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Found 2 results

  1. CoLoN


    I have purchased the game and love the roof of potential this game entails. As a fellow developer with extra time (no way right?). I would love to be involved with a side project. Is there anyway a fellow software developer can contribute? Are there any open source portions of the game that the community can get involved with? Also is there a modding community around the game?
  2. I guess nobody likes to lose their game progress when a new patch is released. Nevertheless, in the current state of development, my suggestion is to not support compatibility with old save games at all. Right now, the game is in a pre-alpha state which means that significant parts of the game could change with each patch. While it may be possible to maintain compatibility with previous versions, this could require extra effort from the developers to implement functionality that might become obsolete with the next version. It could also lead to additional source code that is only required for maintaining compatibility, and can introduce new bugs and issues. I would rather see this extra effort spent on advancing the game towards a release version. Even if older saves do work with newer patches without additional work for the developers, there could be bugs and errors which would never occur with a newly started game. Reports for such errors might still be useful for the developers, but it should be made clear that using older saves is not encouraged and Iikely to result in unexpected behaviour.