare. • Dark Zones: PVP on some planets where you can find more rare materials. Something like high risk high reward, with a story background that people began to fight among themselfs because they were blinded by wealth, fortune etc. Radar, weather meter Showing incoming storms, meteorite impacts, solar flares, temperatures, wind speed, enemies and raw materials (if drone spotted them). Map I would like to see map similiar to that one in The Division. • Table with hologram (Holo-table) on base which can display collected data from drone or satellite. • Drone that could scan some area from above and send data to holo-table or display it to player. • Satellite that could take a pictures of planet and send data to holo-table. Satellite / Drone OP Controversy: As I said, there should be currency in game so on the start player would not have the money to buy top-tier schemes. For example the satellite would be one of the more expensive things in the game, so player would get it later - on more difficult planets, where the satellites don't make game easier in meaningful way. Drone with different operating modes. Some examples: • standby mode - drone with mounted energy weapon, protecting area from space pirates, alien creatures etc. • tracking mode - would follow and assist the player, for example he could move light objects and follow player to base. • search mode - could scan some area from above and send data to holo table or player. • manual mode - remote controlled drone with camera view If weapon is attached • neutral mode, protecing only if we are attacked (by player or alien) • friendly mode, protecing only from the upcoming aliens • hostile mode, attacking aliens, players (Excluding friends) So for example: -Drone with tracking + friendly mode and mouted weapon will follow player and shot only to hostile aliens. -Drone with tracking mode and attached battery, will follow and charge player. etc. Enviromental hazards Some examples of enviromental hazards and how to deal with them: • quicksands on sandy planets (move on the hoverboard instead of walking) • meteorite impacts on planets with a thin atmosphere (we need radar that would warn us against them / force field on base required a lot of energy) • extremely high or low temperatures (special suits for the specific weather conditions) • high radiation (force field on Astroneer) • lava • acid rain (force field, hide underground) • different types of storms (warning messages on radar) • earthquakes (seismometer that sending warning messages to radar) • solar flares (force field) Exoskeleton (better, faster, stronger) Some objects like a fruits from alien plants and crates are large and heavy, to raise them without the lift character should be wearing exoskeleton. Jet pack and vehicle booster Add the module with jet engines that can be attached to a backpack at the bottom. Make it possible to add same enginees to vehicles allowing increase their speed. I know that is possible to find rocket thruster, but I think that it should be able to craft. Hunger, thirst, sleepiness, temperature, food, farms etc. • add indicators (emoji style) of hunger, temperature, thirst, sleepiness • add machine to produce Soylent Green which can be prepared from organic materials. Make it basic food in game. • add food and farm modules (greenhouse). Remember it is the future: Plants should be different from those that we know today (we need GMO superfood). • seeds should be earned by trading platform, with their help, you can grow more nutritious foods then Soylent Green. • add water (oceans) and ice, we need also module that purifying water (for example from salt). • add different variants of the astronaut suits resistant to specific climatic conditions. How it should look: Astroneer should survive longer without eating than drinking / sleeping. The first symptoms of thirst / starving / sleepiness would be fatigue, then slow death. Instead of the well-known indicators there should be emoji messages. Second habitat but bigger With wardrobe - where you can customise apperance, sleep, keep some food and water supplies, hide from storm. Hovercraft / hoverboard Add a vehicle which hovers above the surface. Should be light and bit faster than rover, but not specialized in moving heavy objects. Rope and grappling hook Causes new possibilities - climbing and attachment of objects. Could be pretty usefull before the player would get a jetpack. Game reward system Add the space capsule with gift (skin, crystal currency, scheme etc.) possible to get three times per week. It rewards hours spent in the game. Small space capsule (ball) would fall around the base. Player could open it in research machine. Music player Listen own music from Documents/Astroneer/User Music like a in GTA series. Miscellaneous (small ideas, fixes) • Possibility to change the brush size • Add module that creates oxygen, because limitless oxygen is bad idea. • Improve driving and change it to WSAD • Add option in settings to look around without pressing RMB • Add option to accept / refuse player who attempts to join the game • Deleting saves from game menu(not appdata) • Make possible to change language in settings • Alien plants should wrap acid instead of poison gas, it does not make sense because the character has helmet. • Don't add intelligent aliens to game, life itself in space is rare. • Add option for naming or changing icons of Beacons This topic is updated version of previous one:
