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  1. I am not complaining, in fact I love a bright Glacio than one with low sunlight, but in the game they should change the low sunlight to medium sunlight. Maybe they can give a scientific reason too, like due to the ice formation they sunlight gets reflected and refracted a lot of times which gives the bright nature to glacio, what do you guys think? Because every time I look up I can see the sun but the solar power is very low, how?
  2. survival has been a big discussion, with many ideas being kicked around about food, water, and enimies, but I for one am opposed to this idea. i just wanted to start a thread to talk with people about the reasons they want no survival mechanics. i think that the fact that there is no survival aspect in the game is the best part of it, because of how open-ended the game is now. The ability to mess around all day (in game) in astroneer has no negative reprecussions because there is no obligations. In fact, you’ll probably get some laughs in. Try this stunt in Minecraft, ARK, or other “realistic” survival games and you’ll end up as fish meat because there are certain things the game forces you to do. This is what I would hope the game would avoid. thanks for letting me steal a minute from you, Astrofun.
  3. I'm seeing a lot of comments in the Crafting Update feedback about how people are really feeling the loss of the power nuggets. I had some thoughts on that and figured I'd write it down. Okay so power nuggets are gone, and the small generator + organic resource should now be the premier resource for early-game, easy-to-find power generation. This seems fine on paper. As long as you have a small generator, an organic resource should just be a power nugget by another name, right? So why does everyone really feel like they miss power nuggets? If people really are missing them, that doesn't mean they should come back. Maybe the small generator + organic solution just needs some improvement to really replace it. For me, I think the issue lies the in the mechanics. Small generators have to be turned on and off manually. Also, if the generator continues to run but nothing needs the power, it just wastes the resources. Those two facts mean you need to keep turning it on and off to be efficient. The constant on/off of the generator is a really tedious task to impose on the player. Power nuggets, in contrast, were really convenient! Power only got drained when something needed it, an efficiency that made them last longer. Also it all worked automatically! Put it in your backpack or rover, and you've got power, nothing else to it. [1] So the question then becomes: how do you make small generator + organic feel as convenient as the power nuggets? Why not make the small generator (and medium, for that matter) only consume their resource when something needs the power? This is something I've wondered since I first played the game. I hate feeling like I'm wasting resources I've worked hard to collect. And it's not an engaging activity, just annoying. I haven't encountered a single situation where I appreciate the manual on/off of the generators. But if anyone can provide a reason why generators shouldn't only consume power when something actually draws on it, I'd be happy to hear it. [1] As an aside, power nuggets were also convenient because they didn't require any crafting to use. But Astroneer is a crafting game, right!? Mechanics that don't engage with crafting aren't mechanics you want IMO.
  4. Disclaimer: Space stations are currently sitting at “CONFIRMED FREQUENT SUGGESTION, BUT NOT WORKED ON AT ALL” in the development itinerary. That means it’s a suggestion that will make into the game, but is in the lowest of all priority. This thread is about the discussion of how stations might work in Astroneer, and isn't intended as a suggestion. Topic What will orbital stations be like? Will they have interiors, or be more like ground based modules as a single plane? How will Astroneers move around them? Why even build one? There are many questions to be answered. Feel free to voice how you think space stations might be implemented in Astroneer. Considerations Construction: building stations, location, and all things regarding presence Purpose: the functionality stations could serve Example: Platform modules are constructed to be support structures, with the purpose of forming a stable base for items and modules. The basic concept of a station is straightforward, but when theorizing about yet non-existent elements it can get little blurry. Something as simple as adding wheels a platform, and you’ve conceptually created a vehicle. Medium and Large rovers are essentially wheeled platforms with independent power supply (an obscure definition of a rover). With that in mind, I'll describe my own thoughts on the subject. Theory How might stations be constructed? I imagine stations would have fixed orbits, but perhaps some relocation from docked shuttles. Each could be constructed using purpose made station modules; not unlike a real world examples, such as the International Space Station (ISS). The ISS can rotate using gyroscopes, but it cannot change altitude under its own power (relocation via boosting with shuttles). The station's component modules, if they have internal volume, would be quite large (larger than anything ground based). Astroneers would conduct EVAs to interact with the exterior and construct/add new modules. Building a station would be large undertaking; with each separate piece needing raw materials shipped into space and constructed, or prefabricated modules made, launched, expanded, and connected. The size of station modules might also exceed the current tiers that ground modules occupy (Tier 4+). This means they would be limited to late game content, and likely gated by research cost and resource demand. What purpose do stations fill? More specifically, what are advantages? Space environments don't have storms (solar wind notwithstanding) Unlimited expansion without need for modifying surroundings (as with ground bases) Depending on orbit, limitless access to solar energy Unparalleled fuel efficiency for travel Already in orbit, immediate access to all landing sites The first three points are very important, but the last one is the real kicker. Consider this scenario: there are two ground bases needing materials transported between them. Astroneers have to move material by land vehicle. Ground travel over large distances is time consuming, and treacherous. The current alternative is to use a shuttle; lifting cargo to orbit, and landing (hopefully) near the destination. A round trip between two ground bases by shuttle costs a whopping 4 fuel charges, or 2 canisters of Hydrazine. For anyone needing a reminder, that’s half a Hydrazine Catalyzer production run, and two production runs for Fuel Catalyzers. This is where having a station comes into play. Move one base to space, and now it only take 2 fuel charges, or a single canister to ferry materials via shuttle. Station save time, and fuel. Only takeoff, landing, and interplanetary travel cost fuel charges. With station docking costing no fuel, there is more reason to build one. Astroneers collecting resources at distant planets, rather than landing on a centrally located planet, could dock at a station, eliminating landing costs. Besides the entire cool factor of making your own space station, one less fuel canister per journey is massive savings, and space travel is all about mass efficiency. Of course, no storms is awesome too. Are there any other purposes that stations could fill? First up is deep space geostationary orbit, whereby a station orbits by maintaining a fixed point matching planet rotation. Because the station orbits above a fixed point on the surface, it could be readily accessible from bases situated below, as the travel time would be fixed for docking/disembarking. Another cool benefit of geostationary orbit is wireless energy transmission. Yeah, it’s a real thing - stations collect power with solar, and then use use lasers/microwaves to beam energy to ground based power grids. Next up are Lagrange points, or areas of space with combined gravitational forces that are in equilibrium. Basically, stations built at Lagrange points act as midpoints between planets. Traveling to a midpoint station would cost less fuel compared to traveling between planets. The cost/benefit of a midpoint base is an equidistant local, allowing dual access from two locations. This partially compensated for the necessity of a building a station around both planets - trading off a smidgen of fuel each trip. Another possibility is that of elliptical orbits. Unlike circular orbits that maintain a fixed distance, elliptical orbits follow a path which periodically changes distance. Large enough elliptical orbits transition between planets. To make a journey, dock with a close station, and simply wait. The station will eventually close distance with the other planet. Elliptical orbits reduce fuel cost, trading it for time. This cuts travel fuel cost in half for short orbits, but consider a station with an orbit the distance of a system! Traveling five planets over would cost two fuel - albeit Astroneers would have to wait a bit, but processing and fabrication would bide the time. Other mechanics: Asteroid mining Larger scale trading Larger spacecraft (interplanetary; between player sessions) Space elevators So, what do you guys think? Is this how you imagine stations, or are your ideas a bit different?
