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Found 2 results

  1. Ferus&Self

    Tethers stopped working

    I am using a keyboard and mouse on the Steam version. I was walking to a mountain using the left side of the tether path (the side with the cursor in the first photo), when it suddenly just deactivated/shut off. I thought that it was one or two tethers that had been disconnected, but no, it was a whole lot of them. Unfortunately, I died from suffocation before I could see what the problem was, but when I respawned, I looked at the place where the tethers should have been, and for whatever reason, they were connected to the "habitat" (I forget what it's called in game) but they were shut off as if they had been disconnected, while the right side of the tether path had not been shut off. I fixed the left side of the path by just disconnecting the tether from the habitat and reconnecting it, and that seemed to fix it. The tether hadn't fallen over or anything, and I put it in pretty much the same spot. (And of course, I only thought to take photos after I had reconnected the air flow. ) I'll upload a couple more photos.
  2. Playing STEAM Version I built the Shuttle at the Vehicle Bay, put on a Single seat Cockpit and tried to launch, it tells me that I have no fuel, so I jump out. However it places me between the Vehicle bay and the Shuttle and I am stuck. I Tab back into the cockpit and try moving it to the clear slots to see if I can be pushed to the opposite side after disembarking, but this does not work so I disconnect the cockpit while i am still sitting in it and place it on the ground. This works in disconnecting the Cockpit but i am now unable to reconnect to the shuttle or any other item/ vehicle nearby. and am trapped in this limbo state as the game saved me in the cockpit and will not let me TAB out while on the ground.