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Found 7 results

  1. ground bug destroyed entire map upon loading the game making it impossible to play, see picture bellow ---------------> (whole map looks like this and you continually fall to death/crash vehicle , plz help!!
  2. I hate to mess up the floor of the cave, and make it look all lumpy, and hard to walk around in, but those gas bags are far worse. I dislike tearing up the land just to get rid of them. If only there was some way I could befriend them, or you could just add support so a terrain tool with the inhibitor Mod can still uproot them.
  3. would be nice to have some kind of system to dismantle equipment , cars , etc and get some resources back - after having built a few rovers and more than one printer station in the same location - it would be nice to be able to dismantle a station if its built by mistake
  4. I am playing Astroneer via Steam and need to know if you can destroy a vehicle with dynamite or through other means. And if so, how? What is the process?
  5. I just think the game would benefit greatly from a terraria-like set of goals, enemies/bosses. Also why can't I destroy buildings I've placed?
  6. Be able to destroy vehicles at disposal. I made 2 too many rovers on my planet and they are causing me intense ingame lag to where if I get anywhere close to them my framerate becomes almost nothing and it takes me 20 minutes irl to even try to get my game working again. I tried to send one of them into a ditch but it didnt do much good. Please allow me to destroy the vehicle (even if I get no resource from it) for the sake of my frustration over lag.
  7. Was thinking about having a chance to destroy things? For example, vehicles or objects you no longer need. Would be nice if you could arrange for some order. Maybe you get some resources back?