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Found 9 results

  1. ModerateToast

    Small Wind Turbine Disappeared

    I tried letting go of a small wind turbine while I was moving it and it was in the air. It vanished. Placing it on the ground before was fine. I think this might be a problem with placing things that would normally be able to be fixed into the ground, but in the air. I haven't tried it with other things like small solar panel, etc, but those might have the same problem.
  2. Gunzzzzmaster

    Research didn't give anything.

    I just finished researching an object, and it was scrolling through the blueprints/recipes (the blue holograms). After it was done scrolling I heard a pop sound but nothing showed (no letters, no new crafting recipe). The object I researched disappeared. I don't know if it's possible that I unlocked all crafting recipes but then I think you should still get a resource out of it. I am playing the Steam version.
  3. I launch a spaceship from the starting home planet and eventually landed on the exotic planet, now when I go into orbit, my home planet is missing. I see the beacons around where the planet should be, but I have no option to land on it. I've restarted the game and PC several times and still have the issue. Sometimes I can see the Arid planet but that is all. Hopefully the exotic planet has fuel to get me back! I'm playing the game on a Windows 10 PC through Steam, using mouse and keyboard.
  4. William Fletcher

    Disapearing tethers

    If you put a tether directly on your back (without pressing y) it disappears but if you open your backpack it doesn't
  5. I was moving a storage from one spot to another when it just completely disappeared. (This is the same storage that had the "stuck" copper ore.)
  6. As you can see there's a broken planet (which everyone is aware of already judging by this forum) but my starting planet has disappeared completely leaving just the beacons below the planet I am currently on. I used the shuttle to blast off to explore a new planet and I managed to come back "home" once to drop off some research I had found but then when I left again for the new planet and tried to come back home after picking up more research it had completely bugged out and disappeared! I have restarted the game and tried quitting to the main menu but it hasn't fixed it, does anyone have any ideas/fixes?
  7. I was carrying a one-seat to my rover. I clicked to put it down, and it just vanished. I carefully looked around the entire area to see if it could have maybe rolled. But this was flat terrain. I even tried digging for it in case it might have somehow merged with the ground. Nope. It was just gone. Disappeared completely.
  8. After reloading the data that I saved before the latest update, I found that my trading centre is empty....... the ship never came back. Side question: how to destroy a base platform? system info PC Win10 Mouse GTX1070 8GB 16RAM i7-6700K
  9. anonymus

    Vehicle disappeared

    My rover vanished