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Found 10 results

  1. This happens a lot when I get in and out of rovers of all types; scout buggies, tractors, large buggies. Sometimes when I get back in, the engine seems "dead." As in, there is battery power but the rover acts like there isn't any and won't go. If I save, quit, and reload the save, it works again.
  2. Hello, I experienced something that hasn't happened to me before, and I didn't find on the forums. I was standing outside my habitat, full oxygen and all, perfect health, no storm to gain damage from, no falls, but suddenly, for no reason I died when I was going into the habitat to save. When I was revived with the drop ship, I tried to get my items, but they were stuck. I don't know why this was weird. You can even see my full oxygen tank in the door.
  3. Hi There! Just started playing (my streamer buddy PixelPeet got me into it!) Got hit by debris and died, hit e to go into ship at exactly the same time apparently, my body is in the ship with my stuff. I can't seem to recover it. Any tips or is this a bug? Fun game so far! Thanks! Cable, @CableSCES on twitter
  4. Summary: When you die, any light sticks on the backpack go *poof* Description: Death happens, especially on a hostile planet combined with shit for brains, like me! When I died, I couldn't retrieve my light sticks. Bummer. I spent good resources on those things AND, they are really handy when spelunking. Can we at least salvage the raw resources after death? Platform: Steam - Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: - I think. Potato Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.693 CPU: Intel i3-3130T GPU: gt
  5. Summary : 2051816 - Steam - Bug with dynamite Description : When you dead with dynamite's explosion, all dynamites in your bag is delete when you respawn. Version / Build number : 2051816 Specifications: OS : Windows 10 Home 64bits CPU : Ryzen 5 1600x 3,8GHz GPU : GeForce GTX 1070 8Go RAM : 2x8Go 2666MHz DDR4 HDD : Seagate Barracuda Gold 1To
  6. I travelled to the "moon" like planet orbiting my starting planet then from there continued onto the exotic planet, but when I returned to the moon my tethers were all dead and my character wouldn't connect to any new tethers I placed further then one link away from my base, playing on the Xbox one. Sorry for pic quality
  7. OK, so I generally try to keep a good look on my compass to see which direction I am exploring. I happened to go around a very shallow mountain and long story short got lost to death. I wandered trying to catch sight of my beacons I had placed or my home tooltip icon or luck, dead, also couldn't find corpse because THAT tooltip is also hidden by terrain. The problem is this: Objects disappear or are rendered further away or "lower" at elevation as they get further away. This causes the home icon and other icons to be completely obstructed by changes in elev
  8. Or rather I found one in a shallow grave in the depths of a cave. Needless to say thanks for the loot bud. Better luck next time
  9. Buenas Tardes, Mi aporte a el Staff sobre el juego, o lo que me ha llevado a reportar, son los siguientes Bug: 1)Estando en algunas zonas con poca densidad de terreno y pequeños obtaculos, mi personaje se ha precipitado al vacío estando en una parte superior de la zona, consiguiendo tras precipitarme el perder los item y la muerte. 2)Desde la ultima actualización, estoy intentando recupera una partida guardada la cual se queda intentando cargarla y no puedo acceder a la misma, perdiendo toda el proceso guardado asta el momento.