  3. I know that this something already to be confirmed to be added in the future. But I'd like to show a different perspective to the idea of automation in Astroneer. "Astro-Bud" is here for your automating purposes (Astro-Bud) ( I know he doesn't look great, but hey, I made this in 20 minutes, don't judge...(Same goes for the name ...)) He is a robot that you can teach to do an action and he'll perform action. This can include using crafting at the printer, smelting resources around your base, transferring Hydrozine to your shuttle/spaceship and re-arranging items on your vehicles and base. He has 6 slots on his backpack to be able to carry resources. (Backpack) These slots would be used to transfer resources around. This can be for taking compound from a storage module and taking it to the printer. Notice he also ( like many things ) has a power bar, this would drain if he were to go to far away from base or if your base had too little power. He would connect to his base by have the little tether line you have when near base. Once he runs out of power, he would stop what he's doing and return to his Docking station. (Docking Station + Astro-Bud) His Docking station is where he would return after performing his task as much he was instructed too. This station also has a small screen with a small menu. (Docking Station)(Docking Station menu) ( explaining menu with RED text ) This Menu has a "return" button, " +1 / -1 " buttons and a counter. The Return button would make him stop everything and return to the Dock. The +1 / -1 buttons would increase / decrease the amount of times you want him to perform an action. The counter would be the amount of times he performs an action ( maxing at 9 times). There would be a start button hovering above the Dock station to start his actions. (Performing actions) (Recording Actions) The Idea is that when you take his head off while he is in his Docking station you can put it on your backpack. A UI button would then pop up with a camera Icon after putting his head on your backpack. This would be the record button ( his head would also glow red to represent recording ), you simply hit this button, perform the actions you want Astro-Bud to make, then hit the record button again. Now you've programmed his head with the actions you want him to take. But keep in mind where ever you start the record button, that'll be the first location he'll go to after exiting his Dock. So Say you wanted to make Astro-Bud take the compound from a Storage unit and make another Storage unit... You would take his head off, put his head on to your backpack. You'd hit the record button where you want him to begin. Then you would walk over to one of your storage unit ( he'll only go to this unit ). Take 2 compound, then go to your printer, add the materials from backpack, hit the print button. Then take the new storage unit off the printer and place it on the ground. Or take that storage unit and put it on a vehicle ( Astro-Bud would put as many as you list on the vehicle back at his Dock ). At this point you'd hit the record button again. Now put his head back, hit the start and watch him go to work. Limitations would be not being able to control vehicles and having a small search area for possible materials and where to put finished products. There maybe a way to make him possibly gather resources, but i'd think that would be a little to op... Tell me your thoughts below and even feel free to expand on this idea...
  4. The idea of permanent suite upgrades as mentioned in the collect-thread would add a bit of rpg flavor and I think without overloading the game this would be a very nice and fitting feature. Oh and a big shoutout for the music, really love it Some ideas, hopefully some of it is useful for you devs: A hovering spherical droid (maybe customizable) that provides one or two services like additional light, acoustic stormwarning etc. With a few random droid sounds he would make quite a difference since the player would not feel so alone in the vastness of space. But maybe that screws over your design-choices. Don`t know. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Random name generator for the planets, no player generated names, so we will be spared in multiplayer from Planet "Analtrafic" ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The option to declare primary and secondary landing spots for the spaceship (My second spaceship just landed at the same spot as my first, now they`ve seemed to fuse) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Darker nights maybe and some of those lightballoons that I`ve seen at recent big construction sites
  5. HI, congratulations on creating such a refreshing game. I really enjoyed it and i am not even close to the finish. I will jump straight to the point. As it is a space exploration game i guess it is happening in a time where technology is advanced to that point, so... 1. It will be cool to research and craft Drones. Drones can use power like batteries and can be used to tag resources on the ground and scan it. We can even use drones to drop dynamite on those green poison cloud spitting spores/things. Drones can give early warning for storms. 2. Using resources from the backpack (BP) should be made optional. There should be an option to switch it on/off. i hate it when i am using power from my backpack. or and separate option for each resource. EG: i can use oxygen from BP but not the power. 3. Large laser that will be mounted on the front of the truck/rover and can drill holes in the world. make it to use more power so we can use it when we really need to and not for driving normally. It is not a highway after all. 4. Game has beautiful flora but it is missing fauna. It would be nice to add some animals or other life forms. It would be nice to have more thrills EG: hostile animals trying to eat us etc. And an option to defend ourselves. I think that this would fit nicely in the story mode later, if you add one. Like Riddick meeting that alien dog in the last movie Keep up the good work. This game has great potential. It would be shame ti waste it. Good luck. p.s. I am sure i'll add more suggestions as i continue playing.
