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Found 17 results

  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Camera angles and auto adjustment (Mostly vehicle related) Description: Driving up a very steep narrow slow some times causes the camera to auto adjust constantly Driving with large items beside / behind you can making driving blind. Walking in very tight areas can cause the camera to 180, or clip trough terrain Suggestion: This is mainly directed at vehicle usage. A first person camera angle in vehicles would be very helpful in tight areas or at the very least make it so you can so when driving. Also allowing the camera to be zoomed out farther in vehicles so the terrain is visible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Auto arms don't work Description: Having more auto arms increases the rate that problem occurs. Even more so with filtered arms. Turning all arms off and back on with a timer is just a horrid way to solve this problem but it does work. Reloading the game also fixes the problem until it happens again. Kinda stopped playing after my auto arms no longer functioned. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: resource canister fills a one spot with all its items / tier 1 slots Description: I've had it happen a few times where a resource canister with output turned on will spit its items out but they don't go to different locations, instead fills a tier one slot with 32 iron etc Thou I have seen a tier 1 slot being occupied by two things before. quickly moving tier 2 storage and putting another down while and auto arm or anything that denseness items can recreate the canister problem, thou it seems to only 1 item and a tier 2 item in same spot. while resource canister can do 32. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Walking forward seems to stop at some what random times Description: While walking forward all the character halts suddenly, releasing and repressing the key to move seems to fix the problem. I have mostly encountered this on terrain that has been created by the terrain tool. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Noise, anchored, and object state changing with terrain tool Description: Using terrain tool to level, or modify terrain under structures causes noise from the structure, it also no longer anchored to the ground and can be pushed even by the player. Tethers that have had terrain modified below them become solid objects that prevent vehicles from driving trough them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Object Snapping Description: The center of the screen is directly where I would expect the item to snap to, in most cases it seems I need to move the dot above / below what I am trying to snap to. Other times with snapping it just makes no sense why It has chosen its location and getting it from that chosen location requires player / camera moment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Website ( - search box Description: Using Google chrome (Version 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)) / Microsoft edge (Version 84.0.522.40 (Official build) (64-bit)) the "h..." is not behind the grey background, Seems to be that way under many different screen resolutions. The search query also overlaps the search button itself. Suggestion: Separate the search button from the text field as there is overlapping. Expand the light grey area to fully cover the entire search field. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summfary: Website ( - forum submission field editing Description: Limited amount of undo / redo. Some words changing to the color red and keeping their underlined state when using the right click word suggest for typos. Underline / bold seem to be very inconstant in staying in their state after editing a line of text. Typing new lines of text does not cause this issue. Suggestion: Separate the search button from the text field as there is overlapping. Expand the light grey area to fully cover the entire search field. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: Windows 10 (64 bit) CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz GPU: AMD Radeon R7 240 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: G.SKILL Value Series 4x8GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM Drive: Kingston Digital 120GB UV400 SSD C2C 2.5" SUV400S37/120G x6 Hardware Raid 5 -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. hi there, since releace 1.0, it can be really hard to drive. there are 2 situaions when driving in third person view is very frustrating. Driving between trees. Because of the trees/leafs, you can't always see where you are driving to. When the camera is placed behind the vehicle, there are often trees/leafs in the view, so just can't see what is in front of the vehicle. because of that I often get stuck because of rocks, resources or other trees right in front of the vehicle. Driving/Digging with a drill mounted in front I really love the new feature of mounting a drill at the front. when I explore a planet i drive around and whenever there is a "wall" in my way, I just drill through. Often I want to drill up to a platform, to get a better view. To drill up, I have to lower my camera position. That means I can't see anything in front of my vehicle, because the camera is now right behind or even under/in my vehicle. the main problem is, you can't see holes in front of the vehicle and just fall down. very frustrating if you just want to explore the surface. It would be really nice, if you would allow first person view just in vehicles/rovers. because we are in a vehicle, we don't see the backpack anyway. so not seeing the backpack isn't an argument in this situation. to make driving even better, you could use the small dashboard of the rover seat, with a load indicator, a compass and a gradiometer . that way it would be an awesome experience driving around in an rover. of cource first person should be optional and you can always change between first and third person view. I've attached an screenshot, while driving/digging up in a large rover. as you can see, to dig up, I have to place the camera very low and can't see what is right in front of my rover. if I attach a second large rover, then the camera would be right in or under the secont rover, which is even more difficult to drive. would love to get any feedback. keep up the good work
