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Found 10 results

  1. KOR_APUcard

    Debris just disappeared?

    I found this bug. Debris just disappeared. But why? [Before] I'm just tried attach package to this because I want know "Can I package this?". Yeah, It can't be packaged. So I went to another planet to make Explosive Powder. But... When I went back and came back... It is just disappeared! WTF Why this is happening? Why the some debris just disappearing when it touched after? That's odd...
  2. ModerateToast

    Small Wind Turbine Disappeared

    I tried letting go of a small wind turbine while I was moving it and it was in the air. It vanished. Placing it on the ground before was fine. I think this might be a problem with placing things that would normally be able to be fixed into the ground, but in the air. I haven't tried it with other things like small solar panel, etc, but those might have the same problem.
  3. Gunzzzzmaster

    Research didn't give anything.

    I just finished researching an object, and it was scrolling through the blueprints/recipes (the blue holograms). After it was done scrolling I heard a pop sound but nothing showed (no letters, no new crafting recipe). The object I researched disappeared. I don't know if it's possible that I unlocked all crafting recipes but then I think you should still get a resource out of it. I am playing the Steam version.
  4. I launch a spaceship from the starting home planet and eventually landed on the exotic planet, now when I go into orbit, my home planet is missing. I see the beacons around where the planet should be, but I have no option to land on it. I've restarted the game and PC several times and still have the issue. Sometimes I can see the Arid planet but that is all. Hopefully the exotic planet has fuel to get me back! I'm playing the game on a Windows 10 PC through Steam, using mouse and keyboard.
  5. William Fletcher

    Disapearing tethers

    If you put a tether directly on your back (without pressing y) it disappears but if you open your backpack it doesn't
  6. I was moving a storage from one spot to another when it just completely disappeared. (This is the same storage that had the "stuck" copper ore.)
  7. As you can see there's a broken planet (which everyone is aware of already judging by this forum) but my starting planet has disappeared completely leaving just the beacons below the planet I am currently on. I used the shuttle to blast off to explore a new planet and I managed to come back "home" once to drop off some research I had found but then when I left again for the new planet and tried to come back home after picking up more research it had completely bugged out and disappeared! I have restarted the game and tried quitting to the main menu but it hasn't fixed it, does anyone have any ideas/fixes?
  8. I was carrying a one-seat to my rover. I clicked to put it down, and it just vanished. I carefully looked around the entire area to see if it could have maybe rolled. But this was flat terrain. I even tried digging for it in case it might have somehow merged with the ground. Nope. It was just gone. Disappeared completely.
  9. After reloading the data that I saved before the latest update, I found that my trading centre is empty....... the ship never came back. Side question: how to destroy a base platform? system info PC Win10 Mouse GTX1070 8GB 16RAM i7-6700K
  10. anonymus

    Vehicle disappeared

    My rover vanished