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Found 6 results

  1. Legion564


    what if you had to build a space station to build a new spaceship to go to another galaxy where you find more and more blueprints to improve your ship. For a long journey to a destination unknown.
  2. system era, if you read this please consider these ideas for astroneer and other games space fighting with new space crafts for astroneer animal dlc with monsters and night and day cycles hard mode creative dlc with access o the engine to make custom worlds in the engine space fighting simulator satellite dlc the ability to cross over to other peoples worlds or solar system jumping ancient data dlc with more astroneer lore for example stone tablets containing ancient forgotten tech and stuff something explaining the aliens in the game ultra ultra mode for better graphics in astroneer xbox one x and future xbox and playstation consoles. if anyone sees this and wants to do something with these ideas please tell me and keep me updated with the game at
  3. Kepos


    Some of those ideas have been already discussed, so I do not dig into details too much. Played Astroneer a while ago, came back to see how far progress has step before 1.0 version. Really love the game and the basic ideas behind the exploration, crafting and building. Anyhow, very soon one reaches the point, where all stuff is researched, all vehicles are built and all planets are visited. Then one reaches point zero, where all motivation fell to the ground. Nothing more to do... So I thought about, how to go one step further...and got inspired about how the end could be changed into a border instead. Interstellar travel would be great addition toward the end-game goal, but could also enhance multiplayer, by connecting different solar systems of different players. It should be players choice, how to set-up his game. In co-op mode, you just start on the same base/planet. In co-existence mode, you join a (galaxy-)server with your star system. Once you manage interstellar travel, you could reach systems where other players started. With 'co-existence mode' I do not aim toward wrecking or fighting each other's stuff. You work together with other players to form greater buildings/stations that all players could use, while you have to allow other players to use or alter your own buildings/vehicles by choice. This granting rights menu could be accessed from your home-base/planetary station. Co-existence mode means, all players share the same server and not only the host owns the savegame. Your planets and installations will be permanent. Logging out will still allow other players to contribute. Probably different players, or in singleplayer at least different star systems, are needed to build a great interstellar starbase for full interstellar trade, while the planetary trade node should get cut down toward more simple tasks instead. Interstellar starbase might be the needed base to build greater vehicles or to contribute pre-build parts toward before researched space-ship blueprints. This interstellar starbase might also be a starting place for (DLC-based) travels into the great unknown with plenty of new mysteries to holes or nebulas (research up to Stargate tech), aliens (translation mysteries or uplifting species=bring in new players), reaching technical edge till one is able to build new planets/star systems, researching AI/robotics...aso. But this is just writing about possibilities, which the devs could pick from. The main aspect of my idea is to have a co-existence mode, where players could have true asymmetric gameplay in a permanent galaxy and no host is needed to keep the savegame file.
  4. Not anytime soon, but in the future I think it would be a good idea to have more solar systems. Playing and exploring the same planets would eventually get tiring (after the additions of the planned planets). If not implemented into the game, I believe it would still be a good idea to make more solar systems as a DLC. It would be incredibly fun to try and find resources to build a bigger rocket suited to take you to these new solar systems. ( I'm not far into the game So I don't know if this already exists, but) It would be fun to also have a space station for these rockets, where you could store fuel, use as a refueling station, and store resources. (What if one of these solar systems was earth's, all the planets we have in our solar system but they are primitive and the gasous are terrestrial, so you could walk on a primitive earth that has foliage and oxygen filling it but no animal inhabitants)
  5. Было бы прикольно, если вы сделали платное DLC на скины космонавтов в стиле Star Wars(Штурмовиков и т.д.) Как раз недавно вышла новая часть Star Wars.
  6. Will be paid DLC before the exit of early access ? If not i will buy it