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Found 6 results

  1. devs, you must hear this. With the new update and the new little dome, you should make upgrades for it. Here are some examples. More power output using lithium. under ground bunker. explorable inside. There should be many more ideas but these are just some me and my friend came up with. now you may kill me for using Comic Sans MS
  2. My first idea would be the addition of a permeable barrier that encapsulates your base, a biodome. It would allow vehicles and players to pass through it, but would protect against dust storms. This could perhaps come with the added cost of wind-based generators within the dome becoming inoperable. The dome could be generated either through a module, or a printable item that could be conveniently placed on your habitat, so that it's more likely to be centered and cover the entire base. This would eliminate the need to hop in a vehicle and wait out the storm, while understandably part of the challenge it can be tedious and slow the pace for a late game player. The second idea would be a simple map, showing roughly the terrain, NSEW, and any structures or beacons on the planet. Getting lost on a large planet with a vehicle full of precious resources is not fun. Thirdly, a printable tether pole that is much larger and therefore has a much longer reach. Lastly, a space station! The station could contain all modules offered on the surface, and could be moved around the solar system with the aid of a rocket. The parts would need to be assembled on the surface, and ferried via space craft in order to be attached. I'd like to say that this game is wonderful, even it it's earliest stages this game has earned my admiration. Astroneers is everything No Man's Sky should have been. The bugs I've encountered are few and far between, and are mostly minute visual annoyances. ... Also I'd like to be able to turn a planet to look at the landing zones on its sides when I'm in orbit, I often click on the wrong one.
  3. So Astroneer doesn't have a base station, Well it does but you don't have like a home to live in My idea is to add a base station/dome Which will need a lot of ores (not sure what it is called, I haven't played astroneer yet ;-; I"M MISSING OUT!) and you can go outside and sleep, You can grow potatoes inside to eat, You need to eat every 5 mins or so, this is what it should look like (The martian base) Like that, When you go inside, there will be oxygen, You have a garden to grow potatoes, and etc I feel this is needed because, All astronauts have like a base (if its a trip) That is it! Sorry if this was a short thread but I feel I should play astroneer first to make ideas (even tho im making ideas) when I get astroneer, I will have more info in each idea of my
  4. Possibly a glass dome that covers your habitat, or even the dome itself as your habitat. If it's ever implemented into the game that storms can destroy habitats, a dome would seem like a pretty neat idea.
  5. My idea is to be able to make a dome out off small connectable walls where you in the end could complete the dome and have a place in which you could grow plants and/or keep animals, or any other oxygen requiring things, This could then require you to put in oxygen, so you would have a reason for collecting it. The way to make the dome could be that you make small dome wall segments from 2 or 4 compound per piece, you would then place them in a circle where they snap together. When you then have made a full circle you should be able to complete it. This could also come with an airlock to go inside without losing oxygen, This could be made from Titanium and could be placed both in the building process or after the completion.
  6. I'm seeing a lot of requests for the ability to build your own buildings with interiors to them. I'm thinking about using the same terraforming mechanics to create geodesic-dome style buildings (pictured below). example: The structures could be added on top of the existing terrain and be enlarged to encompass existing structures, providing protection from storms while allowing transparency for solar power. Thoughts?