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Found 3 results

  1. Well, i thinked out and i think that a good idea is adding a difficulty select, "Easy" or "Casual" (easier than what we have now), "Normal" (the one that we have), "Hard" and "Extreme". In easy mode, there would be more concentration of resources, and you would die with 3-4 plants attacks instead of 2. In normal mode, it would be like what are we playing now. In hard mode there would be a new item needed for entering to deep caves, a pressurizer, if you don't have this item and you're in deep caves you would start dying because of the pression. In extreme mode... i didn't think out so... xD... but some ideas would be that the plants kills you in 1 attack, more fall damage, less oxygen and energy of the player... or something extreme. I don't say a creative mode because that will be added in other updates... but i think that the difficulty selection and the pressurizer are good ideas.
  2. I loved astroneer from the begining until I got underground doing some mining, then I realized how hellish this game can get. Its a real frustrating experience to do mining to get resources just to find out that making holes using the mining tool can be very harsh and little intuitive. The camera angles are way too difficult to control and the terrain gets all messed up. I got stuck in many of this holes and rifts and after that the game crashed;it sent me a lot deeper just as if i was dead and underwater, after that it respawned me again underground, floating again and then I fell and died. I had not control at all and then I respawned at the base. It happened many times, always crashing the same way. I just got real mad because I could not retrieve my items, they had disapeared!. I had to do mining again and again, and the resources did not appear again at the same place, because I ve already mined them, so I had to go deeper into the caves. I think the game is great but the resources are way too deep and controling the camera and the mining tool inside its so difficult and uncomfortable. Hope you can fix this problem and think a better way to extract resources underground. I dont know if somebody thinks the same way or its experiencing the same problem.
  3. For those of you looking for an idea or two if they do add in a more challenging mode. (Current available game play would be considered something to the tune of "Explorer mode." No creative tools but no added difficulty management.) There are some more odd Ideas that I have to go with this at the moment, but the starting idea would be that, as it stands right now, bases produce Oxygen just on their own. In this new mode. (As it stands until I can think of a more creative name, "Survival Mode") Bases no longer produce oxygen, but you can build either (if Implemented first) a farm area that produces oxygen, a new building area that produces oxygen (To the cost of two Organics, to give them more use) or you are given the option to convert organics into oxygen for a steep but fair cost. It'd make organics useful (As right now, they're only being burned en-mass as small generator fuel.) Equally, I'd love to hear ideas on a "Survival" or difficult game mode for people looking for a challenge. (Something like: Harsher weather, more active/violent plant life. Less resources around spawn area.) Let me know what you think.