  6. Just thought I would contribute a few ideas I had for the game. Will add more as they come to me and edit this post accordingly~
  7. My idea is to implement some kind of drone with two movement modes. The first mode a “follow-mode”, where the drone will follow the Astroneer and recording in this time the terrain an surface of the planet. This kind of surface-scan will lead to a 3D-map, that the player can open as a kind of minimap for orientation or to chart up the planet basically. Also the tunnels or underground caves can be mapped as a small 3D model. The second moving mode will send the drone with its limited energy (charged by base or Astroneer) to a point or range set by the player. In this mode the drone will also record / scan the surface for the 3D-Map. Also buildings, materials etc. can be mapped with this drone or special interest can be marked by the player for orientation. It would also be possible, that the drone has one or two slots to improve performance (e.g. energy, solar panel, fuel) or to pick up material to transport it to base or to another player in range on the map.
  8. 1.CELLS. Improvement of backpack by additional slots (I think 2 slots will be enough). 2. JETPACK. It can be placed on backpack instead of solar panels or on the new cells of backpack plased on the buttom of backpack. 3. LADDER. If we will use jetpack, ladder insn't need. But in the start of game, ladder can help to get down in the caves. 4. FLASHLIGHT. I want to turn in off on my helmet at the daytime. The similar fo vehicle. 5. FLYING DRONE. For prospect. It can require separate platform. Drone can be features by binocles with zoom for better prospect. 6. SIGNED beacons. It will be so usefull if we can give a name to our beacons. For example: "aluminum" or "cuprum" etc.
  9. In some games such as Fallout 4, you can command a follower to look around for items that you might have missed or that you need. I think it would be nice to have a small drone companion that follows you around and can be commanded to look for certain resources within a certain range. For example, clicking on your drone follower could pull up a small circle menu around it of resources that you've already discovered, and you could select one of those resources for the drone to scan for/seek out within its specified radius. The drone could then use the already in-game "pointing" system and point in the right direction for you to head towards, or slowly start moving towards the resource for you to follow it. It could also have to be deployed instead of being a constant follower; it takes up a space in your backpack until you're ready to use it, then upon being placed in the world, the drone could slowly drain your power until either your supply runs out or it's turned off again and placed back in your backpack. I'm not sure if the drone would be available right at the beginning of the game or have to be researched/crafted, but I think it would be a helpful asset and a cute little companion, such as Navi in Legend of Zelda or the ghosts in Destiny. I hope you consider my idea, and thanks for reading. :]
  10. Here are a few things that I feel should be in Astroneer, and why I think they should be added. You can find the list of implementations below. (Updated every +3 hours of play time. I have 9h on log.) TOPIC 1 - Base Creation: The first, and major thing I want to talk about is base creation. The way it is setup is decent but sometimes I just feel something is out of place, but I can't change anything. Please implement some sort of system to modify or delete base objects and vehicles. Many youtubers have done this, time and time again (Including me.). If I make a rover, and find the research for a truck, I want to be able to get rid of the rover or disassemble it in some way. Having a ton of vehicles just causes lag. TOPIC 2 - Weather: Another topic I want to talk about is the weather. I really like how much the planets differ in the solar system. Tundra for example, is very different and has some snow, unlike all of the other planets I have travelled to so far. A big thing that is missing is the weather, all of the planets differ but the weather is the same on all of them. I feel like the tundra should have snow storms instead of sand storms, and occasionally have rain on Terran. This would add much more depth to the game in my perspective. TOPIC 3 - Management: Ah, Management. So glorious, yet some games lack it. A major thing that many people have recommended, and I will too, is the ability to name saves, and delete them without having to leave the main menu or scavenge for your save file in %appdata% or something. Its very simple compared to other requests (Complete rebalancing, new planets, etc.). TOPIC 4 - Frequency of Updates & Expectations: I have very high expectations for this game, so don't let me down devs. Its amazing how only 6 people can create such great games. Though its been great so far, I worry about the expectations on updates considering there are only 6 people working on it. I love it so far, even if these don't get into the game its still amazing, so thanks for making this a great game. If you are reading this devs, then hello and have a good day. TOPIC 5 - Possibility of Drones: A quadcopter style drone would be a GREAT use. It could have a short battery life and would be great to pin down recourses near where you are located. It might be able to go to refueling stations and for instance if out of power, fall to the ground so the user can walk/drive over there and pick it up. It could even have a single slot for small deliveries, although that might make it a bit too useful. If you do not like the idea of power, then you can use range instead. If the drone fly's too far from a transmitting tower, then it will again, fall to the floor to be picked up again. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME DEVS I COULD BE EXPLORING EXOTIC RN This review took 2 hours (How time flies). If you agree with these topics, or dislike it, feel free to share this post and up vote it somehow (First time here lol). I will update this list every three hours I play the game, and am looking forward to the completion of this game. Keep up the good work devs! #iLoveAstroneer
