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Found 2 results

  1. I have attempted to extend my base along an inclined plane and have found that I reach a limit where the base modules will stop following the plane. I have tried this twice with the same result on different saved games. I'm hoping the devs will extend this limit to a more accommodating level to allow for deep underground of high altitude bases that stem from a ground level (assuming it's intentional and not a bug). Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I hope to solve this problem by placing a habitat at a lower level and building up to the one pictured and linking them a rover or truck (if possible).
  2. It's rather annoying that once you place something on a vehicle at the vehicle bay it's permanent. No way to edit things or undo when you messed up. Especially when you put something on while the vehicle was upside down (this shouldn't be possible), like the 1-seat for the spaceship (it will get placed on the wrong half of the ship). Screenshots as illustration. I am playing the Steam version.