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  1. So, I'm on another play through of the game and I'm enjoying it just as much as the first. This time, I tried something different. I made a personal rule that I HAD to complete all surface portals before the core portal could be unlocked. My last game I landed in areas next to portals so that my base's power could be used to power up the portal quickly. This has been a bit more tedious but I still enjoy it. I'm finding myself trying to optimize mobile power generation in ways I never did before. This got me to thinking how some subtle tweaks could increase replayability: 1) Add option for how many surface portals have to be enabled before core is open (defaults to 1 for normal mode) - for the moons it could be rounded down? or both? 2) Option for indicating landing areas to be away from surface portals (defaults to false). This forces the player to figure out a way to get the power to the portal without extenders (or at least without a butt load of them). 3) Option to randomize the final ingredients of the planet cores (same ingredients, just move them around a bit, so I have to figure it out... honestly, if this could be a special recipe I need it would be even better). Perhaps the blueprint is downloadable from the center portal once you gain access. 4) Ability to apply a multiplier to tech costs (for example, I may want to pay 2x or 5x the amount of bytes for researching things to slow my own progression down). I went to Glacio first this game and I am almost done with the entire tech tree. 5) Could have an option for how fast Oxygen depletes. I think these would be simple... 'mutators' that could be added to the game pretty easily and really changes up the game play.
  2. For a little window of time more than a year ago, SES_dev let us choose our start planet. Those were the days when there was no easily available starter minerals and some games just could not be solved. That is not the case today. I just played a 'contrived' start on Vesania, with no hab available (so better not die!) and it was a week of pure bliss. This was a challenge but doable, if I just kept my head about me. Honestly, I haven't had this much fun in Astroneer in a long time. I know there is a chance to choose 'Starter Planet' slated for the Creative mode. PLEASE don't make us go there to get this available. I like to play this game with challenges and creative mode just doesn't do it for me. On any game. This would be a very easy way to ratchet up the difficulty level for those players who want it. And trust me, approaching 1100 hours in game, I WANT to find enough challenge to keep me interested!
  3. Well, i thinked out and i think that a good idea is adding a difficulty select, "Easy" or "Casual" (easier than what we have now), "Normal" (the one that we have), "Hard" and "Extreme". In easy mode, there would be more concentration of resources, and you would die with 3-4 plants attacks instead of 2. In normal mode, it would be like what are we playing now. In hard mode there would be a new item needed for entering to deep caves, a pressurizer, if you don't have this item and you're in deep caves you would start dying because of the pression. In extreme mode... i didn't think out so... xD... but some ideas would be that the plants kills you in 1 attack, more fall damage, less oxygen and energy of the player... or something extreme. I don't say a creative mode because that will be added in other updates... but i think that the difficulty selection and the pressurizer are good ideas.
  4. I suggest that Oxygenators should require power to produce oxygen (and/or resources). This would require additional planning when building your bases and create some challenge. Does the planet you are building a base on have sufficient solar/wind? Will you have to use generators? Is there plant life to fuel generators? Do you have batteries to store excess power? Having oxygen storage tanks for your bases would be cool too. Right now oxygenators make an endless supply of oxygen without power or resources. As long as you bring one along when building a base, you really have very little challenge or risk in making your new base viable. I get the ghist that this game isn’t meant to be overly challenging, but a little more realistic challenges in base planning and management would add a more immersive experience IMO. I know this game isn’t trying to be a ‘realistic’ space survival simulator, but right now it realistically requires our characters to need an oxygen supply. Where does that supply come from? How does my oxygenator make oxygen on a planet with no atmosphere and requires no power or resources? A lot of suspension of disbelief is currently needed.
  5. Well, i think that the "most difficult planets" (glacio = hard, atrox = very hard) are not that hard really, so i think that a good idea would be add 2 different suits for each of those planets, for glacio the Heat Suit (or Anti-Freeze Suit or something like that) to avoid the cold that could kill you slowly, but it will kill you, and the Radio-Hazard Suit for atrox, to avoid a very strong radiation in the surface of the planet, this radiation without a suit could kill you quickly. I don't know if this is a requested post but i'd like to add that for more difficulty because you can't really notice a real difficulty addition except for gateways (requires more energy) and the enemies.
