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Found 9 results

  1. Motion gamer or how to combine business with pleasure ... the beginning - there is an idea! Did you notice if something is very exciting, then you absolutely do not notice the time? It shrinks into a single piece that you swallow without chewing). And vice versa, when you do something boring or even unpleasant, then the bastard stretches out like jelly and stretches out ... and again drags on) Although it is usually the last bitch that brings some kind of income, thanks to which you can already do what you love. Once again, the idea of combining the beloved and the necessary
  2. So I was doing some storage in my base with the extra large platform B and it goes like this. Then I find out that you can easily fill the hole it make by puting ground on the top of the platform first, like this. So if you put ground in any platform without mooving the ground on the feet of the platform that fix it completly. (not prevented to be grab by the player by the way.) I submit that here because I think it's an actual good mechanic that could be greatly exploited. Here a few ideas about how: Platform feet could be adjustable so you can easily place the patfo
  3. - Astroneer - Okay so i have been playing Astroneer alot here the past month and i really enjoy the game. The game has some good graphics and from what i can see "you" the developers are always working to make the game more fun and entertaining. But! There is one thing i find anoying. Its the desktop logo. In my opninion it just looks like shit sry to say. And i am just asking for a new one i made an example you can see down in the thread. And sry for the file name tho... And no! I don't think im better than any of the developers this picture is just an example since the other picture
  4. TLDR* at bottom of the page. I understand the blue in the tether line is supposed to represent oxygen, however ;), what if like the ability to customize the colour of your space suit, allow a player ( once unlocked lets say a ' colouriser' ?) the player can choose the colour of the tether cable or cap ( something to help distinguish it from other tether lines ) this would be extremely useful in cave exploration as a player could mark their path out in lets say Green, a path to a resource deposit ( in a corresponding colour using a preselected/created colour pallet ( of X amount of colours
  5. I wasn't sure if I should put this as a bug or a suggestion, but decided it should be considered a bug because it makes the game very hard to play in my situation. I only have a 32-inch 720P TV. I find all of the button-icons and fonts far too smell and almost illegible on my TV. I'm only sitting 2-3 metres from the screen and don't have this problem in any other game. For example, whenever the Use (X) or Examine (Y) button icons up they are almost too small and low-resolution to see. They should be enlarged. Also, the font in some instrument panels is too small. The fonts i
  6. I would just like to suggest that you add auto leveling and also a key press modifier or secondary fire that reduces the radius of the terraformer for precision control, it would be nice to be able to make intricate sculptures fine tune base design. Maybe if its possible you could have a key press modifier coupled with mouse scroll to change the radius of the terraformer to several different sizes as well. Having it be able to go very tiny would be great.
  7. I bought Astroneer on release day and played it for about 18 hours during the first two days. I'm currently at 41 hours. About half of that time was played in co-op, the other half as singleplayer. I am really enjoying it and I really like where this is all going. But I think the progression can be improved a lot, even without adding any additional features. I feel that the progression is currently too fast and not rewarding enough. It’s true that the game is still in early access and a lot more features will probably be added in the future, but I don’t think that’s a reason to not have
  8. Pasting it over from Steam as advised. Hey, guys, I just wanted to throw in a little comment about something of which I'm sure you're well aware, and that's that handling for the rovers could be better. If you haven't yet, I very warmly recommend playing around in the excellent Spintires for a picture of a game that implements heavy vehicle handling in offroad situations superbly well. Speaking for myself, my experience with Spintires has enormously improved how I build and configure rovers in Kerbal Space Program, so I think it might also help you guys out in designing a fun, enjoya
  9. The player should be able to make his or her own base with walls, floors, etc. with interiors to add creativity to the game.