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Found 9 results

  1. So, I'm on another play through of the game and I'm enjoying it just as much as the first. This time, I tried something different. I made a personal rule that I HAD to complete all surface portals before the core portal could be unlocked. My last game I landed in areas next to portals so that my base's power could be used to power up the portal quickly. This has been a bit more tedious but I still enjoy it. I'm finding myself trying to optimize mobile power generation in ways I never did before. This got me to thinking how some subtle tweaks could increase replayability: 1) Add option for how many surface portals have to be enabled before core is open (defaults to 1 for normal mode) - for the moons it could be rounded down? or both? 2) Option for indicating landing areas to be away from surface portals (defaults to false). This forces the player to figure out a way to get the power to the portal without extenders (or at least without a butt load of them). 3) Option to randomize the final ingredients of the planet cores (same ingredients, just move them around a bit, so I have to figure it out... honestly, if this could be a special recipe I need it would be even better). Perhaps the blueprint is downloadable from the center portal once you gain access. 4) Ability to apply a multiplier to tech costs (for example, I may want to pay 2x or 5x the amount of bytes for researching things to slow my own progression down). I went to Glacio first this game and I am almost done with the entire tech tree. 5) Could have an option for how fast Oxygen depletes. I think these would be simple... 'mutators' that could be added to the game pretty easily and really changes up the game play.
  2. For a little window of time more than a year ago, SES_dev let us choose our start planet. Those were the days when there was no easily available starter minerals and some games just could not be solved. That is not the case today. I just played a 'contrived' start on Vesania, with no hab available (so better not die!) and it was a week of pure bliss. This was a challenge but doable, if I just kept my head about me. Honestly, I haven't had this much fun in Astroneer in a long time. I know there is a chance to choose 'Starter Planet' slated for the Creative mode. PLEASE don't make us go there to get this available. I like to play this game with challenges and creative mode just doesn't do it for me. On any game. This would be a very easy way to ratchet up the difficulty level for those players who want it. And trust me, approaching 1100 hours in game, I WANT to find enough challenge to keep me interested!
  3. Well, i thinked out and i think that a good idea is adding a difficulty select, "Easy" or "Casual" (easier than what we have now), "Normal" (the one that we have), "Hard" and "Extreme". In easy mode, there would be more concentration of resources, and you would die with 3-4 plants attacks instead of 2. In normal mode, it would be like what are we playing now. In hard mode there would be a new item needed for entering to deep caves, a pressurizer, if you don't have this item and you're in deep caves you would start dying because of the pression. In extreme mode... i didn't think out so... xD... but some ideas would be that the plants kills you in 1 attack, more fall damage, less oxygen and energy of the player... or something extreme. I don't say a creative mode because that will be added in other updates... but i think that the difficulty selection and the pressurizer are good ideas.
  4. I suggest that Oxygenators should require power to produce oxygen (and/or resources). This would require additional planning when building your bases and create some challenge. Does the planet you are building a base on have sufficient solar/wind? Will you have to use generators? Is there plant life to fuel generators? Do you have batteries to store excess power? Having oxygen storage tanks for your bases would be cool too. Right now oxygenators make an endless supply of oxygen without power or resources. As long as you bring one along when building a base, you really have very little challenge or risk in making your new base viable. I get the ghist that this game isn’t meant to be overly challenging, but a little more realistic challenges in base planning and management would add a more immersive experience IMO. I know this game isn’t trying to be a ‘realistic’ space survival simulator, but right now it realistically requires our characters to need an oxygen supply. Where does that supply come from? How does my oxygenator make oxygen on a planet with no atmosphere and requires no power or resources? A lot of suspension of disbelief is currently needed.
  5. Well, i think that the "most difficult planets" (glacio = hard, atrox = very hard) are not that hard really, so i think that a good idea would be add 2 different suits for each of those planets, for glacio the Heat Suit (or Anti-Freeze Suit or something like that) to avoid the cold that could kill you slowly, but it will kill you, and the Radio-Hazard Suit for atrox, to avoid a very strong radiation in the surface of the planet, this radiation without a suit could kill you quickly. I don't know if this is a requested post but i'd like to add that for more difficulty because you can't really notice a real difficulty addition except for gateways (requires more energy) and the enemies.
