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Found 12 results

  1. Just got the game in Game Preview about three days ago via the Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10 and got one lovely bug with my friend today. A slew of items that either i've interacted with, or built were mass spawned in a cave underground by our base that we dug into to try and get to the center of Sylva. Prior to the glitch we were just returning from the center. Items like Medium Generators, Research Sites, Research Items, and (majorly) Debris are all there and interactable with. Some you see were pulled out in my utter confusion as to why. Not sure how it appeared, but I assume it had to deal with some existing debris and code just going sure lets spawn EVERYTHING here. I'll post two pictures of the clump and whatever else I can add afterwards to help I definitely can. Specs Of PC: Windows 10 Home x64, Version 1903, Build 18362.295 Intel i7-6700k CPU 4GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 8GB RAM DDR3 Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB Drive ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING Motherboard Specs Of Game: Version Windows 10 through Game Pass Ultimate + Microsoft Store Keyboard and Mouse controls (If it helps, I was playing with the aforementioned friend that was on an Xbox One at the time)
  2. OmegaAlpha99


    I would really like to be able to use a drill and crane to break down all the detritus around my area to use as scrap. As you use more and more resources, they become more scarce and I rely mostly on my trading platform when things become frustrating to find. The idea of having a trading platform is really amazing but finding scrap for it is really scarce. I really like the idea of attaching a crane, drill, some medium batteries, starage, and a large shredder on some rovers to go around the cleaning up and picking up scrap.
  3. VortexGaming

    Debris glitching around

    Crashed spaceships when I try to mine around them to get the stuff inside they glitch out like crazy Platform: Steam Controls: Mouse/keyboard What I was doing leading up to bug: Mining near a crashed spaceship Reproduce bug: Just start mining inside or near a crashed spaceship
  4. I built a medium shedder and loaded a cannister into it. The shredding animations kicked in, but then it stopped and the cannister remained on top of the shredder
  5. Jazza hobo

    Salvage/debris bucket

    I have been trying to get scrap on astroneer and havent found away of transporting multiple amounts of scrap and debris to shred.i was thinking of a bucket that could be attached to the medium and large rovers that could hold and carry debris with out falling out or glitching the rover.
  6. In a world I started in build, I'm still getting seams and floating debris when returning to a saved game.
  7. I just updated the game again today. I use mouse and keyboard and play the game on Steam. I started a new save for this update and was exploring the new debris feature. I found a medium platform with some debris around it. After removing the debris attached to it, I picked up the platform and brought it to my base. I tried to place my research chamber onto the "debris" platform and i am unable to unpack the research chamber or remove it from the platform. In the attached images, you can see that the platform is a procedural generated one, because it only has one cable plug (vs the 4 on one you can craft). In the images you can also see that my cursor is hovering over the research chamber and i should have the option to either unpack it or pick it up. Thanks, Spazmok
  8. So now we have a reason to collect all that debris and haul it back to base there needs to be a way to do so better than just carrying one piece at a time by hand. My idea is for a tier 2 Medium Mag-Dome and a tier 3 Large Mag-Dome. Mag-Dome is short for Electromagnetic Dome, and would allow players to magnetise bits of Debris to the surface of the dome. The player could then transport a number of bits of debris back to base in one go. The Medium Mag-Dome could hold something along the lines of 6 to 8 small bits of Debris, or 3 to 4 medium bits, or a combination of the two. The Large Mag-Dome could carry four times the amount that the Medium Mag-Dome can, along with a limited number of larger bits. The Medium Mag-Dome would look like a larger version of the deplorable Beacon, only its dome would be black instead of shiny gold, plus a ring of red around its base. The Large Mag-Dome would be like a stretched out version of the Medium Mag-Dome. As for the name, it's a work in progress, so I f anyone has a suggestion for a better name, please submit it below.
  9. HippoMonstrosity

    Re-purposing Debris as Decoration

    I think it would be fantastic if I could re-purpose the space debris littered on the planets for decoration/customization of my base. Things such as the metal scaffolding, exterior paneling, ect would looks so cool if I could collect it like a resource from space wrecks and actually BUILD things with it (even if they are somewhat abstract). Other uses of these debris items could be using the smelter to extract compound, resin, metals from them. Remember, we are responsible for cleaning up these planets and maintaining their natural ecosystem! #InterstellarEnvironmentalism.
  10. Hello All, My name is Charlie and I have been playing Astroneer for just over 15 hours now. I would like to make a modest suggestion for a possible feature in the game. It seems unlikely that this would become a priority, but I thought it was an interesting idea and it does not seem like it appears anywhere in this sub, however I may not be searching very well. Anyways, my suggestion is just to add persistence to the debris in Storms. In this way, the rocks may begin to accumulate in predictable ways, for example on what geologists might call the "lee" side of a given slope (diagram here), and not dissimilar to how sand dunes form and migrate. Debris may also begin to fill in holes and caves and the like. This may introduce some challenges as far as interacting with piles of debris and such, as well as who knows what else, and I make my suggestion notwithstanding those difficulties. The idea was a somewhat natural progression for me given my bachelor's in Earth Science/Geology and experiences thinking about how sediment moves around landscapes - as trite as that sounds - and so I just wanted to throw it out there. Thank you for your time in reading this, and in any consideration that you happen give to this unusual idea! All the best, Charlie edit: Added link to diagram
  11. while I was learning to play this wasn't an issue as I would look to mount a vehicle or the habitat and if too far away just dig a whole. When I figured I could literally raise the ground right in front of me to protect against sandstorm winds and debris I began building some walls in the case of Sandstorms. The I started noticing that the rocks thrown by the sandstorm were simply going through walls that I had raised using the deform tool. I eventually built a really tall garage with three walls and a roof to protect my vehicles but when a sandstorm hit the same thing happened. at certain points in the wall especially close to the ground the rocks would still fly through the wall and hit me or my cars knocking everything of them.
  12. Debris like solar panels and other crashed objects become static and dont move (and cant be tugged) after a certain amount of time!