  6. I'm a bit worried with the current progression rate of the game, the research speed, the material costs to construct things all determine the overal game difficult and as of right now things feel really easy. I've had the experience of a 4 player co-op game and 4 players not knowing how the game worked or what needed to be done along with a great many hours of solo game play. Early game, your mostly limited by the amount of power you can provide you facilities and this is even holding 4 player back some what, running multiple small generators we didn't consider to be ideal, but it helped out when needing to build something and overcome the power shortage. Once the first vehicle is build, greatly extending the exploration range additional small solar panel and small wind turbine can be found at wrecked bases. This will aid your progression speed and things speed up even more when batteries are found. 2/3 of the research catalog was unlocked, before we set out to explore other systems and of course without the additional required solid-fuel thruster to make the return trip with. This all within two or three hours of disorganized mayhem, just trying and experimenting. Once organized and knowing what to do, more or less the same can be achieved solo. Through out a week of 2 hour play sessions I managed to visit the barren moon, arid planet and tundra. On each planet a decent array of power generators, wind or solar, paired with a battery to power a small base holding a smelter, Soil Centrifuge and a Vehicle Bay. Rise and repeat this a few more times and I've been on all planets, unlocked everything in the catalog and build everything worth building. To be clear, I'm not saying I'm not having fun. But I'm quite certain that once everything is unlocked the urge to continue to play the game without any new clear goals to achieve will not keep me and likely other entertained for very long. Reducing the research value of re-searchable objects will slow down progression somewhat, but also provide more time to explore and gather resources. Ramping up the material bill for higher tier equipment will force players to explorer further away from there base to find resources or tunnel deeper in to the planet. Both will lengthen and slowdown the overall game progression somewhat as well as stimulate the need to build a rover or large rover and fully utilize it to aid in the goal to gather resources and re-searchable objects.
  7. Things like permadeath; and energy is limited. The main base starts off with a little bit of coal, enough for a certain amount of time depending on how hard it should be. After that, it doesn't produce oxygen anymore. You need to fuel it with organic material and coal in order to survive. You would obviously have batteries and oxygen tanks in the main base which, after not generating any more oxygen could use those to help you not die. Depending on how hard it will be, the main base needs a different amount of energy, so that after a week you would be in constant fear of running out of fuel. Maybe that's an idea for later when Oil and Refineries exist, but I thought I'd just leave it here, maybe some of you think my idea doesn't suck.
  8. I really like the new base building update but I think that it makes several things easier than they need to be. I'd like a mode that disables certain modules and features. Disable power generation from the habitat: This would require the player to generate power from what they start with Don't start with the drop pad: The player would have to make their own small fabricator from the backpack and work up from there No mineral extractor: The mineral extractor eliminates the desire to explore other planets No trade platform: again, the trade platform eliminates the desire to explore other planets No fuel condenser: I find myself relying on this and completely ignoring ammonium. I think for those last 3 to work well there should be some way of looking into the ground and seeing where veins are located. Like real-life seismic testing. So all the previous items are just eliminations here are some changes I've thought of: Make crashed ships dangerous: I put off researching the Open 1-Seat because I usually can find one in a crashed ship, I'd like them disabled or have them explode a few seconds after taking something from them. Make dead explorers dangerous: Finding a dead explorer doesn't really make the game much easiern, but I'd like some depth added to the encounter: make poison clouds come from the corpse (it's like it's decaying and it smells really bad) These next couple items would require more work: Eliminate plant life on the surface, instead give the player one seed to start with and they can use it as fuel for a generator Player can't move specimens: Instead of killing a hazardous plant and taking the research specimen underneath, the player must construct a research station near the hazard and supply power to it. I think a mode like this could boost ASTRONEER's replay-ability even more
  9. I believe the time it takes to build things should be longer and require more power. 3D printing in real life usually takes hours using normal FDM methods. Longer build times, higher and/or constant power requirements, similar to the research system, would add a small level of difficulty by adding another thing that players need to manage, both in time and power.
  10. Hello, Sorry if this has been requested already delete it if it has. Astroneer has always been a relaxing game for me, but with the last two or three updates I feel like I'm grinding every other game that ever comes out. I've heard many players report that they look to Astroneer to unwind and I feel like System Era needs to be careful not to loose that audience and to cater to new players that want that experience. I also understand that some users want a technical and difficult game and I don't want that crowd to get alienated. I propose a New Solar System Creation Menu when starting a new world or maybe that you can change on the fly. Just like Minecraft has creative mode for when you feel grinding is getting in the way of fun or creativity. Upon starting a new game or at any time the host could change the difficulty which would make things like O2 and Power go further as well as increase resource spawning. Maybe the menu could even allow you to research things automagically, how many updates am I going to have to struggle to get my base off the ground (literally)? When a new update comes out I just want to play with the new assets or fixes honestly, I've dumped as many hours grinding into this game as I want to, unless I'm having fun with someone cooperatively playing the game from scratch. Just let me grind to make the new toys and have an easy button to get there.
