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Found 4 results

  1. CoLoN


    I have purchased the game and love the roof of potential this game entails. As a fellow developer with extra time (no way right?). I would love to be involved with a side project. Is there anyway a fellow software developer can contribute? Are there any open source portions of the game that the community can get involved with? Also is there a modding community around the game?
  2. BshonGaming

    Corny Message For The Devs

    Hey guys, the game is amazing so far. I honestly feel like System Era is going to be a massive success in the future. However, with that being said I would like to add a little reminder. I hope it doesn't come off sounding rude or anything, but I'll get to the point. When you guys are big money game devs, can you try to not forget about us? I don't mean the players of this game specifically. I mean the fans and supporters of System Era as a whole. You guys are doing an amazing job at keeping contact with players, and listening to our ideas right now. When you guys become a large company, I don't want that quality to disappear. I don't know you guys personally, so I have no idea if this is even relevant to you at all. But I hope in the future, that I'm sure will bring you many successes, you guys continue hearing us as you progress. This wasn't worded nearly as well as I had intended, I hope the message wasn't lost because of it. I hope this didn't annoy you all. Keep up the great work you guys!
  3. If you haven't already heard, the developers will be streaming on Twitch tomorrow at 6pm EST. Follow them on: Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. Start thinking of questions to ask during the stream I'm sure it'll be a blast!
  4. The developers will be livestreaming on Twitch at 6pm EST TUNE IN