  3. Hi Team!! Although beacons are the number 1 way not to get lost I would like to suggest another concept for explorers, landmarks. This is a low priority request but I feel from a design point of view would make the game look far more amazing and also allow players to explore with less chance of getting lost (which is damn easy to do!). I thought the new alien artifacts would do this but they're all the same. Even if you don't go by my idea you could change the look or colours of the various alien buildings instead. I found seeing multiple alien buildings while exploring actually disorientated me somewhat leading to getting lost. Quite the opposite of what was expecting. Create large objects or rare land formations spread across a planet. These can be very spread out and allow players to judge their position without the need of beacons or at least, not as many. Crazy steep mountain formation. Crashed alien ship. Giant crystal formation. Huge plant type structure or tree (life tree from Avatar for example) Floating strange object high in the sky. Volcano or similar structure with smoke, lava or some weird goop coming out of it. etc etc. Sometimes these landmarks dont need to be high. They could be a giant weird hole in the ground with glow stones or weird asteroid sitting in a crater. You could also add rare minerals to these areas if you wish. Landmarks could also be very interesting places to build a base! Overall, something that stands out so a player can somewhat understand where they are from their base. Beacons or no beacons. Cheers team, keep up the amazing work. The new v.1 is amazing.
  4. Summary: 1.0.4 - Steam - Rover stops responding when drill is turned on Description: Any rover in my game stops responding to input while a drill is turned on in any front/rear slot. Input resumes working when the drill is toggled off. Video of bug: In the video I am always holding forward, and half way in I start holding forward and steering, but when the drill is turned on, only the rover's momentum keeps it moving. It will eventually come to a stop and even slide backward if on a hill. There is a workaround that can still make it usable by accelerating, then toggling the drill on and off periodically, so that the rover's momentum will carry it forward while drilling. Its less effective up-hill, of course, so it still isn't ideal. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.4 (present since 1.0) Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | v. 1803 | Build 17134.523 CPU: Intel Core i7-2700K CPU 3.50GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 RAM: Patriot 3x4GB DDR3 1066Hz (12GB) Drive: KINGSTON SA400S37240G (SSD)
  5. Ok, here's the issue: After the excavation update, the game is nice and all, but the driving, OMG, it's bad, it changes direction based on camera, and sometimes this leads to annoying driving issues, like the rover going to the oposite direciton I want, or trying to go to a hole or simply spinning out of control. Not only this, but the rover, even the larger one feels like driving a balloon, imprecise and very floaty(ish), even more when you attach another one on the back, it's very annoying, the game is very fun, until you have to deal with driving... what is a shame, because before this (let's call) tier, it's very fun, but using ANY rover is annoying. I think by using normal fixed direction on control, W= forward, S= Backwards, and so on should fix one of the issues, the other should be a little more wheigth and stability. (I'm sorry for the typing mistakes -.-')
  6. When playing multiplayer the person that's driving suffocated when we are in the car together and we tested multiple times. When we drive our own vehicles he doesn't suffocate. Also the cars are glitchy when driving while playing multiplayer
  7. Hey everyone, I have played the game for about 5 hours now, what I have to say what a game, just fantastic so let's get to business. One of the things that most annoyed me was the driving system, maybe it wasn´t just me anyway I would like to see a normal driving system were doesn´t matter where your camera is pointing, if you press W your car willgo foward facing the direction of his own. I think I was clear enough if you have questions just ask Thanks for making this game see you soon.
  8. Thanks for the nice vehicle improvements system era!! Its like driving on butter instead of cheese. I also hope to see the auguments incorperated heavily in driving, i REALLY want a rover the speed of sound, or a truck that can drive up walls! // Sidegamer
  9. The way you drive around feels a bit clunky, and sometimes a bit difficult to use. Your vehicles always go the same way as your camera is facing, so if you press forward it will go where you are looking. It would be nice to have an option to change this and keep the movement keys locked in position. Forward = the direction the vehicle is facing. Turning just turns the wheels and makes you turn as you drive forward. So the camera has absolutely no effect on driving whatsoever. If an option for this would be included, i think driving would be a lot easier, and also precise movements become easier.
