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Found 2 results

  1. The actual tutorial in Astroneer is pretty... meh. it just showns the generator, tethers, the research catalog and the container, nothing more (it does not even showns the container utility...). So, this is how it should be, in my opinion. First off, the camera movement should just be showed AFTER you landed, and the rest of the controls tutorial should be the same as always. BUT in the xbox version, it would appear a tutorial to use the cursor, because a lot of players don't know how to grab things (because really RT? everyone thinks is using A). After the player finished the controls tutorial, a pop-up will appear in the up-right corner, explaining to the players to get 2 to 5 Resin and Compoud (the quantity is lead to you, game designers) using the terrain tool (that the players already know how to use). After they grab it, this pop-up will be completed and it will be switched by another one, saying to research a small generator, tethers and a container(other schematics would have the button locked), but NOW, every schematics will come with a description of what they do, this will happen in the fabricator and in the printers too. This will stop the feeling of something that you researched to discover what they do but now you get that it's useless. Next, the up-right corner pop-up will be cleared (i will start calling them "missions") and this would be the starting tutorial after the start tutorial, there would be a mini-tutorial with a mission with most of the things you print ("most" because some things, like a seat or an habitat, would be VERY self-explanatory just with the description) this will work with the schematics that you are required to make, like the tethers and the container. their porpuse would be to show to the player it's utility. if you have two missions, the newer ones wil be down of the new one, and the player would be free to finish the missions. And the last thing: players would have the option to deactivate these missions or activate it in the options settings thanks for reading, whoever you are. Arthur
  2. So with the recent Reseach update, it is great, you can choose what you get from research... But there is a lot of stuff (which is awesome) and it is sometime confusing! I get the idea that you have to discover by yourself what is what, but it can be frustrating to spent all your research currency on something that you do not actually need right now! (+ I don’t want to spend my gaming session between the game and its wiki page...) That could also be useful for the printer, but if there is one is your backpack, it can serve both purposes thanks Let me know what you think of this