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Found 7 results

  1. Windows 10 Through Microsoft. V 6.0 Hello, I have the game DL'ed on Com and Xbox One. I was having issues with the point and grab function and to fix it would restart the game. I think it was being caused by inadvertently clicking off screen. Anyway I saved and came back today, launched and was in a new game. I thought that i just chose the wrong load and went back to main menu to find my save gone and the only one available was the one i just launched. Xbox One was not used. I know I did not delete it. I LOVE THE GAME AND THE NEW UPDATE!!!! I will just start over.
  2. I've been playing this game since it came out, didn't play for a while until I saw I missed a couple of updates. Since I started playing again, I've lost my saved games 3 times already. I play on PC / Steam. I see where the files get saved on disk, but once in a while, after entering my based or a vehicule to save, the file just goes away once I exit the game. And of course when I go back in, I don't see my saved game listed anymore. It is rather frustrating to have to backup the saved games to another location every time just in case...
  3. Before anybody asks, there was no hologram as before. The new update loaded me onto a new planet in the background with no save available. Please tell me I didn't waste a dozen hours for nothing.
  4. I don't have any proof other then my recollection of what happened. First off I had roughly six saves on my Xbox, on one I had lost a truck and trailer full of research so I was trying to find it. The game froze up for the first time since the latest patch/update. I launched the game expecting to pick up where I left off only to find all my saves have been deleted. I try to take the good out of the bad so in my opinion it's a fresh start and now I have only one save. But this could be a major problem for others with more elaborate bases with much more work done on their saves. Love the game, and I will keep supporting your team! Edit: this just happened like 10 minutes ago.
  5. No saves after starting the game. my two saved games were there last night, played one that had over 8+ hours logged, and when I started up my owned copy of Astroneer, just the four default pods are there. I'm logged into my account on Xbox One, also tried restarting the game and it did not correct the problem.
  6. Information: Mouse and Keyboard, Windows 10 64 bit, AMD Proccesors, Nvidia GeForce 4gb 1050Ti GPU, 16gb Ram. So the bug is that when I put 4 pieces of Laterite in the smelter and smelted them without sufficient inventory on the right side. When I did this it caused the smelter to smelt all 4 pieces but give me only 1 piece of aluminum. If you could please add a pop up for when you do this without sufficient inventory space saying something like "Not Enough Storage" I have no screenshots because I forgot to take one. I hope you can fix this, thanks.
  7. Hello, loving the game so far it's awesome! ok so here is how everything went down - Logged onto PC windows 10 copy (i5 4670k, GTX770, 16gb ram, 500gb samsung SSD) - Launched game and waited for it to load - Tried loading into game save 1 - Game crashed - Relaunched the game and tried loading game save 1 again and it crashed. - Relaunched the game and loaded game save 2 the game crashed - Relaunched the game and loaded into game save 3 the game loaded fine - Closed the game and relaunched tried launching the first game save, it crashed - Shut down my PC and relaunched the game and tried loading game 1 and it crashed. - Turned on my Xbox One and launched the game, tried loading game save 1 and it crashed, relaunched loaded into game save 2 it crashed, relaunched into game save 3 and loaded fine. - Turned off my Xbox One and went back onto PC - Launched the game and loaded game save 1, it loaded but everything I had done was gone and the previous save was overwritten with one I did 10minutes before - Game save 2 was also overwritten but game save 3 was fine. I hope this can help out, sorry for the wall of text