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Found 8 results

  1. Summary: - Steam - Fuel-less Re-landing on RESETS DESOLO Description: The Short Version: Going back to Sylva after first trip to Desolo, I didn't have enough fuel, so I had to re-land my shuttle. I touch back down on Desolo, and EVERYTHING I'd done there was gone — Desolo had reset! The Long Version: My first ever playthrough, and I go to Desolo for wolframite. I leave with a small shuttle, oxygenator, and solid-fuel thruster. I decide to land by the gateway cube and make my Desolo HQ there. I land, poke around, have trouble finding a natural cave en
  2. Can we get a side-by-side comparison of some of the changes you are working on? Can ya'll show us a November pic of Desolo & Novus along side a December pic of Desolo & Novus? Are there going to be new research pods added? Will either of their status change? (From easy to medium (Desolo) from medium to hard (Novus)? Do you foresee any leaks being made available?
  3. I can not unlock the Apollo 11 achievement on Desolo. It is the last achievement I have to go before earning the Solar System Mastery achievement. The lander will take a photo but nothing else happens / don't see any unlocks. I know it says in the Lunar Update that the achievement Apollo 11 achievement was only available until Aug 31, but it either needs to be removed or the unlocks granted still. Running on Windows 10 and Steam I9-9900K RTX 2060 Samsung 970 Pro 512GB PCIe SSD
  4. This is essentially a duplicate of the post above, but that's from four months ago and there hasn't been any update on this since, so I'm bringing it up again. It gets distracting enough that I find it hard to play on Desolo, I imagine it doesn't require much work to fix this issue. Here's a YouTube video in which I demonstrate the problem.
  5. Summary: Patch - Steam - Desolo Gateway Chambers Can't be Unlocked Description: Upon plugging in the required power output to the Gateway Chamber, the center section will rise up, and the unlock music will play, but nothing moves and it remains in this state infinitely. We have used 2 RTG's (8U/s of power), 8 small batteries, and other power types to attempt to unlock it. We have completed every other Gateway Chamber on every other planet, and have started a new save and unlocked the Gateway Chambers on Desolo to unlock the colors for our suits. We are stuck in our other
  6. Summary: - Steam - Can't activate either of the surface nodes on Desolo, despite supplying power Description: In one of my save files, I can't activate the nodes on Desolo. I've restarted my game, supplied more than enough power to both nodes, tried various plugs on each node, supplied more than double the power required, etc. Nothing I've done has helped so far. I can hook up power to the node, and the pillars appear, but they don't go down, despite making the charging sound effect. I've included a save file and a screenshot, if that will help. Platform:
  7. Summary: 1.0.4 - Steam - Desolo gateway chamber wont power up Description: Desolo gateway chamber wont power up, I believe I have enough power but it stuck and wont power up. I tried the other chamber, those bar goes down but then nothing happen, just stay like that with all the sound. I'll link to the clip and attach my save file. Platform: Steam Specifications: OS: Windows 10 1803 (17134.523) CPU: i7-6700HQ GPU: GTX 950M RAM: 8GB DDR4 Drive: normal 1TB Hard disk drive SYLVA EXPEDITION$2019.02.11-02.46.04.savegame
  8. I was digging a hole on Desolo and heard a gasser. I did not want to progress fearing that I would open a path for it. I have reached the tougher grey soil layer. If I continue to dig down, is it possible that I would run into a cave? Are there no caves below this layer?