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Found 11 results

  1. so i was discussing the gas/acid in another forum, and before i knew it i was formulating a possible simple damage system for Astroneer. here's how it might look: in Astroneer, the suit and it's environment is everything. it's what keeps your guy alive. so any damage system that might be workable should resolve not around damage to your guy, but to his suit. initially, your guy (or Gal, let's not be Astrogenderist about this) would have a suit with three basic environment components: the helmet, the suit itself, and the oxygen tank. each of these items could be fatally damaged throug
  2. [] Dying to multiple poison clouds is not obvious enough So one cloud on you is damaging, but not terrible. Multiple clouds, however, can kill you quick and you don't really get a strong indication that it's going to kill you soon.
  3. Alignment mod for horizontal terrain Power should visually go through tethers to you, instead it stops at the posts. save and exit button in menu View distance meter and current should be "medium" or "normal" back pack upgrades to hold 1-2 more slots or to hold more oxygen and power in the actual back pack you should heal much slower, and longer before you start to heal, but you can build some sort of Health station "Large" battery, that maybe takes 4-5 lithium or you upgrade a medium battery to hold not only hold more but it is over all cheaper to build 1 large than 2 mediums yet
  4. Since there's fall damage for your character, I would love to see the same for vehicles. Drive off a giant cliff, breaks the vehicle, requiring the same material to repair it. Rover, compound, truck, aluminum, etc. Thoughts?!
  5. This bug I have experienced many times, and, like many bugs, it can be quite useful. I typically climb all of the tall mountains near my base to put beacons on them so I can find my way home. This most often requires digging a trail to the summit. After I have placed my beacon, the trip down the mountain is treacherous, because the character tends to 'skid' down surfaces that are steeper than only about a 20 degree angle, or so. So, when I go into steeper caves, or down mountain, my little astronaut slips and slides very quickly down the slope, which can often lead to shooting right over
  6. So I have heard the devs plan on making interior building where you can connect smelters ect. That would make dangerous weather way less frightening. I would love to see some of the more exotic planets have weather that gives that "Holy crap" feeling back. Like lightning storms, radiation storms, acid rain, hail storms, heat waves from solar flares that do damage over time. These storms would also damage some of your structures so you would need to spend a small amount of resources fixing some of the damage. An alternative could be to research a hovering drone/repair bot that could follow you
  7. - A suit modification station that allows you to alter your suit's attributes. Things along the lines of a lighter suit that allows higher jumping and less fall damage, but increases damage from collisions and other sources. Or perhaps the alternate with a heavy suit. Then an addition on the left side of the backpack that allows you to easily see which modification you have on. You would also be required to visit the station to change modifications. - A blend feature for the terraforming gun that allows you to naturalize terrain so that ramps or nicely angled ground is more achievable. Pe
  8. The damage related to the falling physics is too sensitive and happens too frequently. If my horizontal motion is 10 mph or even less and I "fall" 2 feet, it causes damage to the player. It doesn't feel like how a low gravity environment would feel if I was bounding from spot to spot. It makes the game less fun. I'm not saying to somehow nullify a momentum penalty. I understand low gravity can be dangerous in the real world, but the current system just doesn't feel quite right. In low gravity, horizontal motion can cause injury as your sort of "dragged" across and down obstacles. If you w
  9. Scenario Scaling a high structure such as a mountain and sustain a fall big enough to kill player. After player dies the corpse continues sliding down hill and taking fall damage, this damage effects the now respawned player who can die again from this damage sustained by the corpse. Summary Fall damage applies to corpses and impacts a respawned player
  10. Just another thought I had as I waited out the latest storm in my hab. Perhaps a difficulty setting could be developed where your base and vehicles take damage in a storm? The damage would be fixable with resources at a Mechanic Station? Also maybe maintenance would be necessary on a difficult setting or your base would not be as efficient? Also the hab door is closed normally, yet when I get in it to ride out a storm it is open, I think this should be the opposite. It should be closed when I am inside the hab. I was even killed riding out a storm inside my shuttle when I was doing some e
  11. First off, love the game and this is the first time I'm motivated to really contribute to an alpha process. So much potential here. Would like to see those fierce storms knock wind turbines or damage solar panels. Would encourage trade offs between building walls using terraform tool to protect and reducing the amount of wind hitting the turbines or sunlight.. I.E. some might build a partially underground base but need to keep green energy collection above ground. Upgrades may increase the strength/sturdiness of the devices. This dove-tails into my other thought of drastically inc