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Found 10 results

  1. Platform: PC through the Xbox game pass. Problem: friend can't connect to game anymore; either he gets "cannot connect to game" when trying to join, or he joins and it kicks him out a few seconds later with no error. Repro: me & 1 friend have been playing this game in multiplayer since the start of the save (i host, he joins). it's been fine for months. the last time we played, we had just powered up a gateway chamber on Novus. we saved & quit. when we next logged in, the gateway was lit up/completed for me but not for him. he had a bunch of problems (random death to nothin
  2. Both me and my partner play on Win 10 pc's through the same router, On previous versions of Astroneer terrain Desync took a while to appear, after a couple of hours of gametime exploring and building together, usually when the desync happened it rendered the world useless to play on, as the client player could not dig or create without the ground artifacting and creating glitched geometry that caused instant player physics death, alongside causing crashes and other Issues. The screenshot is of a fresh save made today, where we went down into a cave system together, Host is on the left an
  3. So, me and the guys were preparing to move to Atrox to build a new base, we were pretty much endgame at that point, we lost a couple hours making a new base to explorer Atrox, (because we just got there to capture gases, a nut and go relationship). In my Shuttle was only me, Chem. Lab, Shelter, Soil R. , 9 RTG, a Truck with trailers and power to go straight to the core if needed, 4 Silos filled with stuff to build anything we might need in there. The objetive was clear, explore Atrox core and its environment, simple right? The thing was, after i was moving to Atrox orbit the game crashes
  4. Mk_LaZe

    Ground Desync

    Hello, I know that already a lot of people had this bug and already share it on this forum, but I was obliged to post it because it spoils my game expereince too much and it will help the developers (I think) to settle it So I explain, every time I play as a customer of the game, pepites of land levitation form within seconds after I aspire the field, and it prevents me from passing through the tunnels that I create in the caves besides that when I pass over (on the surface) to circumvent them, I die by damage of fall The host of the party does not see the bug but only the client Here is
  5. Summary: More problems than I can honestly portray. I will do my best to keep an even temper, because I completely lost it tonight while playing. Description: I really want to love this game. I do. I ignore them for the most part, but sometimes they get so big, it breaks the enjoyment. Below is a list of the problems I can remember having in the last two to three days. There were probably more, but once you get a list like this, things get lost. I didn't write them down as they occurred, because I hoped 1.0 would be a polished product. I am sorely disappointed. Platform: Steam
  6. Summary: - Windows 10 Store - Co-op Terrain Desync Description: My wife and I are playing in co-op through cross-platform, between Windows 10 Store version (Server) and Xbox One S (Client). Since today (2019-03-15), we observe desync between our games, in the terrain. This often leads to the death of my wife's character. Savegame files (wgs folder under C:\Users\my_user_name\AppData\Local\Packages\SystemEraSoftworks.29415440E1269_ftk5pbg2rayv2\SystemAppData\) attached as a ZIP file. The issue seems to be exactly the same as the following one, except on different p
  7. Summary: Terrain snap back bug / potential de-sync in multi-player Description: See the attached video. When in multi-player my friend (who is also hosting) will dig up some terrain while making a tunnel etc. and the terrain will still be visible on my screen. He can run through the cleared area with no problem because it's not there for him. But I collide / can see the terrain. If I try to remove it, it snaps back in to place. This problem persists through game restarts / re-connections to session. This problem is also visible across planets, on the surface and in tunnels. Some time
  8. if I put a single-seater into a small shuttle (bigger ones might work too, but not tested), it is possible to take a friend with me to another planet. However, once arrived, the map is desynced: The model of the planet and the collision are seperately generated and have nothing in common. This bug is GAMEBREAKING. Sorry that I don't have a screenshot, we ragequitted as it makes this game unplayable. Components: EVGA 1060 Ryzen 5 ROG STRIX B350-F Gaming Guess the rest is irrelevant... Operating system: Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit
  9. When I am playing with my friend ASTRONEER and fly on another planet (ex. Exotic Planet) most of the stuff is not synchronized, but if we fly back onto our spawn planet (Terran), it's synchronized. Sorry if this has been reported already.
  10. : Multiplayer (2 players) : Steam version - Win7/Win10 : Severe issue Terrain is not syncing over to the joining player from the host, when the joining player shuttles (launches from first habitat, orbits, changes planet, lands) to a second habitat on another planet. Instead the ground upon entry is like nothing was affected, all base items are sunken, or completely underground and unreachable. Sometimes the shuttle will 'land underground' and there is no way to get out of the shuttle. The syncing is a huge issue here. It seems the client who joins the host, is not getting