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Found 7 results

  1. Version 1.0.15 on Steam User Story: As a player with multiple shelters on the same planet, when I die my respawn point should be the last (most recent) space ship or shelter I entered/exited/saved at. Observed behavior: Back on Sylva after completing the game, if I save at my secondary base shelter and then die miles away underground I am resurrected at the initial starting base shelter, which happens to be half-way around the world from where I want to be.
  2. Bonjour, Je viens signaler quelques bug que j'ai eu il y a quelques minutes. -Mon ami et moi étions aller chercher une épave que nous avions repérer précédemment mais a notre retour elle avait disparu (bug ou emporter par la tempête). -Sur le chemin du retour nous avons été aspirer dans le sol ainsi que notre véhicule (maintenant perdu a jamais) et sommes mort sous la map par manque d'oxygène. -Mon ami peut me rejoindre sans problème mais de mon côté je ne parviens pas a le rejoindre que ce soit de moi même ou par invitation.
  3. when i die and i have something on my hand i spawn with the item or artifact on my hand
  4. I've got a total of 6 hours on the game, and this has already happened 3 times! I go to dig a ramp, so that I (or more recently, my truck) can get out of a hole... and what do you think happens? While attempting to form the floors and walls around me, I somehow slip through them and wind up in a cave, far enough down that I instantly die on impact! I've never been able to recover the items, and I suspect it's primarily caused by the horrifically low frame-rate my game is forced to play with (seems like about 10-20 a second, most of the time, and nearly 5 when there's a storm) PS
  5. Xbox one, controller My husband and I have been playing on my saved game together and he has repeatedly had an issue when he re-spawns after dying, the camera will go back to the base, his character will spawn in the main pod, but then will fall through the bottom and the ground into an underground cavern, where he will hit the ground and die. This does not happen every time, but has happened frequently. This has not happened to me as the host player when we are playing together.
  6. Hello Mouse/Keyboard - Steam - 4 Players CO-OP I'm not the host. When i die,i respawn under the shuttle and i can "fly" under the ground with the "fall animation".But when i reach a tunnel and able to walk i instantly die because the game think i'm falling. For reproducing: Not enought free space at the shuttle (all link possible) and died in a storm. Hope it can help ! Cheers
  7. On a second voyage to the planet, I landed at a bluey area with a black path, with my pod slap in the centre of the black. After a few moments of collecting materials, I fell. Like Fell Fell. Like really far into a cave and died. Then I respawned. And did it again... Besides that I love it but yeah...