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Found 2 results

  1. A soil centrifuge can be used to make plenty of the basic resources (Compound, Resin, Organic, Clay, Quartz, Graphite, Ammonium). Mining Graphite and Ammonium can be much quicker because of the higher soil requirement per resource, but time can be consumed by driving without locating deposits. I suppose it is a fun part of the game to build your solar system by hunting for these resources in bulk; but for big projects or projects that require Titanium Alloy or Nanocarbon Alloy, it would be nice to have a way of pointing my astroneer in the right direction. Because you're hunting on a planetary scale, vehicle mounting and operation while seated would be ideal.
  2. I am on the Tundra planet at the moment, and found many Titanium & Lithium deposits (far too many in my opinion but might be wanted for the alpha?). From the wiki: It's seems ok to me that you can get a little resources with the Terrain Tool ... but not so much. I can get at least 1, almost 2 just with the Terrain Tool. I think we shouldn't be able to get a complete LIthium or Titanium from only 1 deposit without a crane. In fact, I think the entire deposit should only provide resource to create a bit more than 1 Lithium or Titanium. So without a Crane we should only be able to get less than 0.5 of those. Wiki again: Well, it is not rare at all. The "worst" part of it, is that at the moment there is so little things you can do with both (worst for the titanium as you don't need many tank and winch, and you will probably find tanks before a titanium deposist) that I don't mine them anymore (I know you can use them for the research but there is also too many Collectibles) In fact I think there is too much of everything at the moment (even for an "easy" mode) Maybe this is intentional for the alpha to help players to go faster (and because you have to start over often), but even for that purpose you could reduce the amount of deposits/collectibles by 2 without realizing it. What do you think?