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Found 4 results

  1. themidnight87

    Terrain Analyzer Station

    I think there should be a station similar to the Soil Centrifuge where you would put in two colors from a terrain analyzer (e.g. blue and purple) and you would be able to manipulate those colors in certain ways. For example, you could combine the two colors to make a blue-violet color that you could use. You would also be able to add patterns with those two colors. Ideas that I have in mind include half blue half purple, diagonal streaks, polka dots, bricks, and a gradient between the two colors. This station would only require power to use other than the two terrain analyzers needed to combine colors and make patterns, because it is simply a cosmetic change and it would be unnecessary to require other resources.
  2. HippoMonstrosity

    Re-purposing Debris as Decoration

    I think it would be fantastic if I could re-purpose the space debris littered on the planets for decoration/customization of my base. Things such as the metal scaffolding, exterior paneling, ect would looks so cool if I could collect it like a resource from space wrecks and actually BUILD things with it (even if they are somewhat abstract). Other uses of these debris items could be using the smelter to extract compound, resin, metals from them. Remember, we are responsible for cleaning up these planets and maintaining their natural ecosystem! #InterstellarEnvironmentalism.
  3. enderman

    Colorful blocks

    Hello, I will stop talking about the magma, but now I will say something about the decorations of the game. Well, I'm saying in putting colorful blocks to be made of infeite that neither in Minecraft, where the blocks are used to make paintings. Only it would be better, like the lamps in Fallout 4. (Sorry if I wrote something wrong, I'm using google translate)
  4. All of the base building in the game is focused on function, but what about some chill areas for your base? Like a Habitat, with unlimited oxygen and storage, that is like a interior for your base. You could have floodlights on the outside and trophies from different planets that you could show off in a habitat. Maybe some basebuilding like that, or the ability to build a garage with a sliding door to keep your buggy safe. Thanks for reading this!