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Found 3 results

  1. Its_Buddha_Time


    I am playing on Xbox One and was wanting to know if there is a way to deconstruct something like the printer or research platform. Also is there a way to pickup and store or get rid of your massive amount of tethers? Please help
  2. 1. Allow the player to deconstruct/disable/recycle platform, vehicle, items 2. Allow naming and deleting of save file 3. In game notepad, viewable when player character is in Habitat. I apologize in advance if these ideas were already mentioned, or already in progress.
  3. I'd love to see all or some of these in the game at some point. 1) I think you should be able to deconstruct things, but get little or no materials back. Making 1 mistake is frustrating in placement. 2) Batteries in bases should be stack able (Maybe limit 4 high) 3) add pylon or beam to put wind-vanes on in base. 4) Beacons should be name-able. 5) Add a tracker too . . . so that you can choose a beacon or home location and it will blib in the right direction. Helps for over the horizon trips. 6) add satellites, and satellite upgrades (have 2-4 anchor points on satellite such as: Mini map module capabilities (with receiver place-able on backpack), GPS module to add to satellite, solar panels, Ore detection satellite module, early sandstorm warning module . . . stuff like that. Haven't seen anything like that in space games. 7) Homing drone, and homing drone dock module. You can take it with you and it can hold 8 units (4 each side) Mounts to vehicle and when full you can send it back home as long as you have a drone dock set up at home base. in back pack drone unit takes up only 1 spot must be unpacked before loading it with ore etc... 8) personal shield module that deflects debris on your person only during sandstorms. 9) expansion backpack . Opens bi-fold(left and right) extends unit hold by 4 ( 2 on each side) Hmmmm those are just off my head . . .more to come. First day playing. This is a remake of an old Sony game right from 1980's -90's . But its really well done. Thanks, Scott