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Found 6 results

  1. A bug in me and my friends game where when one of us is using the drill on a large truck the other cannot dig using their person tool.
  2. What if there was a type of massive drill you could put on the front of a large rover that could dig tunnels that it could get through? The crane is hard to use and I think a drill module could make life easier for the average astroneer.
  3. So, I loaded up the latest version 215 and thought I'd give it a try. But as I'm trying to play, with no mouse buttons clicked, it is just digging away like crazy. This happened multiple times. I'm not seeing any "key stuck" behavior in any of the other games I'm playing. So, I tend to think this is a bug in Astroneer. Has anyone else seen this? Is there something you can suggest for me to try? Thanks in advance for your time!
  4. earlier when i was playing, i was mining the root of a "tree" that basically looks like a flower on steroids, and it fell, so i pushed it away by running into it. then later a storm rips it with it and throws it into my base... and now, i have a giant sideways umbrella tent which blocks my way and vision and i cant do shit now cuz its stuck between the stations. i thought of an idea and if maybe you guys could create a tool some kind of power tool to lift big objects and carry them. either that or a tool that breaks it down into some kind of components, that would be MASSIVELY appreciated.. and so i can see again
  5. I came across some resources that can't be mined/gathered because they are stuck in what seems to be solid rock (not mineable). Digging under the rock doesn't make it fall or despawn. Not sure if this is a bug or not (might be done on purpose). I am playing the Steam version.
  6. I loved astroneer from the begining until I got underground doing some mining, then I realized how hellish this game can get. Its a real frustrating experience to do mining to get resources just to find out that making holes using the mining tool can be very harsh and little intuitive. The camera angles are way too difficult to control and the terrain gets all messed up. I got stuck in many of this holes and rifts and after that the game crashed;it sent me a lot deeper just as if i was dead and underwater, after that it respawned me again underground, floating again and then I fell and died. I had not control at all and then I respawned at the base. It happened many times, always crashing the same way. I just got real mad because I could not retrieve my items, they had disapeared!. I had to do mining again and again, and the resources did not appear again at the same place, because I ve already mined them, so I had to go deeper into the caves. I think the game is great but the resources are way too deep and controling the camera and the mining tool inside its so difficult and uncomfortable. Hope you can fix this problem and think a better way to extract resources underground. I dont know if somebody thinks the same way or its experiencing the same problem.