  10. I managed to create a truck today after building a rover not long before and I have to say the controls for the land vehicles are not good. The vehicles slide around constantly as if they're on ice and its extremely difficult to do precise movements. I feel like the controls and the physics together don't work very well. I am no developer nor do I want to pretend to be all knowledgeable but I feel like the controls and physics for the warthog in Halo 5 would compliment the rest of the game. Point the direction you want to go and forwards and backwards controlled with 'W' and 'S' on PC. Also, I have only played about an hour with the truck and in that hour I flipped it about 3-4 times. Flipping it isn't necessarily a bad thing for the game but turning it back over is frustrating to new levels! Please make a quick flip mechanic again like flipping a warthog in Halo 5. Thanks.
  11. *Keep in mind I'm talking from a PC player perspective" I found that driving was kinda awkward. Its not like your typical driving controls. For example, if you turn your camera around to see whats behind you when you back up, most players would typically press the "S" key to back up, but that makes you go forward. Or if you're going forward and you wanna look behind you real quick you'll start going backwards because you're still holding "W" which is aggravating. If you dont know what I mean just play any usual driving game like need for speed or GTA and you'll see what I mean. So i was wondering if you could change this. And for those that like these awkward controls, maybe there could be a setting in options to swap between these driving controls.
  12. Hey guys, Love the game and keep up the great work! So, My friend joined my session through steam (as theres no option in the menu [theres also no options apart from which save]) and tried to get in a rover and it randomly bugged out and disappeared after trying to flip it over. There was quite a bit of lag when we were close together (rendering?), but my friend tried to get into my "Big Hauler" - consisting of a truck-rover-truck set up, with a crane and winch attached, which was on even ground = and he got shot into outer space. He got out of the vehicle and managed to land back on my planet without dying, but now my vehicle is currently stuck in the sky. It would be nice if i could reach it but every time i try to build underneath myself I sink through the floor. I tried joining my friends session and within a matter of minutes it freezes up on my friends end and the whole game crashes for both of us, so I know its proper early days yet, but I'd like it if you could work on fine tuning some more of the multi-player aspects of the game and help with these bugs/glitches!
  13. Hi! For mouse and keyboard users, driving is a bit weird. I think WASD controls are not working as expected. The player has to always look straight ahead to go forward. We should be able to steer the wheels with A and D and accelerate with W key no matter where we are looking at. Also the vehicles should stick on the ground and feel more heavy but this is a known issue and will be fixed I suppose!
  14. Simply put: I sure hope the driving control mechanics in ASTRONEER are complete 'placeholder', and you guys have something proper coming down the pipe. If not... my suggestion is to wholeheartedly toss all your code you have for it now, and hit the drawing board. Look at the plethora of other games that have driving in 3rd person, with an without free-form cameras, and find a better way to do it. As what you got now, is really not the way to do it. In fact, I have yet to come across any other game that does it 'worse'. Just saying. Two suggested ways: "Drive towards camera view (casual way of driving)": W (or forward stick) = Accelerate S (or back stick) = Decelerate / Reverse DITCH A and D (left/right stick). "Drive proper, independent of view (more pro)": W (forward stick) = Accelerate S (back stick) = Decelerate / Reverse A (left stick) = Turn wheels left D (right stick) = Turn wheels right Space (whatever button is jump) = Handbrake Option 2 is preferred, as it allows you to continue driving in a direction while being able to ACTUALLY LOOK AROUND YOU. Especially helpful when seeing if your trailers are not going into dangerous situations. It would actually be BEST if both were options for the user to choose which they wish to use.
  15. Please fix the driving in the game and please add a lot more weight and traction to the vehicles. They are so easy to flip or knock around and it's probably the worst part of the whole game. I personally enjoy the driving mechanics from GTA so if you could take some inspiration when working on that, that would be amazing.
  16. The rocky terrain is a hurdle every time I drive a Truck or rover. It would be better if the rocks on the ground won't effect the truck/rover getting jittery or stumpped everytime it hits a rock.
  17. While you are driving a rover/truck, you should be able to crash (whether that is explode, or just have the vehicle stop driving) from flipping it multiple time or doing a large amount of damage to it. Some may not agree with this statement because they want an easy game, but I think this would make player drive a lot more carefully.