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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! For all the users on my dedicated server (8), we are having a bug where the printer sounds run on an infinite loop. This happens mostly with medium printer. only restarting the game fixes the issue. Very very annoying!!!
  2. I finally got the dedicated server in my Steam Tools, downloaded, configured, and it's running. Great, now how am I supposed to quit it? The Steam page for it has changed the "Launch" button into a "Stop" button, is that safe to do? What if I launched it outside Steam, do I have to kill it in Task Manager? How do I even know it stayed running, without Task Manager? Every other headless server I run on Windows has a tray icon, but I don't see anything like that. Whatever the answer is, it should be documented in the official instructions.
  3. I followed the instructions for setting up the dedicated server, and it now stays running in Task Manager. I added a port-forward rule on my router, TCP/UDP, to the LAN IP of my server, using the port from Engine.ini. I got a Windows Firewall prompt to allow connections to the dedicated server, and allowed them. Just to be safe, I also added separate rules to always allow inbound connections to the port I specified, one each for TCP and UDP. I then launched Astroneer on another machine and went to Co-Op -> Dedicated Servers. I added two entries, one with my LAN IP and local port, and another with my public IP and the forwarded port. Both show as "offline" in the server list. Am I doing something wrong?