  11. Hello All, As part of some exploration I've been doing into possible Progression paths through Astroneer, gating items & research and creating a challenging sort of "Hard Mode" has turned out to be incredibly fun for me. I thought I'd share my experience and see what people think, and maybe try this challenge mode for themselves. Here's a link to my progression chart. I've been holding to these guidelines as best as I can: (Note: The amounts of resources were based on what I think *should* be on those planets, not what I'm actually seeing.) The rules I've been going by are as such: Starting Items: Beacons, Research Station, and Filters. Unfortunately, given the current state of the game, Filters must be researched first. This was one of the hardest things to overcome right at the beginning. However, it turned out to be really fun. Finding the Resin and Compound to build the Research Bay, then researching Unknown Objects until I got Filters was CRAZY with only Beacons at my disposal. But I was able to finally pull it off in my first game, and then got really lucky (big Resin deposit close to base) in a new game I started after 119 dropped. Unlocking: When I "Research", I'm researching only the item on my list. I give about two researches per item. By the time I got off Tundra, I had almost everything researched, but still limited myself to only 9 items. Try to stick to planetary features in the guide (Trace Sunlight, Abundant Wind, etc) if at all possible. No exploiting. The only time I may have violated this rule was when bugged out cracks in the terrain revealed some deposit nearby. Once I've unlocked an item, it's available to me on all planets. Scavenged items don't count toward research unlocks. If I find a Seat, or an Oxygen Tank or Battery on a dead Astroneer, I use it. Scavenging should be a bigger part of this game! Also, this was really important to craft things early in the game - Like scavenging Titanium to build an O2 Tank. Finding a downed satellite or ship would sometimes be an absolute miracle that would allow me to build a new O2 tank or battery. Things Learned in 'Hard Mode': Covet finite resources like Compound and Resin! There was never a bigger shock than needing Compound and having none left, and no good way to drive around looking for it. Bring all the materials you need to build a Research Module (plus another module) to a new planet. I learned quickly that without all 7 Resin needed to build 3 extensions and 2 platforms on a new planet is BRUTAL. Without tethers and all the extra stuff, roaming all over the countryside in search of more Compound and Resin is not possible. The best solution always seemed to be "Pick a spot near base and start digging" Use your two "keeper slots" wisely, and don't carry too much important stuff with you. Crater down a deep hole, or suffocate way out in the middle of nowhere, with your very important Resin in your pack? Be prepared to spend a few hours recovering. Should have left that at the base. Bugs are absolutely soul-crushing. I came back to a game where I logged out while sitting in a rover way down in a cave ... Rover was clipped into the terrain, so I jumped out to try to flip it up/out. Instantly killed by a plant and rover fell through the world. Lost everything. Recovering from that disaster was a massive undertaking. Knowing where you need to go, what you might find there, and how much oxygen it will take to get back to base, or to a vehicle, was a skill I had to acquire very acutely. It's incredibly gratifying when you plan it out and get what you need and return to base as you're suffocating. Scout your area extensively before deciding what order to build your Modules. Making it back to base many times while suffocating was exhilarating. Making very precise paths, and jealously coveting Scavenged objects & power usage was really informative about how the game can be streamlined and made efficient. Here's a tip: ALWAYS RUN. You get about 5-10% more distance from your oxygen if you always run. Another Tip: "Grab-hop" always. That's when you grab an object, flip it out in front of you, and then grab it again as you're running by. Saved my ass many times, and also made me wonder where there are even two speeds in the game. How has it gone? I'm currently on Radiated in my second game starting my base there. I'm trying to make it to Exotic and unlock the last few things, and do some serious exploring. Certain planets, Tundra and Radiated especially, have been crazy hard to find Resin or Compound, and often it's a 'fountain' that I find to get the few I need. Otherwise, I'll make the journey back to Terran to try to find more. Whenever a friend joined, I reminded them I was playing Hard Mode, and they helped me out. But sometimes it turned into a liability - they would die in the middle of nowhere with valuable items or resources, or use up all the Compound making 8x Filters when it was needed to build a Module, etc. They were additional challenges, really, that made the game