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Found 5 results

  1. I wasn't sure if I should put this as a bug or a suggestion, but decided it should be considered a bug because it makes the game very hard to play in my situation. I only have a 32-inch 720P TV. I find all of the button-icons and fonts far too smell and almost illegible on my TV. I'm only sitting 2-3 metres from the screen and don't have this problem in any other game. For example, whenever the Use (X) or Examine (Y) button icons up they are almost too small and low-resolution to see. They should be enlarged. Also, the font in some instrument panels is too small. The fonts in the Research Chamber is so small I have to sit up and move within 1 - 1.5 metres of the screen to read it, which obviously isn't OK for a console gamer. From memory the launchpad font is also too small. Others like the Fabricator and the in-game hints are fine, so it's not all. Just some of the smaller ones, and most importantly the X and Y button icons. It was certainly an initial barrier to enjoyment of the game when I downloaded the Trial, but thankfully I persevered to enjoy this absolutely awesome game :-)
  2. I would just like to suggest that you add auto leveling and also a key press modifier or secondary fire that reduces the radius of the terraformer for precision control, it would be nice to be able to make intricate sculptures fine tune base design. Maybe if its possible you could have a key press modifier coupled with mouse scroll to change the radius of the terraformer to several different sizes as well. Having it be able to go very tiny would be great.
  3. I bought Astroneer on release day and played it for about 18 hours during the first two days. I'm currently at 41 hours. About half of that time was played in co-op, the other half as singleplayer. I am really enjoying it and I really like where this is all going. But I think the progression can be improved a lot, even without adding any additional features. I feel that the progression is currently too fast and not rewarding enough. It’s true that the game is still in early access and a lot more features will probably be added in the future, but I don’t think that’s a reason to not have good progression with the current mechanics. Some players like to see Astroneer as more of a sandbox game, these player will most likely disagree with most below. I’d like to see a seperate Sandbox mode in the feature with more readily available resources. Or a seperate mode with more progression as I have in mind. Because of the currently limited features in the game, I think it’s a bad idea to stretch the content across all available planets, so I mainly focus on giving players more progression and more things to do on the starting planet and making the Barren planet a bit more important I am not taking into account any explorative progression, like finding an enormous cave, climbing a huge mountain, walking in new alien environment or flying across a big moon crater in your truck. I agree that this is also a very important form of progression (and could also be improved), especially for an exploration game, but I think that the ‘mechanical progression’ should also be solid, which I want to discuss now. Below I’ll sum up the changes that I recommend in short. Even further down I'll try to explain why I think these changes will improve things. In short 1 - Tethers Make Tethers cost Copper instead of Compound. Make Filters and Power Cells available from the start. Make (small) Battery and Tank available after research. 2 - Solar Panels Make Solar Panels require Aluminum and research. Make (base) Generator require Compound and available from the start. Allow putting Organic (and Coal?) in the (base) Generator. 3 - Barren Planet Never give Lithium or Titanium after research. Never make Lithium and Titanium appear on crash sites. Change the Spaceship to require Titanium to build. 4 - Shuttle vs Spaceship Limit the Shuttle to only travel to the Barren planet. 5 - Metals Smelt 2 Malchite into 1 Copper Smelt 2 Laterite into 1 Aluminum In long 1 - Tethers Because Tethers allow you infinite oxygen and a big energy boost while exploring, because of this a lot of resources and items become a less valuable. Oxygen ‘particles’, Filters and (air) Tanks are near useless because you can have infinite oxygen anyway. Energy ‘particles’, Energy Cells and (small) Batteries become quite useless when your tether is connected to a vehicle or base with a solar panel. Energy Cells and Filters are even more useless because they are not available from the start, by the time you have researched them chances are you already have a Tank or (small) Battery. By changing the cost of Tethers to Copper, the availability of Tethers is delayed and it will be harder to craft a lot of them. By making the Power Cells and Filters available from the start these will be useful during early exploration. Tethers will become more of a luxery and players have to be a bit smarter with their oxygen without them. To reduce the amount of craftable items at the start and replace the research opportunity of Filters and Power Cells, the Battery and Tank can become research items. 