  11. Here's something that I thought off that could be pretty cool for the future. How about instead of a map we work around with beacons and a drone that drops beacons to locations. I'm thinking of an AI driven drone that requires fuel and electricity (power) to work and could be filled with beacons and it scouts the planet or cave for specific ressources. You can make it look for specific things like crash sites or simply a specific ressource or make it mark anything it comes across. It could have a radio where an AI just tells u ''found a crash site south west of ur location, marking it with beacons''. What could be cool about it is it would have a limited amount of storage to allow us to manage his power for the drone to work, Hyrdazine for the engine to work and number of beacons for how many things u want it to mark. Lets say u want to find something specific just give it 1 beacon but lots of fuel and power for a long range run instead of a short run with multiple beacons. Idea could be reworked but thats something I thought today, what are you guys's thoughts on it?
  12. I think it would cool to implement a drone center as an avaliable upgrade for a station • Scout drones that could travel in a certain range from where they were deployed would be able to find resources and then drop next to them and turn into a beacon for later recovery • Harvest drones that could say be either attached to your backpack or be able to deploy in an area that would gather all resources in that cluster and make a small pile of resource bundles • Hunter drones that can either be attached to backpack or deployed in an area that would seek out dangerous plants and destroy them and return upon completion of task •Companion buddy who would be there purely for esthetic purpose maybe a Lil robot dog or cat or some sort of random ball thing that cracks jokes periodically • Demolition drones that could be sent to a location and would explode in case you need to remove large amounts of ground in a small time for Terra forming purposes and harvesting • Backpack drones that could be clustered that would allow you store more items that would follow you for when you are harvesting in a cave or something • Terra forming drones that would flatten areas and make the ground smooth All these could be combined or make multi propose drones and if you want me to do some sketches of sed drones just let me know and I will make a thread with picture attachments of drone concept idea. 4 years worth of drawing FYI
  13. I've seen a few ideas for drones batted around so I figured I'd my own take to the mix. The intention of my Drone idea is to add an interesting way to increase your ability to haul more without a vehicle and to facilitate other additional capabilities. The Drone would be built at the vehicle bay and the control module would be built from the backpack. I'll detail the specifics below. The Drone The Drone would be 4 wheeled vehicle. The drone would have 3 slots to allow for 1 medium/1 small or 3 small attachments. Power would transfer between you and the drone. Ex. You could attach a large battery to a drone to give yourself more power to mine with and a small solar panel, you could attach storage so you can haul more and a filter so you can have air longer, etc. It would tether to you from an antennae on the drone so that you can switch between multiple active Drones. You would have to have at least 1 Drone Control Module in order to tether a drone to you. You can have up to two drones following you, one for each control module slotted into your backpack's shoulder mounts. Drone Specific Attachments Resource Sensor (Medium): This will guide you to different resources near you, there would be a circle orbiting the top of it with a color coded arrow in the direction of a specific resource. Requires it's own attached power source to the Drone as your backpack will not provide enough energy. Mining Enhancer (Medium): Increases the speed at which you can mine by increasing the radius and speed at which it digs. Requires it's own attached power source to the Drone as your backpack will not provide enough energy. Compass (Small): Similar to the Resource Sensor a compas would hover over the Drone so you can know where you're going. Does not require own power source. Required Structures Vehicle Bay: This will produce the drone itself. Printer: For modules to attach and perhaps some drone specific things. How it would play out in game Create Drone at the Vehicle Bay Create Drone Control Module in Backpack Attach Module to Shoulder Mount Click the Antenna for the Drone to Connect The Drone will now follow near you. Attach modules as you see fit or build another drone and control module to be followed by 2. I think this would fit well within the current features in the game and is similar to the design of the rovers attaching to each other and how they are able to be modified with modules.