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Found 9 results

  1. OS: win 10 pro x64 GPU: sapphire rx590 nitro+ CPU: xeon e5-2665 Playing astroneer i found, that when you take your Deform tool you can interact with object in much further distance. astroneer-2019-10-30-19-34-09-lpzuqekhmp4_09pi.mp4
  2. While it's a huge benefit to a solo player to learn this trick, it seems unintended. Quite simply, if you're trying to pick up an unknown research object that's out of range, then equip the deform tool, your "grab" range is extended to that of the deform tool. This effect only exists when the deform tool is equipped.
  3. I just started playing this game a couple days ago. I haven't encountered any noticeable glitches so far except for one. It has happened to me three times so far: my deform gun will get stuck in a sort of automatic mode, where it will immediately start digging at whatever the cursor is touching, regardless of whether I am holding the mouse button. So far, every time it has occurred, it's been when I was doing a lot of adding or flattening. The bug persists when I press "E" to unequip and reequip the deform gun, but it will go back to normal after I open up my backpack. This is on the Steam version. Have other people encountered this? Thank you.
  4. When I try to use the deform tool to flatten/smooth the terrain in a Radiated planet, the tool only works in a straight line, when I try to move to another point to keep smoothing around it returns to the previous point I was smoothing/flattening covering only that spot, when I try to build a ramp from one level cave to another the same problem I just get a horizontal line instead of a vertical line. Any ideas what is wrong?
  5. 1: Mouse and Keyboard 2: Steam 3: Messing around seeing if i can find a bug. 4: Dig a hole and hold the Alt key when using the deform tool to add land and cover yourself in it. Use the move keys to move around. Here is a video that i uploaded to YouTube, I hope you don't mind that i edited it and warned you that i recorded on a potato. Of course i did this to warn people who come across this on YouTube and not on the forum so i don't get spammed with dislikes. Happened last glitch video i uploaded. The captions in the video also help explain the glitch and some are just for no serious reason, and also tips.
  6. Summary: 119 - Steam - Resources Glitching on Air Description: After excavating resources, some of them just glitched in the air and could not be extracted. Image attached relates. Apparently, holding Ctrl (for the planing mode of the deform tool) helps with the issue, but not every time. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store OBS: I'm playing on a Notebook. Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.693 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 4500U CPU @ 1.80GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M RAM: 2xSmart Modular SH564128FJ8NZRNSDG 8 GB Drive: ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB Image attached represents slot for memory via CPU-Z application.
  7. Well done team System Era for creating this amazing platform. I can't wait for the next update, the possibilities are endless!
  8. I've got a total of 6 hours on the game, and this has already happened 3 times! I go to dig a ramp, so that I (or more recently, my truck) can get out of a hole... and what do you think happens? While attempting to form the floors and walls around me, I somehow slip through them and wind up in a cave, far enough down that I instantly die on impact! I've never been able to recover the items, and I suspect it's primarily caused by the horrifically low frame-rate my game is forced to play with (seems like about 10-20 a second, most of the time, and nearly 5 when there's a storm) PS here's a snapshot of the most recent glitch I had, while trying to get my truck out of a Hydrazine pit, where I apparently went so far down that I thought I was entering the center of the planet (and then I "bounced" back up and landed in one of the caves I passed on the way, dead)