2 - Solar Panels Solar Panels seem the most optimal way to generate energy for the base, but it’s already available after collecting two copper and also the easiest to create by only requiring two compound. Most of the time you’ll generally be away from your base to gather resources, by the time you get back usually all base nodes are powered. Unless you have an underground base or a base ‘on the dark side of the moon’. By making the Solar Panels require Aluminum and research, their availability will be delayed and make them a bit harder to create later on. By making the base Generator available from the start and allow it to take Organic it will be the early game power source. Generators are much more suitable for early game because they require the player to gather Organic, instead of automatically getting power during the day. This should work just fine because the starting planet has plenty of Organic available. The downside is that this will make Coal useless. It wasn’t really useful in the first place, but it did allow players to build a base deep underground at a location where Coal is available. A fix could be to allow feeding both Coal and Organic to the Generator. 3 - Barren Planet There are currently three ‘resource spawn’ types that are only available on other planets. Lithium, Titanium and Coal. Coal is only useful to throw in a Generator for getting power. Titanium can used to create a Winch and Tank. But by the time you get to another planet, you probably already found enough Titanium from research or from crash sites to get a Winch and a couple of Tanks. So no need to get to the moon for some Titanium. etting more big Batteries is always pretty convenient, but it might be easier to just research a bunch for Lithium or go look for them in crash sites. Currently you need a drill to get to Titanium and Lithium properly from the moon, because there is no real incentive to get them, there is also little incentive to create drill. I have no clue what to do with Coal.. But Titanium and Lithium should become more rare on the starting planet. This can easily be done by making sure Lithium and Titanium never comes from research, and can never be found on crash sites. Besided from making Titanium and Lithiumm more rare, it should also become more wanted. This can be done by making the Spaceships require Titanium. I am unsure how to make Lithium more valuable. Perhaps Batteries are wanted enough. 4 - Shuttle vs Spaceship Let’s compare the Shuttle and Spaceship. Shuttle has 4 storage capacity, Spaceship has 8. The Shuttle has a fuel tank of 5 Hydrazine, the Spaceship can take 10. Bigger fuel tank and storage capacity is mostly convenience. You can achieve the same thing with a Shuttle as with a Spaceship, you might make an additional flight but this shouldn’t take much time. Even with the orbiting planets this usually isn’t an issue. In 3. I discussed making the Spaceship require Titanium and limiting the amount of Titanium on the starting planet. This means there is even less incentive to make a Spaceship if you can do the same thing with a Shuttle. By limiting the travel radius of the Shuttle and only allowing it go get to the Barren planet, players will have to build the Spaceship to be able to get to other planets. As discussed in 3. this will require Titanium so the player will most likely have to gather Titanium on the moon before being able to travel further. 5 - Metals One Laterite spawn usually yields 3 or 4 Laterite, this means that mining three spawns yields between 9 and 12 Laterite, which is enough for 2 Trucks. With a bit of luck you can this in any nearby cave network. So there is not much need to look around a lot with your Rovers or travel to other parts of the planet with your Shuttle. In my opinion this is way too fast and easy. This could be slowed down by making each laterite spawn yield less Laterite, but I think this would make mining the laterite feel a lot less rewarding. A better way would be to make the smelter convert 2 Laterite into 1 Aluminum and do the same thing with Malchite. This will slow the gathering of Laterite and Aluminum. To make this change clear on the Smelter, it should only allow putting 2 items into the ‘in’ sockets, instead of 4. I think this would make it clear that it needs two of the same items. This does mean that changing the costs of Tethers to copper would make it even more expensive. This could be offeset by creating more tethers per time. Other Two more things that can slow down the progression a bit more. Do not allow converting energy to fuel. And limit the amount of oxygen that vehicles can supply to players. Both of these things probably need some bigger changes so I’ll keep this out. Ps: Fixing bugs obviously is more important than changing the progression. Please let me know what you guys think. Any comments are highly appreciated!
  4. Pasting it over from Steam as advised. Hey, guys, I just wanted to throw in a little comment about something of which I'm sure you're well aware, and that's that handling for the rovers could be better. If you haven't yet, I very warmly recommend playing around in the excellent Spintires for a picture of a game that implements heavy vehicle handling in offroad situations superbly well. Speaking for myself, my experience with Spintires has enormously improved how I build and configure rovers in Kerbal Space Program, so I think it might also help you guys out in designing a fun, enjoyable, and responsive driving experience. For example, rigid trailer connections and powered trailer wheels. And the way the wheels are configured. Yes, all wheel drive, but the back wheels should be fixed, with only the front wheels steering. And when you add trailers into the mix, trailer-specific behaviour (assuming powered trailer wheels) would be all wheels fixed forward.
  5. The player should be able to make his or her own base with walls, floors, etc. with interiors to add creativity to the game.