  6. I'm a bit worried with the current progression rate of the game, the research speed, the material costs to construct things all determine the overal game difficult and as of right now things feel really easy. I've had the experience of a 4 player co-op game and 4 players not knowing how the game worked or what needed to be done along with a great many hours of solo game play. Early game, your mostly limited by the amount of power you can provide you facilities and this is even holding 4 player back some what, running multiple small generators we didn't consider to be ideal, but it helped out when needing to build something and overcome the power shortage. Once the first vehicle is build, greatly extending the exploration range additional small solar panel and small wind turbine can be found at wrecked bases. This will aid your progression speed and things speed up even more when batteries are found. 2/3 of the research catalog was unlocked, before we set out to explore other systems and of course without the additional required solid-fuel thruster to make the return trip with. This all within two or three hours of disorganized mayhem, just trying and experimenting. Once organized and knowing what to do, more or less the same can be achieved solo. Through out a week of 2 hour play sessions I managed to visit the barren moon, arid planet and tundra. On each planet a decent array of power generators, wind or solar, paired with a battery to power a small base holding a smelter, Soil Centrifuge and a Vehicle Bay. Rise and repeat this a few more times and I've been on all planets, unlocked everything in the catalog and build everything worth building. To be clear, I'm not saying I'm not having fun. But I'm quite certain that once everything is unlocked the urge to continue to play the game without any new clear goals to achieve will not keep me and likely other entertained for very long. Reducing the research value of re-searchable objects will slow down progression somewhat, but also provide more time to explore and gather resources. Ramping up the material bill for higher tier equipment will force players to explorer further away from there base to find resources or tunnel deeper in to the planet. Both will lengthen and slowdown the overall game progression somewhat as well as stimulate the need to build a rover or large rover and fully utilize it to aid in the goal to gather resources and re-searchable objects.
  7. Things like permadeath; and energy is limited. The main base starts off with a little bit of coal, enough for a certain amount of time depending on how hard it should be. After that, it doesn't produce oxygen anymore. You need to fuel it with organic material and coal in order to survive. You would obviously have batteries and oxygen tanks in the main base which, after not generating any more oxygen could use those to help you not die. Depending on how hard it will be, the main base needs a different amount of energy, so that after a week you would be in constant fear of running out of fuel. Maybe that's an idea for later when Oil and Refineries exist, but I thought I'd just leave it here, maybe some of you think my idea doesn't suck.
  8. I really like the new base building update but I think that it makes several things easier than they need to be. I'd like a mode that disables certain modules and features. Disable power generation from the habitat: This would require the player to generate power from what they start with Don't start with the drop pad: The player would have to make their own small fabricator from the backpack and work up from there No mineral extractor: The mineral extractor eliminates the desire to explore other planets No trade platform: again, the trade platform eliminates the desire to explore other planets No fuel condenser: I find myself relying on this and completely ignoring ammonium. I think for those last 3 to work well there should be some way of looking into the ground and seeing where veins are located. Like real-life seismic testing. So all the previous items are just eliminations here are some changes I've thought of: Make crashed ships dangerous: I put off researching the Open 1-Seat because I usually can find one in a crashed ship, I'd like them disabled or have them explode a few seconds after taking something from them. Make dead explorers dangerous: Finding a dead explorer doesn't really make the game much easiern, but I'd like some depth added to the encounter: make poison clouds come from the corpse (it's like it's decaying and it smells really bad) These next couple items would require more work: Eliminate plant life on the surface, instead give the player one seed to start with and they can use it as fuel for a generator Player can't move specimens: Instead of killing a hazardous plant and taking the research specimen underneath, the player must construct a research station near the hazard and supply power to it. I think a mode like this could boost ASTRONEER's replay-ability even more
  9. I believe the time it takes to build things should be longer and require more power. 3D printing in real life usually takes hours using normal FDM methods. Longer build times, higher and/or constant power requirements, similar to the research system, would add a small level of difficulty by adding another thing that players need to manage, both in time and power.