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Found 10 results

  1. Hello all you Astroneers, I was looking to configure my own dedicated server but was annoyed at the lack of UI. In light of that, I thought it'd be useful to whip up a quick powershell script to help with this. The script does the following: Starts / Stops the server When the server starts, a background job is executed that periodically checks for the process and reports back in the log file if it's running or not along with time stamp Updates the external IP address Updates the external IP address automatically if $Auto_start is set too $true
  2. Others can now connect to my server and use it. I can not. I live behind a NAT, so I cannot port forward. ###This by itself is awefull, users behind NATs cannot use their own infrastructure to host without fairly complicated tactics. So my solution to forward UDP traffic (if TCP I might just use SSH tunneling) to my local box was to set up a VPN on my digital ocean dropplet. I needed one anyway so figured why not. This is were the NAT hairpining thing comes in. Please add support for multiple listen addresses so I can play this game.
  3. Game only runs on windows # Fine I Have proton mutiplayer only runs on windows #fine I have VM dedicated servers only run on windows # UGH! also much be online # ...wat? but only with publicly ip lol # Okay what is going on? Anyone who is behind a NAT is basically forced to use nitro or whatever. How much money does systemera get from basically not allowing private dedicated servers. Really upset I bought the game for a friend and now cant play.
  4. So now we have dedicated servers we can have people signing into the same game at all hours. The problem is that there is currently no way to communicate what we've done to the next player logging on. For example, I went to Vesania the other day and built the beginnings of a base next to a Gateway, then harvested and brought back a load of Lithium, which is for anyone to use. Only no one is using it as they seem to be assuming that whoever harvested it has plans for it. I'd like to be able to leave some kind of in-game message letting other players know what I've done, especially in terms of a
  5. When hosting a dedicated server hosts of the dedicated server cannot join because there is no localIPv4 in place so we would have to use a VPN or other ways to connect to the server.
  6. please can we have a way to claim land for dedicated servers like a terrain anchor that locks the ground so no other player can dig there also a way to lock storage so other players can't steal ya stuff
  7. Any word on dedicated servers? Latency/stability in multiplayer can be hit or miss. I'd think having actual online servers would help.
  8. Anybody heard anything about progress towards dedicated servers? Multiplayer games with just 2 people can lag pretty severely, especially when digging on two different planets at the same time.
  9. I got my eye on a couple places, that claim to offer dedicated server hosting when it releases. I am going to day one, get a server for me and my friend to play on. might even get two, does the idea of an open server appeal to anyone?
  10. Hello! Just wanted to see if it would be a good idea to request or ask for dedicated servers. Would love to have these so we could have a 24/7 server for our gaming community. Was able to get about 10-15 people to join, but we can only have so many people (4) and on when I or they are hosting it.