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Found 2 results

  1. Tigger

    Mega bug

    Mega bug! just got out of truck for 2 seconds and the whole thing dissappeared, I had lots of kit attached to the truck that is now gone so just a little annoying solutions?
  2. Choirmaestro

    Smelter Eats Materials

    Hello System Era! Just wanted to start off by saying that since I saw a YouTuber start playing this the other day, I very impulsively and enthusiastically purchased your game as soon as I could for both me and my girlfriend. ("Good News, everyone!" No "but-"s here!) I have found a few small bugs (to be expected) but imagine my displeasure when, right after returning to base from my latest excursion to the "barren" moon with a backpack full of Laterite, all those materials vanished *magic*. I popped those bad boys into my smelter, which had a full..."inventory?" (all the snap-points on the smelter's base,) and all four of the Laterite smelted...into nothing....I had what appears to be about 1/5 of a COPPER?!?!?! piece, which is not only incomplete, but is completely un-clickable. The only way I was able to get said piece off of the top part of my smelter was to pop my 5th and final Laterite into the smelter, which appropriately smelted Aluminum. I'm not entirely sure what would cause this bug to happen, but I suspect it has something to do with the smelter's auto-placement function onto its base, and with there being no storage available, it bugged out. If this has been posted somewhere else, I do apologize, but it's 1:50AM here, and I couldn't be bothered to look. Down below is a picture with the copper piece circled, and it's un-clickability obvious. With much, much, MUCH love (for the game,) Choirmaestro P.S.: My browser crashed while uploading the image.. Nice to note that your servers kept everything the way it was. Very happy about that haha.