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Found 3 results

  1. First time i found the Apollo didnt unlock the new stuff (not even after restarting the game as other suggested), made another game atempting to do it all over again and still no clue, i see many people had this problem when lunar update started but all i can see is never been solved and we are a week away till the end of the event, since it is a time limited thingy, can we get any other way to unlock those new colour and visor? or if we dont get it we lose it?
  2. Have you ever been exploring a cave randomly, and then you suddenly find a dead Astroneer? It's a chilling reminder of all the failed missions and the mystery of EXO Dynamics. Picking up the pack, you grab as much as you can before continuing on your journey. But there's a problem with this. Where are the dead Astroneer's bases? Where did they smelt any copper or aluminum you find in their packs? How did they get oxygen to even get down into the cave? It really doesn't make sense. Therefore, I think the inclusion of abandoned Astroneer bases would be awesome and give a sense of scale in the universe of Astroneer. The bases could contain a few materials, but the modules would be unmoveable or broken. If you're really lucky, there could be an abandoned buggy docked in a broken vehicle bay. I think that this would be a great addition and an incentive for exploring and discovering the planets - different planets could maybe have different types of bases. Or maybe these bases could contain story elements like the crashed lifepods in Subnautica . If anyone has any more ideas like this, let me know! I really think that this would be a great addition to Astroneer! -Cheers, Barry
  3. I discovered how the drill works together with the mineral extractor, and it's fantastic! This will save me a lot of work, because it automatically gathers all the drilled ground! Obviously I had to secure my long Rover, while I was working with my drilling head, with a winch! Because otherwise, the Rover moves with the strong inclination of the terrain. I am very happy with this discovery!!