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Found 7 results

  1. Platform: PC through the Xbox game pass. Problem: friend can't connect to game anymore; either he gets "cannot connect to game" when trying to join, or he joins and it kicks him out a few seconds later with no error. Repro: me & 1 friend have been playing this game in multiplayer since the start of the save (i host, he joins). it's been fine for months. the last time we played, we had just powered up a gateway chamber on Novus. we saved & quit. when we next logged in, the gateway was lit up/completed for me but not for him. he had a bunch of problems (random death to nothin
  2. Summary: I left a multiplayer game my gf hosted while orbiting Vesania in a large shuttle. When I came back in, I respawned back in Sylva and have been unable to retrieve my shuttle since. I first encountered this bug in 1.0.13, but it is still present. Description: I was orbitting Vesania ready to land with a large shuttle, but I didn't have any landing options (a different bug). To try and remedy this, I left the game and rejoined. Unfortunately, I was respawned back in Sylva and had to make another shuttle to get back to Vesania, where my large shuttle was still in orbit, an
  3. During a long play with a friend, he got disconnected from my hosted game. No issue so far, but the problem is the respawn or re-entering the game. He was in a shuttle, now this shuttle is orbiting the planet unreachable for everyone.
  4. When you have something attached to the front or rear slot on a vehicle, it falls off when in range of your base. Often times, I'll be rolling in with a solar panel attached and it flies off. My request is to disable this feature when something is attached. You could simply remove that item if you need a charge. Seems like a quality of life item but would be cool to implement this at some point. Thanks SystemEra staff for your continued efforts! Keep it up!
  5. Top of small solar panel often gets disconnected visually.
  6. Xbox One Controller Base has 7 attachments Truck/Rover/Spaceship built I played Astroneer for the first time last night and the game worked without any major issues. Once I loaded up the game this morning I found that the game would lag at random times near my base or far away in a cave. When the game lagged away from the base I could not connect to the tether. I would have to either disconnect a tether and replace it for it to work or go back to my base and reconnect the one that starts the tether.
  7. When creating multiple platforms in a line, it works fine, however, on game save and restart, all platforms after the one next to the original habitat, no longer connect image 1: shows me connected to platform 1 just fine image 2: The 2nd platform wont let me be tethered to it (notice my oxygen level) Image 3: the reason how i noticed, and the "and more" part of this bug report: platforms want to be upgraded despite the "connections" (might have to do with the disconnecting as well) other info: Me and my friend were both playing this map, my friend was crashing alot,