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Found 11 results

  1. Danielbetu

    Great discovery!

    I discovered how the drill works together with the mineral extractor, and it's fantastic! This will save me a lot of work, because it automatically gathers all the drilled ground! Obviously I had to secure my long Rover, while I was working with my drilling head, with a winch! Because otherwise, the Rover moves with the strong inclination of the terrain. I am very happy with this discovery!!
  2. On Barren, A flipped rover with A crane and drill head won't flip back over. I have found a temporary solution as shown in the video. I play on steam. 2018-03-10 12-56-26.mp4
  3. IxDFxI

    i had problem

    hello everyone ,,, i did more than 250 Research and i didn't got the Drill head
  4. Summary: 155 - Steam - Terrain Tool can harvest resources that were only harvestable with Drill Head before Description: I am able to harvest resource veins like Titanium und Lithium with the terrain tool. Such resources could only be harvested with a drill head in previous versions of the game. I am able to harvest complete veins of said resources with the terrain tool, not just the fringe areas of them as it was the case in previous versions. It does not seem to matter whether an augment is equipped or not (I tried with the wide mod and without any augment). I observed this behaviour on Tundra and I haven't tested it on any other planet yet. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.3.10155.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_ldr.161011-0600) CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E8400 3GHz (2 CPUs) GPU: AMD Radeon HD7750 1GB RAM: 8GB Drive: ST1000DM003-1CH162 ATA Device 850GB (NTFS) DxDiag.txt If you fix this issue, then please make sure that the drill head will be able to harvest such resources again, see this thread:
  5. Ender97

    drilling with a crane

    I am playing on steam, with the experimental build. when using the drill head on the crane to mine hardened ground for titanium and lithium it makes lots of partial resource nodes not filling any of them up all the way before dumping them on the ground. the partial nodes are not able to be picked up or used in any way.
  6. I noticed that when you mine the rock away from, in my case Malachite, ores then harvest everything and try fill the hole in you are not able to fill with the Deform Tool as it cannot be used where rock was placed at all.
  7. I noticed that when you mine the rock away from, in my case Malachite, ores then harvest everything and try fill the hole in you are not able to fill with the Deform Tool as it cannot be used where rock was placed at all.
  8. So first idk if this has been brought up before or not but I couldnt find in recent stuff. When I was mining with a rover with a crane on it and the drill head attached. It mined perfectly but when I went back to fill the hole so I dont fall in it. The hole would only fill the sides and not the middle. Might be a bug idk. Thanks for your time.
  9. There are a few bugs that I've experienced recently, but let me tell you what I was doing prior to this to hopefully provide more context. I noticed all these bugs in the following order and within the same time frame. I am playing on Xbox One, Version 0.2.10109.0 Disappearing/Floating Truck Glitch My friend had joined my game (I am progressed pretty far on Terran) and we drove around together in a truck. The truck had one seat on the front with a storage rack on the back and there was a rover attached to the truck, with a wind turbine on one end and another seat on the other end for my friend. There was also a drill head attached to the very front port of the truck, which we used to mine a couple ores. Please use the picture below as reference. The truck glitch that people have been experiencing had happened to us. The truck spontaneously kicked us out of it and just disappeared. I reloaded the game by myself and found the truck and the rover in mid-air so as I approached them both, they suddenly fell down when I got close. I got back in the truck and drove it to my base. An additional note is that both me and my friend can drive at the same time, which is counter-intuitive, especially being on opposite ends. I believe this is a bug and not intended to be used like that. Ores Not Able to Be Picked Up After Mined with Drill Head When you mine something with the drill head, it will automatically place the mined item(s) on a spot on the truck. Even if you are not finished mining an ore to the point where you can pick it up and use it, it will still place it on your truck. Please refer to the picture below. I was unable to pick up the resin on the left after being mined with the drill head. The resin on the right had been fully mined to the point where I could pick it up and use it, however the one on the left was only partially completed and therefore could not be picked up nor used. It is permanently stuck there. I am almost positive that the previous events did not affect this bug though. Items on the Ground, Very Tiny Until Picked Up Upon reloading my game after the truck glitch, I noticed that there were items on the ground (compound and aluminum) but they were very tiny and hardly even noticeable. When I hovered my cursor over them, I could pick them up and they would return to full size again.
  10. endurance

    Bigger Drill

    Yesterday I went on a journey. I tried to level a mountain. I started a new game. took me 1 hour to gather the necesary resources for building a truck+crane+drill. And than I started wasting time. I spent 1 hour with the drill. carving into the mountain like a masochist . BTW the drill doesn't consume any power. After 1 hour 1 got borred, really bored of moving the truck, carving. moving the truck, carving and so on... The camera view from the truck is awful when you have to drill above you. I got off the truck and i used the gathering gun.... and OH MY GOD .. the diference. The gun is TWICE as fast at least. and you can move as long as you have power. t The part on the left was drilled in 1 hour. the part on the right was drilled in 20 minutes. and there is a lot more that i drilled with the gun inside the mountain that didn't photograph. I built a tunnel to the top of the mountain. Best solution is to use 5 or 6 big batteries in base, 2 solar panels and tethers. Even at night the power kept comming. But we need a bigger drill. It doesn't make sense that the gun is better after so much research. I understand that it's use if for other tipes of rocks. but god damn it. drilling is as slow as my understanding of grammar We need something like this well, maybe not so big because the truck would go BANANAS as it does when you place 4 research items on it. But you get the idea