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Found 7 results

  1. Dear Devs, why are there no answers to the problems and technical condition of Astroneer? For many players, the game has become unplayable and many will follow if nothing changes. Your game is awesome and just perfect for calming down. The mechanics and the implementation are terrific. All no question. But the technical condition is worse than in most betas. Why is that all? Why was it released anyway? You know I am not alone and many would like to hear an information or statement and answer our questions. Even if the problem is unknown and it still lasts, this info would be sufficient and better than to mention. Many want to know how the stand is and why they can not continue playing. I personally have been releasing over 200 hours of play in 3 savegames together. I started a new game after almost every patch because I wanted to avoid mistakes in the savegame by prepatch files. You know of all the problems, please respond to this and do not bring up the trouble. Even if there are problems and these are still going on, this info is gold value. With more transparency, we would know what's going on and then experience when we can really play again and not always be disappointed. Follow every little patch in hope there is the cure is annoying. Whether you do it in your own form or we put our own questions together. Of which we choose the X most important. Nothing about features or gameplay, only "serious" issues that make the game unplayable. Please communicate with us and give honest information. Greetings.
  2. Niko Bullis

    Serious question

    Serious question, if you guys have time and wanna have a bit of fun, will the developers play Astroneer with me for a live stream?
  3. otavioreis

    Idea on multiplayer

    Hello developers, I don't know how the code was implemented, but I have the impression that in the beginning the host sends his save and then you start the multiplayer game... I am pretty sure that this file is not compacted while sending it, because if I am trying to enter into a multiple hours progress game it took some time to join... Can you zip this file on the server and then send it to the client, and after receiving it just decompress and start the multiplayer game? This way will save us some time and bugs... I am sorry if I am saying something that you are already doing! Thank you for the awesome work. Best wishes! Otávio A. Reis
  4. Imagine being able to visit certain planets and these planets would be social hubs where you can randomly run into anyone else who is also playing astroneer, on this planet you can build with anyone, explore with anyone even set up base together. Similar to a MMO. And if you so choose you can invite other players to venture out with you into a party system to visit other planets etc. Same aspect would work for multiple space stations floating in space (maybe being able to build your own space stations that people can visit and dock at) where you would dock your ship get off and walk around and meet new astroneers,NPCs, shop at the stores on board, use facility etc. This idea can be applied to any planet as well this way there will be multiple astroneers living on a planet giving the planets and the universe a more social vibe. There's is something special about wandering out alone and you come across another real actual player. This is my idea.
  5. Daroguetoaster

    Thank you.

    I would just like to personally thank you for producing such a wonderful game. I've always wanted a game like this, and to finally see it executed so beautifully makes me insanely happy. The art style is beyond gorgeous, and the foundation and content you have produced thus far is beyond the "Pre-Alpha" title. I plan on being a long-term player. Great jobs guys/gals and keep up this amazing work!
  6. Dutchgamerkyle

    Research problem.

    I builded a research thingie , and i powered it up and put a Unknow object on that research thingie but there's no button to research it???? it says : research unknow object and then udner it research but there's no button to do it. (Sorry for my bad english i'm from the Netherlands)
  7. I'm extremely glad that i'm finally able to say that my favorite game is a space exploration game, it has been long overdue that we got a stunningly gorgeous, infinitely fun, flamboyantly creative, and professionally executed space game. After no-mans sky i was left heartbroken and hopeless for the future of this genre of games. I was pleasantly surprised by this game and it's team. I have nothing but sheer respect for the company responsible for this masterpiece of a game. Even though the game is by the time this is written not only in alpha, but pre-alpha, it has succeeded my expectations and more. Thank you for this game, and may your updates be frequent!