even more interesting. A very crucial mistake I made on Barren when I landed a shuttle to start a base and accidentally created a Research Module out of my first platform - Destroying any chance at building a base there. I had to blast off and settle down at a new base ... but the Shuttle was already burnt and couldn't create another base. I had to then blast back to Terran to build another shuttle and harvest more Hydrazine. Big setback, which I think was somewhat of a bug with the way platforms are being created out of shuttles and ships? After I was able to find a new spot and stabilize my resources, I got myself to Tundra. I set up a decent little base, but this is where I lost all my stuff due to my Rover bugging through the terrain. This is when I start learning that it is imperative to plan out your base. I had built a Vehicle Base and a Research Station right at the beginning. There was a rich cave nearby, but zero Compound. I got lucky and found a Resin fountain not too far away, so I could pull 2 or 3 resin every few game hours. After a few days on Tundra just grab-hopping Unknowns to do the Research I needed to ... I got out of there. I had to go back to Terran to abandon my shuttle (base-connector burned), and build myself a shiny new Spaceship. Arid was a new ball of wax. Without a Vehicle to travel around in, the wind-blown death balls would have their way with me. After a couple landings, I found a half-decent spot to build a base that was on the side of a hill and somewhat protected. As it turns out, I got a chance to find out how to build a base directly into the side of a mountain. I thought I needed a Vehicle Bay right away to protect me from the elements, so I set about building one (I brought a bunch of Aluminum from Tundra, too), but then realized that I had a great cave system just outside my base. The Compound used to build the Vehicle Bay crippled me - there was none to be found anywhere near me. I had to decide whether to build a Smelter or Research next ... I went Research -- it was my only shot at getting Compound and Resin, apparently. I got lucky and pulled a few compound, and just enough Resin to build a Smelter and build up some Aluminum and Copper and get off Arid. *Oof* -- Hard Mode is Hard without a Trade Platform! But, my next stop is Radiated, where I can research Tethers, Large Batteries, and Large Generator -- which is good, since power has been a problem, and there has been an abundance of Coal and Lithium on the last couple planets. Now I'm here, on Radiated, with practically no Resin or Compound. I may have to make a run to Terran to gather up some more. One good thing is the Spaceship doesn't seem to have the "one and done" mechanic for creating new bases that a Shuttle has. My best hope is that I'll find a few resources that can get me a Research bay and a Printer, so that I can start putting that Coal to good use. My Features bar in the progression chart also inform how I treat the resources of each planet. I consider Tundra to have little sunlight, in order to force my dependance on Wind and Organic power. Arid is the opposite. Radiated will be tough because I will be lowering my use of both Solar and Wind power, which will force me to use Coal and Organic power. This aught to be fun! Cheers. I know this has been a lot of text. I hope someone gets something out of it! Imelin Cane tl;dr: Self-imposed limitations and progressions through research can be fun!
  12. Hey all. I mapped out a possible progression as part of a few other ideas. I'm in the middle of a game using this progression chart. I have to say, it has been really challenging, and really a blast. The hardest part currently has been the fact that you don't start with filters -- I've been following all the Terran rules so far, and just unlocked Filters, so I should be in much better shape. So far, the gameplay has been vastly changed, and for the better, IMO. On one hand, I got extremely lucky to have a cave system filled with research nodes, laterite and malachite right below my base, but very unlucky that there was very little Resin near me. Rushing in and out of caves before my oxygen runs out is a real thrill, but I'm sure if I had Filters from the start, I would put an even greater premium on Compound. I cheesed out just a tiny bit, in that I glanced through a bugged gap in the terrain and saw Resin right near me, below the surface. I still had to dig a hole and figure out logistically how I could get down and get things up without falling to my death, trapping myself without power, and suffocating. I've died quite a few times. But the triumph of scavenging the resources to build a generator, or finally build my Smelter was epic! I'm going to keep going on this "hard mode" for a while to see how I do with only building certain things once I've researched a few times on a specific planet. In another post, I will lay out a much more broad and detailed progression idea, but for now I though people might like to try this out as well.
