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Found 12 results

  1. Summary: - Steam - Very Old Cloud Saves Showing but not usable or removable Description: I reinstalled today but my cloud saves are from the end of last year or very early 2017. They don't hold any saves really, I just seem to start with that character on the world below. The issue is I can't delete the saves in game, can't create new ones and the saves aren't visible on my drive in the usual location. Is there any way to reset them or delete these so the cloud saves are updated maybe? I was looking forward to coming back but this is stopping me and a friend from gett
  2. occasionally when I don't have enough room in my backpack and I collect resources it will delete them. i lost 3 coal, and 1 astronium.
  3. How do I delete a game save in the windows 10 version. My older saves crash when I try to use them, so I would like to remove them.
  4. There needs to be way of deleting or recycling old equipment and buildings. Help keep he game free of unnecessary stuff to bog the game down.
  5. On the Xbox One version of the game, I had started a second world and had maybe 2 hours into the world (I'll call this world 2). When I came back the next night, that save was deleted. So, I decided to make another save and had 3+ hours into this save (I'll call this world 3). The night after I crated world 3, I came back on and world 2 was back, and world 3 had been deleted. During all of this, the save previous to world 2 and 3 was perfectly fine and unarmed. How can this even happen?
  6. I played Astroneer on Xbox One with no clue what to do, now I know what I am doing and I don't like the saves that I had when I first started. I have looked for a way to delete them, but I can't seem to find anyway, or maybe there is a way and I don't know how to. If not, please make a way for you to delete the old saves you don't want so it's not a clutter of blue pods that I will probably not use again, lol. Thanks!
  7. Please add this! I've gotten SO MUCH LAG AND LOW FPS these last two worlds. Not even from tethers, we've taken up most of them.. Just from the amount of wind turbines, batteries, and solar panels we have put up in an attempt to have unlimited power while in caves (tunneling, building ramps to moon, etc). Also it'd help with when I accidentally put resin on which turns it into a platform, and it glitches inside another platform beside it.. Please and thank you <3<3<3 ?
  8. nexus148suet


    is there a way for you to get rid of something once you make it, like if you extend something by mistake or just regret it? or if you have too many rovers/trucks and its lagging up the game.
  9. You can delete saves by going to C:\Users\dylan\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames and deleting the desired saves. You can also use this to back up saves as well.
  10. Save files are randomly being replaced by other save files. Save file 1 looked deleted, so I started a new game. I saved that game, came back the next day, and save file 2 was replaced with save file 1, which I thought had been deleted. So the next day i started a new game (because save file 1 was too laggy to do anything), and played that for a while. Came back and save file 3, had been replaced by save file 2. I'm so confused; I just wana pick up where I left off.
  11. Dear team, fellow forum browsers. I would like to delete my current saves, I have searched forum, and only yielded X-Box requests, I am a PC user, and got the media via steam, I can not see an obvious way to delete saves. Any help appreciated. Sincerely Scoob.
  12. Simple question, where to find the saved data and delete them as needed for the windows 10 store version of the game ? And are the steam saves compatible with the windows 10 store version ? (I already saw that the windows store version did not recognize the steam one, but may be only cause they stored in another place?)