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Found 3 results

  1. I'm curious about what kind of data model Astroneer uses to represent and render its deformable terrain. I'm assuming it's a form of voxel octree given the topographic complexity of the planets. Are you using marching cubes or dual contouring or some other algorithm to generate the mesh? Do you need to do any special tricks to deal with spherical planets?
  2. I normally don't like lumping a bunch of suggestions in one post, but these seem all related so... 1. It'd be nice to have a settings option for the terrain tool where it's not necessary to hold Ctrl/Alt the entire time the mouse button is held down but instead merely have it pressed at the beginning at the mouse press. 2. I'd like to have some sort of way to go to a smaller circle for terrain deforming for doing fine detail work (mainly for when I'm OCDing about two platforms coming together smoothly); it should also use somewhat less power since it's working on a smaller area. This could either be a keybinding toggle or it could be a craftable 'upgrade' to the gun that can be clicked to toggle on/off. 3. Can we have shift+click (or some other combination) as "same as ctrl+click, but using the most recently copied slope rather than the polygon that was just clicked"? 4. Can we have a 'smoothing' tool that adjusts elevation of vertices near the middle of the circle to be closer to the average of vertices around the edges of the circle? 5. I'd love to have an easier+more advanced way of doing gradual slopes (usually for making roadways). An idea I thought of would be a tool where you click on one polygon and then start levelling by clicking another polygon -- with the resulting plane going directly between them. (This would need some smarts to make the plane oriented the correct direction relative to the axis that the two points go through). Right now I have to play around with raising and lowering terrain to get an area that has the desired angle and then try to drag with ctrl+click. 999. Please add this to the game. (You're Seattle-based, so you'll get the reference).
  3. DEVS I am currently playing build and I love where you guys are going with exploration on the planet. Furthermore, the planet generation, whether it be caves mountains or hills, it is exciting and entrancing. There are, however, some problems I have with how we, as the player, shape the landscape. The deformation tool has a lot of potential to be not just a powerful tool, but a game altering one. There are a few ways that this tool could be more useful, not just for mining, but for base creation. A few examples: Selection-multiple options (circle, square, poly, element) Grids- Preferably this would be a toggle for both planetary and selected geometry. Extrude-Be able to build an organic platform and raise or inset into the environment. Alternate Sizes- Larger or smaller 'Brush' sizes for the Deformation tool. Alternate Shapes- some standard geometric shapes for the Deformation tool. (square,star, hexagon, etc.) Deformation Speed-Ability to alter the rate that the deformation tool smooths, flattens, or raises geometry. Blueprints-Ability to save a certain amount of geometry to be placed over and over. (reasonable limits expected) It is unfair to expect this much and not offer some thoughts for how this could be controlled or implemented. Already you have "E" bound to the tool by default, so reasonably, you could make it generate a menu by holding "E" for selecting the current mode or deformation you want (free up some of those easy to reach keybinds! \o/) and/or toggling the grids, changing "brush" shape/size, etc. Plunging deeper into that rabbit hole, holding a button and scrolling to increase/decrease the brush size (this will need some balancing for mining resources). For blueprint integration, creating a copy/paste mode that functions with the selection tool might be good. To say that I enjoy your game so far is an understatement and I like where a lot of the game is heading. You can expect to see more posts from me about some more aspects of Astroneer. Until then, I have only to say, keep up the great work, and hopefully continue to enjoy working on it. PLAYERS For others reading this post, please feel free to voice your opinion on whether this interest you or not. If it does, be sure to let the devs know. If not, leave why, I am interested to see what your misgivings about it.