  13. Hello everyone! So here you are, you've played Astroneer and made bases on all the planets.... now what? Exactly. Being that this is an open sandbox of a world, finding ways to make it challenging can be a challenge. So I found myself working to make the game harder for myself, just to see how far a different scenario could go, as to stretch gameplay out as much as possible. While it may be tricky for the devs to add hardcoded rulesets, or a check box to turn modes on or off, here are some of the rules I created for the 'fun of it' as I replayed through things. 1- The No Spelunking Rule. If it's underground it's off limits. Strip mining is allowed.... 2- Scavengers Rule! - You are not allowed to smelt anything, you must make everything you need to get off planet from what you can scrounge. Which means going to all the wrecks To make it really challenging, limit yourself to only collecting 6 resin or less from the ground. 3- The Angry Planet. - The planet is alive, when you dig, it tries to kill you with storms. Digging too much makes it hate you more... dig wisely. Ok so there is not a mechanic to actually make the planet hate you, that we know of... so you will have to pretend a bit more. You can't dig holes that a rover or yourself can get trapped in. Scavenging is recommended, killing plants is bad, taking 'fruit aka relics' from them is ok though. 4- Solar Power Only - No coal and or no plant fueled power and no batteries.... If the Mars Rover can do it, so can you. This can be tricky on other planets. 5- No Trading! - Yeah, the Trade Platform is nice, too nice at times. Be the self-made Astroneer, don't rely on the free market. 6- Recycle Everything. - You don't really need that truck when you have that shiny Rover do you? So turn that rover into a wagon for the truck to pull around, reusing the seat for the truck. Those solar panels, batteries, tethers and wind turbine you made on your other base should be recycled too. 7- Spaceship, we don't need no stink'n spaceship. - Ok you are ready to leave the starter planet, so fire up the shuttle and go. Just you, your shuttle and the new habitat... nothing else. Basically, you restart from scratch but you still have all the blueprints to work from. 8- Minimalism. - Your backpack is your refuge, if you can make it via your backpack you ignore the recipe in the printer. So no printer solar cells, wind turbines, generators or printed batteries. (Interestingly enough, backpack made batteries and solar panels work nicely on the flat storage panels.) 9- No Strings On Me! - You may not use tethers. This is a pain, and at times is unwinnable as you need either to have tons of resources, relics or wrecks with titanium near your pod at the start. Yet it can be done. I am sure there are other ways to play on the planet, so feel free to add suggestions. Ren.
  14. My 5 year old loves the game. As do I. It would be nice to set the difficulty of the game. Such as: - resource spawn frequency. So there are fewer resources on higher difficulties. - storm frequency - storm strength - % chance loose items get blown away - no trade platform - no truck - no space ship so these things can be on off or in between to give a variance to game difficulty.
  15. A way to control player progression is to have them unlock (research) and build equipment that enables them to explore deeper regions of planets. Tethers could require a "signal-booster" or "stabilizer" when deep underground, let's say one after 250 and a second one after 500 meters of depth, and so on. These "boosters" are essentially gateways between tiers of difficulty for the devs to place rarer resources and more dangerous terrain generation and fauna. If possible this should give big generators a proper use, forcing players to establish underground bases and not relying on the infinite regenerating energy of the surface. The boosters require research and a considerable amount of rare resources - both found always one tier above of the one they are "unlocking" If generators are what keeps you alive (with energy and oxygen) past a certain depth, it would make for some awesome tense moments when you are deep in a cave and suddenly your tethers go dark - and you know you messed up because you did not plan ahead and did neither put enough fuel in the generator nor bring that finally-useful-oxygen-tank with you and you have to rely on finally-useful oxygen and energy deposits in the walls, on your way back. For this to work: The fuel condenser should work like smelter to create fuel from hydrazine crystals or a reasonable amount of oragnic stacks - no more resources from thin air, please! The energetic value of coal should be drastically increased and fuel canisters should also be able to power generators at reasonable energetic values. tl;dr: infinite oxygen and energy trough tethers everywhere is op , please nerf!