  5. i get my ideas recently from talks and ideas of others. if we will have a discussion (more like chatting with posts) we might get more ideas. so what do you think of the nuclear reactor? go read it and react here. (the very big idea post)
  6. i like astroneer .. i thought it nedded a research update also .. but until the idea behind the update is good, the implementation is catastrophic research station is an energy hog, and the technologies are way too expensive, the research has the top energy priority to "buy" a good technology you have to be all day just loading items in station because the are so expensive that you need to research many items ... in addition the research station drains the energy of all my base turning it off and useless ... so i cant do anything else while collecting bytes, it is really boring and frustrating .. while researching i leave the game running in background while browsing internet, forums or whatever i like the research system in SYSTEM SHOCK 2 (the best game in history, but poorly marketed) ... i like astroneer would take some ideas from this masterpiece, for example.. - classify items and technologies in categories, e.g.: rock, organic, alien, hardware, augments, etc - loading items in station enables you to research technologies just of its own category (this way you also could put some categories exclusively to some planets) - at some point(s) in the middle of research, it asks for some resource (e.g.: composite, copper, etc) to continue researching or choosing a path between posible results - make advanced technologies requires some "research experience level" (of some specific category?), gainied by researching basic technologies first, buying somewhere or whatever - make the research station NOT TO DRAIN THE WHOLE BASE'S ENERGY (make it drain just the HALF of the stream, or customize some way for example) so until slower you can still continue playing
  7. Any ideas that the creators could look at and take into consideration, maybe implementing these into the game for our fun and their star cluster amounts of ideas! I'll start with saying that I would "love" to see splitscreen in astroneer. Would make my many controllers useful again. I want to explore with friends that don't have an Xbox one.
  8. This was recently shared by the devs in their latest blog about the newly updated roadmap. I fell in love with these new suits as soon as I saw them. I was just wondering what everyone else thought. I tried to pick out which one was associated with which planet. I really hope they implement this... so what did y'all think when you saw this picture? These are my guess for which suit is which 1st one - Terran 2. Barren 3. Tundra 4. Radiated 5. Arid 6. Exotic im also thinking about what new features each suit will have but I'll post that later in the Ideas and Suggestions forum.
  9. Just made 3 hour video of new patch. Some things I noticed. Research is actually truely rng, even from pods I'd already researched. On several occasions I received multiple research from the exact same pod. Powercells are now working, researchable, craftable and can be found as rewards. Same as Filters. On leaving Terran I was only missing a few research items. Small Battery, Air Tank, Wide Mode, Inhibitor, Terrain Analyser, Crane and Spaceship. I was fortunate to start near a forest. Video available here:
  10. Hey guys, I have created a new world for the first time in a month and a half. My return to the forum did not mark my return to the game, but I finally got back around to playing it. Anyway, I've changed my gameplay style to get as much as I could out of the game between this patch and next. At first, I was all about getting the materials for leaving a planet as fast as possible. Astroneer being the first free roam space game I have ever gotten to play, I was more than excited to planet hop. But that play style didn't leave me a lot to do after I saw every planet! So now, I plan on FULLY exploring every planet, and leaving proof that I have. I am going to make a new game for each planet to avoid frame lag issues. Obviously, I've started on Terran. I have two fully established bases to help with my objective. One underground, next to a forest of research... things. Research Blocks? I don't know. Doesn't matter. My other base is fully established at spawn, a decent walk away from my underground base. So, this should be good! On a side note, does bringing a satellite back to base activate it? I was messing around with winches, and managed to get back to base with one attached. It starting producing energy like a solar panel when it got near the base, and Id like to know if that's just for show. Thanks in advance! I'll be keeping you guys up to date if anything of note happens, so if you care you should look out for that!
  11. Hello all! I've been gone for a super long time. I haven't touched Astroneer in a month or so, and I believe I have been gone from the forums for longer. Anyway, has there been any big news that I may have missed out on? I haven't seen anything in the announcements thread (I just noticed it for the first time as well) and I haven't been able to watch streams or anything. I believe the only thing I've noticed is the Office change for the devs. So, what's going on guys? P.S. Congrats on the office upgrade guys.