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Found 4 results

  1. Loving all the new base building features - I can see an even "brighter future" ahead from them! The black power conduits are a great concept. So now that power can be more widely used - there should be some kind meter of the current total power capacity, with numbers going up and down as power is made/used. This could be a printable device that could be sat on a small platform - and thru the "hidden radio system" in the base (!!!) could transmit this data to the power meter. To further enable the concept of radio - there could be yet another "telemetry device" to print and set on a platform with the receiver on (or already built in) a rover.
  2. Lost maybe 10 hours of work on a save. Yes I entered the pod to save before exiting, and many times entered the rover which supposedly saves as well. I was on the second planet (possibly moon) when I lost it and am back on first one where my rover is half built. Xbox one
  3. Could you please provide me with some data regarding the planetary system? Specifically, I would like to know the telemetry of the planets with relation to each other and the sun, including relative size and mass as well as orbital speed and distances. I would like to use this data to model the system while we wait for you guys to bring it to life. I could work it out through hours of observation, but it would be far handier if you could provide me with the actual numbers I'll post details of my little project once I get it done of course. Thanks in advance.
  4. No saves after starting the game. my two saved games were there last night, played one that had over 8+ hours logged, and when I started up my owned copy of Astroneer, just the four default pods are there. I'm logged into my account on Xbox One, also tried restarting the game and it did not correct the problem.