  16. First off, I just recently got this game and I'm loving it, shouts out to the dev team for putting out some great content. My biggest beef with the current game, however, is that although very entertaining, it doesn't pose that much of a challenge at times. It's more of like a creative sandbox with progression and a few survival aspects. This is expected though, because its pre-alpha, and theres not really enough content to differentiate between difficulty levels. So heres a few idea's I had that could be implemented when (or IF) different difficulties are integrated. Difficulty levels Creative, Survival, Hardcore. Something along those lines, or easy/medium/hard/hardcore. How you would apply these changes to each difficulty level would be up to the devs, as some of it would be p difficult for casual gameplay. Personally, I think the game as it is now makes a pretty good easy gamemode, maybe just increased health or something. I don't think the feature of losing all your items when you die should be included, the urge to go back and get those items you lost is dangerous enough in itself. Oxygen changes Keeping yourself from dying is pretty easy once you get out of the early game stages and get your first batch of tethers and a rover. I'd like to see this made a little more challenging, for instance adding a "oxygen concentrator" module. You wouldn't need one of these for your first habitat, as habitats could also act as oxygen concentrators themselves (like they currently do). This would mean, however, that every other component of your base and vehicles wouldn't provide you an oxygen line anymore UNLESS they have a concentrator attached. Oxygen wouldn't travel through the connectors between bases like energy and oxygen do now. Concentrators would require power, and as long as they have a power source, they provide an oxygen line to the player. They could be attached to vehicles, bases, but not a player, as it would take up the same amount of space as a full sized solar panel (and would ruin the point of having an oxygen system in the first place). This module would drain energy very slowly, so long distance expeditions in vehicles wouldn't be impossible if you only had a solar panel or limited fuel. I would suggest a printer be required to make these, and four compound elements (or aluminum for more of a challenge). Now, you could argue that tethers would kind of ruin the point of this module, so I would suggest a change with these as well. I think they should have a range, so that they can only keep an oxygen line going for so long (how far that range is, up to the devs). This would allow beginning players to travel around their starting point, but not have an unlimited range of exploration like they do now. This would also require players to bring vehicles with a concentrator into caves for mining operations, which I like a lot because bringing vehicles into caves is beneficial anyways (more excavating/harvesting modules for vehicles?). You could still string tethers along for as far as you wanted, but they would stop giving the player energy/oxygen after that certain range. Kind of a stretch, but you could add a smaller contentrator module that would fit on a players backpack that would produce one unit of oxygen for every unit of organic it consumes. Would only cost 1 compound to make, and would allow for early game exploration. With all these changes, it might be beneficial to make a slight increase in how much oxygen your tank can hold (based on difficulty). Health changes Please add a health bar ): In harder gamemodes, health should not regenerate. Instead, add a few features that can regenerate health. For instance, easy medpacks that can be crafted from the inventory with 1 compound, that heals 50% of your health. Also, a module that can be attached to a vehicle, player, or base that would slowly heal any player near it. This means you could stay healed when you're doing solo operations, or act as the medic for your group. Also, lower health should adverse effects, such as below 25% you move slower, and below 10% you cant jump or something similar. Also, an armor module, that gives the player more health. Weather changes Different types of storms, with different levels of lethality and effects. Harder difficulties would have an increase in more dangerous storms, and easier levels might have the same amount of storms as they do now, but less deadly ones. I like the idea of a storm that can actually destroy vehicles and bases, like a tornado or something similar. It would have a small area of effect, but would rip apart anything in its wake (players included), leaving behind only materials of whatever was destroyed (probably like 75% of the production cost, plus whatever was attached). On exotic planets, acid rain. Slowly depletes health over time, and a user has to be inside of a habitat, or underneath cover to avoid it. This is also where the armor module would come in handy. Overcast days that make it so solar panels wont generate electricity. I'm aware that actual solar panels work on cloudy days, but still. Maybe some planets have adverse weather affects on harder difficulties. For example, you can freeze to death on tundra planets, or vehicles can overheat on desert ones. The solution? More modules obviously, that prevent freezing and overheating. Or perhaps just one that makes your suit/vehicle weather-proof. This would be only something needed for late-game players, as starting planets wouldn't have these extreme elements. Stronger sandstorms because why not. They last for a shorter time, and dont have the big rocks that come with the current ones, but the player and any loose items get thrown around more. Maybe add a stake module (or something similar) that can hold the player or a vehicle down to the ground. Other environmental changes Earthquakes. Would create rifts in random spots on the ground, and cause certain areas of caves to collapse. I like the idea of caves collapsing, because it would add a whole new sense of danger to cave exploring beyond scary plants. Also, if part of a base was over a rift that was created by the quake, it would be destroyed. Vehicles would simply fall into the hole. Animals? Monsters? Something that can kill you? Would also mean combat would have to be introduced, and I feel like thats a while off (if its even planned), so not really getting into it. I would also think an option for "custom settings" at the start of world creation would be nice, so you could set how often and what types of storms happen, health options, oxygen options, ect. Hope the devs take these ideas into consideration, and I'd like to hear what you're guys opinion is as well.